embedded lcd display quotation

1. We’re interesting in Embedded Display: ENHANCEMENT OF NEW TFT LCDS EQUIPPED WITH EMBEDDED DISPLAY PORT INTERFACE 11.6” – 15.6” – 18.5” – 30”. We would like to order 1 unit for testing and checking if it’s suitable for our needs. Please submit your best price & delivery time. Appreciate to have your soonest reply.

2. Hello, Hope this message finds you well. We are looking for a display that meets the following requirements: Diagonal Size 10.1” (256.5mm), Resolution – Higher than 1280x800, Max thickness 8mm. Annual quantity needed is 10,000/year, Ideal voltage is 24V, Production parts guaranteed to be available for 10 years, Connector interface: eDP. Would you recoment this display? -- TFT Color Display 10.1inch 1920X1200 resolution in Medical system. What is the pricing / lead time for an order of Quantity 100 & 10,000? Thank you for your help

4. Dear Sir/madam, We are interested in two displays that you have listed on your website. Could we please arrange to order one of each for our engineering team to test with them. Regards

5. Hello, My coworker had worked in past with you with regards to the 3.46" 800*340 resolution display. We really liked the samples and I am looking to know more about that display. I also wanted to know if you have a 3.46" 400*170 resolution display as the 800*340 is a bit of overkill for our application. Thank you

11. Hi, I am interested in the above product, but need transflective display. It must be able to be read in sunlight with the backlight off. We are seeking quantity about 5,000 per year. Can you provide this? Thank you

embedded lcd display quotation

An Industrial OEM customer contracted RPC Electronics to manufacture the LCD display and embedded computer highlighted here, utilized in industrial applications. Integrated hardware included a single board computer, industrial level chassis, and industrial capacity power supply. The fabricated display was touch operated, measuring 8.4” and featured an anti-reflective film and backlighting capabilities. We also provided the necessary cabling and software, for the effective operation of the unit and accurate processing of large amounts of raw data, which is critical to the productivity levels of most industrial systems.

The screen and embedded computer were manufactured upholding recognized standards for quality and integrity, meeting UL/CSA as well as FCC class standards. Turnaround time for this fabrication was 12 to 14 weeks, produced and shipped to customers in the US. For more details about this LCD display and embedded computer fabrication, or our capabilities to provide the single board computers relied on by modern industrial networks as well as other custom electronic parts please see the table below or contact us directly.

embedded lcd display quotation

RPC Electronics engineers and manufactures LCD displays and embedded computing systems for OEMs in a wide variety of industries. As a single source vendor, RPC Electronics solves typical product development problems involved with hardware and software display systems.

This system level solution offers LCD hardware that includes graphics, controllers, cabling, LCDs with or without touch screens, and enclosures. Software is also provided. Hardware for embedded controls is inclusive with SBC boards, backplanes, chassis, power supplies, boards, modules, platforms, and HMIs.

Designed to meet a full range of display and embedded computing requirements, this capability also includes services and features such as kitting, touch screen installation, open frame, pixel screening, UL/CSA, and FCC class.

embedded lcd display quotation

The SSH1393-A is a 13.9" stretch high brightness LED-backlit, ultra-wide open frame LCD display which is designed to operate in extreme ambient conditions, out-performing ordinary LCD displays in the same environment.

The SSH1393-A has a 600cd/m high brightness display with a special aspect ratio of 16:5 and ultra-wide resolution of 1280 x 398 making it ideal for digital signage and public transportation applications.

For more information about the SSH1393-A stretch LCD display please contact our technical sales team on +44(0)1782 337 800 or alternately submit an enquiry.Enquire about the SSH1393-A

embedded lcd display quotation

Impulse engineers and specialists have the industry insight and embedded know-how to design, build and configure outstanding solutions for wide-ranging needs.Discover our Embedded Systems capabilitiesSSF2825-E overview

The SSF2825-E is a 28" stretch high brightness LED-backlit, ultra-wide open frame LCD display which is designed to operate in extreme ambient conditions, out-performing ordinary LCD displays in the same environment.

The SSF2825-E has a 1000cd/m high brightness display with a special aspect ratio of 16:3 and ultra-wide resolution of 1366 x 254 making it ideal for digital signage and public transportation applications.

For more information about the SSF2825-E stretch LCD display please contact our technical sales team on +44(0)1782 337 800 or alternately submit an enquiry.Enquire about the SSF2825-E

embedded lcd display quotation

This is a basic 16 character by 2 line Alphanumeric display. Black text on Green background. Utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset . Interface code is freely available. You will need Minimum 6 general I/O pins to interface to this LCD screen. Includes LED backlight. Works in 4bit and 8 bit Mode.

embedded lcd display quotation

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embedded lcd display quotation

The LCD-EPDP24 is an Embedded LCD module featuring E-Paper Panels from Pervasive Displays, similar to those used in the Kindle and other e-Readers. Designed for low power applications, the E-Paper displays mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper,making them more comfortable to read and giving the surface a wider viewing angle. Furthermore, E-Paper uses only minimal power to change the image on screen, while using no power what-so-ever to maintain a static image.

Powered by Microchip’s 16-bit PIC24F microcontroller, the module offers designers a host of features including a 10-bit ADC @ 500ksps, 59 Digital I/O, UART, I2C, SPI, Timers / Counters, USB 2.0 Full Speed (functional as a Host or Client), and much more. Furthermore, an additional 256K SPI SRAM and a 256K SPI EEPROM provide ample storage for display centric human interactive applications.

The small form factor, low power requirements, and vast feature set make it ideal for control, display, and human interaction applications which are limited in space, but require reliability and a high CPU processing ability.

embedded lcd display quotation

Follow listed sections and review the LCD basic knowledge with us! Orient Display also has a friendly and knowledgeable team of technical support staff to help you with any specific questions you might have. Feel free to

In 1888, liquid crystals were first discovered in cholesterol extracted from carrots by Austrian botanist and chemist, Friedrich Reinitzer. In 1969, twisted-nematic (TN) mode of operation was discovered, which gave LCD the first commercial success. Learn more.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Displays which are commonly used in TVs and Computer monitors. it is also used as mobile device screens such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Learn more.

Liquid crystals were actually discovered over 100 years ago, but they did not find commercial applications until the invention of the twisted nematic (TN) LCD by Schadt and Helfrich in 1971 (Schadt and Helfrich, 1971).Learn more.

The biggest problem with early multiplexed LCDs was the reduction in contrast ratio with number of addressed lines. This problem was essentially eliminated with the invention of the film compensated super-twisted nematic (FSTN) LCD in the early 1980s. Learn more.

When selecting a Liquid Crystal Display Module or LCD Glass Panel, it is very important to identify the the range of its environmental temperature. Outlined in this section are the normal and wide temperature ranges of the LCD Modules and LCD panels offered by Orient Display. Learn more.

The display resolution of a LCD is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. It is usually quoted as width × height, with the units in pixels. Learn more.

Is AMOLED technology ready to offer a better alternative to TFT-LCDs for industrial applications? Are advances in TFT keeping up with the clarity offered?Learn more.

Passive LCD, Active LCD and PMOLED , AMOLED are everywhere these days, but what’s the difference & which is better. Learn about the difference between Passive matrix LCD, Active matrix LCD and PMOLED, AMOLED, so next time you are starting a project, you know which one you need. Learn more.

embedded lcd display quotation

TFT displays are full color LCDs providing bright, vivid colors with the ability to show quick animations, complex graphics, and custom fonts with different touchscreen options. Available in industry standard sizes and resolutions. These displays come as standard, premium MVA, sunlight readable, or IPS display types with a variety of interface options including HDMI, SPI and LVDS. Our line of TFT modules include a custom PCB that support HDMI interface, audio support or HMI solutions with on-board FTDI Embedded Video Engine (EVE2).

embedded lcd display quotation

The wide range of Bolymin displays is able to satisfy many sectors including automotive electronics, medical, security and video surveillance systems, industrial control and automation, offering solutions such as alphanumeric LCD modules, graphic modules, TFT monitors and touch.