tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Raystar is a global leading LCD panel supplier and specialized in producing TFT LCD Panel, including Color TFT, Monochrome TFT Display and bar type TFT Display. Raystar Color TFT displays are available in various resolutions and offers a wide product range of small to medium-sized TFT-LCD modules from 0.96” to 12.3". The interface options are in MCU / RGB / SPI / UART / 8080 / LVDS. TFT Panel with control board or TFT LCD Panel with micro controller are also available.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Distributor of component LCDs for equipment which provide high-contrast ratio, color saturation, luminance and performance enhancements such as advanced wide viewing (AWV) for true color fidelity, super-high brightness (SHB) and wide temperature range. Focus on industrial, instrumentation, hand-helds, medical and other low-to-medium volume markets. High-bright LED backlights for outdoor use. LVDS interfaces decrease EMI. Factory installed touch screen solutions. 3.5" to 12.1" QVGA, HVGA, VGA, WVGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA. Also distributes other related products including LED drivers, lamps, indicators, LED assemblies, segment displays, LED mounts, LEDs, and light pipes. Distributor of electronic components, hardware and fasteners and provides design/value engineering support, fulfillment strategies, procurement services and transactional models to meet specific needs and priorities.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Asia has long dominated the display module TFT LCD manufacturers’ scene. After all, most major display module manufacturers can be found in countries like China, South Korea, Japan, and India.

In this post, we’ll list down 7 best display module TFT LCD manufacturers in the USA. We’ll see why these companies deserve recognition as top players in the American display module industry.

STONE Technologies is a leading display module TFT LCD manufacturer in the world. The company is based in Beijing, China, and has been in operations since 2010. STONE quickly grew to become one of the most trusted display module manufacturers in 14 years.

Now, let’s move on to the list of the best display module manufacturers in the USA. These companies are your best picks if you need to find a display module TFT LCD manufacturer based in the United States:

Planar Systems is a digital display company headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. It specializes in providing digital display solutions such as LCD video walls and large format LCD displays.

Microtips Technology is a global electronics manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida. The company was established in 1990 and has grown into a strong fixture in the LCD industry.

What makes Microtips a great display module TFT LCD manufacturer in the USA lies in its close ties with all its customers. It does so by establishing a good rapport with its clients starting from the initial product discussions. Microtips manages to keep this exceptional rapport throughout the entire client relationship by:

Displaytech is an American display module TFT LCD manufacturer headquartered in Carlsbad, California. It was founded in 1989 and is part of several companies under the Seacomp group. The company specializes in manufacturing small to medium-sized LCD modules for various devices across all possible industries.

The company also manufactures embedded TFT devices, interface boards, and LCD development boards. Also, Displaytech offers design services for embedded products, display-based PCB assemblies, and turnkey products.

Displaytech makes it easy for clients to create their own customized LCD modules. There is a feature called Design Your Custom LCD Panel found on their site. Clients simply need to input their specifications such as their desired dimensions, LCD configuration, attributes, connector type, operating and storage temperature, and other pertinent information. Clients can then submit this form to Displaytech to get feedback, suggestions, and quotes.

A vast product range, good customization options, and responsive customer service – all these factors make Displaytech among the leading LCD manufacturers in the USA.

Products that Phoenix Display offers include standard, semi-custom, and fully-customized LCD modules. Specifically, these products comprise Phoenix Display’s offerings:

Clients flock to Phoenix Display because of their decades-long experience in the display manufacturing field. The company also combines its technical expertise with its competitive manufacturing capabilities to produce the best possible LCD products for its clients.

True Vision Displays is an American display module TFT LCD manufacturing company located at Cerritos, California. It specializes in LCD display solutions for special applications in modern industries. Most of their clients come from highly-demanding fields such as aerospace, defense, medical, and financial industries.

The company produces several types of TFT LCD products. Most of them are industrial-grade and comes in various resolution types such as VGA, QVGA, XGA, and SXGA. Clients may also select product enclosures for these modules.

All products feature high-bright LCD systems that come from the company’s proprietary low-power LED backlight technology. The modules and screens also come in ruggedized forms perfect for highly-demanding outdoor industrial use.

LXD Incorporated is among the earliest LCD manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in 1968 by James Fergason under the name International Liquid Xtal Company (ILIXCO). Its first headquarters was in Kent, Ohio. At present, LXD is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We’ve listed the top 7 display module TFT LCD manufacturers in the USA. All these companies may not be as well-known as other Asian manufacturers are, but they are equally competent and can deliver high-quality display products according to the client’s specifications. Contact any of them if you need a US-based manufacturer to service your display solutions needs.

We also briefly touched on STONE Technologies, another excellent LCD module manufacturer based in China. Consider partnering with STONE if you want top-of-the-line smart LCD products and you’re not necessarily looking for a US-based manufacturer. STONE will surely provide the right display solution for your needs anywhere you are on the globe.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Winstar is a global leading Manufacturer of TFT LCD display based in Taiwan and China. Winstar offers a wide product range of small to medium sizes TFT display modules in sizes ranging such as 2.4" TFT LCD, 2.8" TFT LCD, 3.2" TFT LCD, 3.5" TFT Display, 4.3 inch TFT LCD, 5 TFT LCD, 5.6 TFT LCD, 5.7 inch Display, 7 " TFT LCD, 8" TFT, 9" TFT, 10.1" TFT LCD, 10.2" TFT LCD, 12.1" TFT LCD , 12.3" TFT LCD (diagonal size of the active area) and so on . There are more than 250 TFT standard models listed on this website; furthermore, almost each item is acceptable to derivate from the standard items to meet the customers" requirement.

Winstar TFT displays are qualified under industrial standard including standard TFT-LCD modules, IPS TFT, High brightness TFT LCD (sunlight readable display), TFT panels with controller boards, Bar Type TFT, Wide Temperature TFT LCD, Winstar Clever System TFT and Touch screen display. These displays include landscape or portrait modes. Winstar has Mono TFT displays and full color TFTs in line, these displays are available in various resolutions as well as touch screen optional in resistive and projected capacitive (PCAP touch screen) technology. Many of our TFT display modules have more than one interface available including MCU, RGB, TTL, LVDS and MIPI DSI. Winstar TFT modules are perfect for a number of applications including industrial control, coffee machine, medical equipment, POS system, automation, GPS navigator, white goods, energy control, telecoms, medical equipment and etc.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

TFT displays are full color LCDs providing bright, vivid colors with the ability to show quick animations, complex graphics, and custom fonts with different touchscreen options. Available in industry standard sizes and resolutions. These displays come as standard, premium MVA, sunlight readable, or IPS display types with a variety of interface options including HDMI, SPI and LVDS. Our line of TFT modules include a custom PCB that support HDMI interface, audio support or HMI solutions with on-board FTDI Embedded Video Engine (EVE2).

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

This is the detailed information for TFT Modules, TFT LCD Modules. The information includes model, Screen Size, Active Area, Resolution, View angle, Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Interface, Pin Assignment and Dimension for TFT Modules, TFT LCD Modules. Please browse the following TFT display modules items you are interested or contact us to know details. Vitek provide the 1.77 TFT, 2.0 TFT, 2.4 TFT LCD Module, 2.5 TFT LCD, 3.5 TFT LCD, 4.3 TFT LCD, 5.0 TFT LCD, 7.0 TFT LCD for our customer various different options.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Orient Display sunlight readable TFT displays can be categorized into high brightness TFT displays, high contrast IPS displays, transflective TFT displays, Blanview TFT displays etc.

The brightness of our standard high brightness TFT displays can be from 700 to 1000 nits. With proper adding brightness enhancement film (BEF) and double brightness enhancement film (DBEF) and adjustment of the LED chips, Orient Display high brightness TFT products can achieve 1,500 to 2,000 nits or even higher luminance. Orient Display have special thermal management design to reduce the heat release and largely extend LED life time and reduce energy consumption.

Our high contrast and wide viewing angle IPS displays can achieve contrast ratio higher than 1000:1 which can make readability under strong sunlight with lower backlight luminance. High brightness IPS displays have been widely accepted by our customers with its superb display quality and it has become one of the best sellers in all our display category.Transflective display is an old monochrome display technology but it has been utilized in our color TFT line for sunlight readable application. Orient Display has 2.4” and 3.5” to choose from.

Blanview TFT displays are the new technology developed by Ortustech in Japan. It can provide around 40% of energy consumption for TFT panels which can use smaller rechargeable or disposable batteries and generate less heat. The price is also lower than traditional transflective TFT displays. Orient Display is partnering with the technology inventor to provide 4.3” and 5.0”.

Touch panels have been a much better human machine interface which become widely popular. Orient Display has been investing heavy for capacitive touch screen sensor manufacturing capacity. Now, Orient Display factory is No.1 in the world for automotive capacitive touch screen which took around 18% market share in the world automotive market.

Based on the above three types of touch panel technology, Orient Display can also add different kinds of features like different material glove touch, water environment touch, salt water environment touch, hover touch, 3D (force) touch, haptic touch etc. Orient Display can also provide from very low cost fixed area button touch, single (one) finger touch, double finger (one finger+ one gesture) touch, 5 finger touch, 10 points touch or even 16 points touch.

Considering the different shapes of the touch surface requirements, Orient Display can produce different shapes of 2D touch panel (rectangle, round, octagon etc.), or 2.5D touch screen (round edge and flat surface) or 3D (totally curved surface) touch panel.

Considering different strength requirements, Orient Display can provide low cost chemical tampered soda-lime glass, Asahi (AGC) Dragontrail glass and Corning high end Gorilla glass. With different thickness requirement, Orient Display can provide the thinnest 0.5mm OGS touch panel, to thickness more than 10mm tempered glass to prevent vandalizing, or different kinds of plastic touch panel to provide glass piece free (fear) or flexible substrates need.

Of course, Orient Display can also offer traditional RTP (Resistive Touch Panel) of 4-wire, 5-wire, 8-wire through our partners, which Orient Display can do integration to resistive touch screen displays.

Engineers are always looking for lower cost, faster, more convenient interfaces to transmit signals and to accept data and commands. The numbers of available interfaces available in the market can be dazzling. Orient Display follows market trends to produce various kind of interfaces for our customers to choose.

Genetic Interfaces: Those are the interfaces which display or touch controller manufacturers provide, including parallel, MCU, SPI(,Serial Peripheral Interface), I2C, RGB (Red Green Blue), MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface), LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling), eDP ( Embedded DisplayPort) etc. Orient Display has technologies to make the above interface exchangeable.

High Level Interfaces: Orient Display has technologies to make more advanced interfaces which are more convenient to non-display engineers, such as RS232, RS485, USB, VGA, HDMI etc. more information can be found in our serious products. TFT modules, Arduino TFT display, Raspberry Pi TFT display, Control Board.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

We have thousands of standard products that are in stock and available from our Seattle, WA and Hong Kong warehouses to support fast product development and preproduction without MOQ. The stock covers TN, STN LCD display panels, COB, COG character LCD display, graphic LCD display, PMOLED, AMOLED display, TFT display, IPS display, high brightness and transflective, blanview sunlight readable display, super high contrast ratio display, lightning fast response displays, efficient low power consumption display, extreme temperature range display, HMI display, HDMI display, Raspberry Pi Display, Arduino display, embedded display, capacitive touch screen, LED backlight etc.  Customers can easily purchase samples directly from our website to avoid time delays with setting up accounts and credit terms and shipping within 24 hours.

Many of our customers require customized OEM display solutions.  With over two decades of experience, we apply our understanding of available display solutions to meet our customer’s requirements and assist from project concept to mass production. Using your ideas and requirements as a foundation, we work side by side with you to develop ideas/concepts into drawings, build prototypes and to final production seamlessly. In order to meet the fast changing world, we can provide the fastest turnaround in the industry, it takes only 3-4 weeks to produce LCD panels samples and 4-6 weeks for LCD display module, TFT LCD, IPS LCD display, and touch screen samples. The production time is only 4-5 weeks for LCD panels and 5-8 weeks for LCD display module, TFT LCD, IPS LCD display, and touch screen.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Since 1993 we offer LCDs and LCD system solutions. We are always up to date with the latest technology and are looking for the best products for our customers. Our TFT display range includes high-quality displays:

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Kingtech is one of the leading TFT LCD display OEM/ODM manufacturers in China since 2003. Customization is allowed for projects such as industrial devices, medical, POS, logistics devices, smart home applications and etc.

To provide a one-stop LCD display solution. During the last 17 years, based on LCD manufacturing as our center, we gradually expand to the TFT capacitive touchscreen, driving board, software hardware design, and complete industrial computer solution.

As a professional LCD screen supplier/ LCD display supplier/ LCD panel company/ LCD module manufacturer, Kingtech LCD aims to provide a one-stop service and solve your problems. With a strong LCD Display module R & D team and strict quality management of IS09001, IS01400ATF16949 certificates.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

TFT LCDs have become the norm for small-to-medium size displays in a variety of products within industrial, medical, POS and consumer applications. Compared to passive-addressed monochrome LCDs, TFT displays offer higher contrast, wider viewing angles, faster response time and full color. And, TFT LCDs are now on cost parity with similar size passive LCD displays.

A typical TFT LCD module product consists of a TFT LCD panel, one or more COG (chip-on-glass) driver ICs, a backlight unit, and an interface FPC. Several TFT display interface technologies coexist today. Picking the right technology depends on specific end-product concerns. Most often the display panel input will dictate that choice since TFT panels are designed to be COG bonding pad compatible with a very limited number of driver ICs. This article discusses the interfaces between TFT LCD modules and the typical CPUs found in embedded applications.

Typical TFT interfaces are determined by the particular TFT panel size and resolution, as shown in the below table. HDMI and eDP require interface converting boards and generally are not used for small to medium-size TFT LCDs.TFT LCD SizesResolutionsTypical Interfaces UsedUp to 3.5″128×160 to 240×320SPI, parallel MPU or RGB

The LCD controller signals are two types: data signals and control signals. The data signals are connected to the LCD data bus and depend on the LCD color depth (8-bit, 9-bit, 16-bit, 18-bit). The control signals are used to define the operation type (read or write), and whether the operation involves in addressing LCD registers or the display RAM.

An RGB interface is a special kind of parallel interface. This interface works for displays without a frame buffer. The MCU is responsible for updating the display, by providing both the RGB sub-pixel data (16-bit, 18-bit, 24-bit) and the timing signals (HSYNC, VSYNC, DE, CLK).

LVDS interfacing has several benefits for TFT displays. It is much less susceptible to EMI and crosstalk issues, allowing the transmitting device to be located farther from the display. Also, LVDS generally consumes less power, pin counts are lower and there are far fewer worries about signal integrity.

High-speed serial interface commonly used on smartphones and tablets. By standardizing this interface, components may be developed that provide higher performance, lower power, less electromagnetic interference and fewer pins than current devices, while maintaining compatibility across products from multiple vendors.

Modern TFT driver ICs are highly integrated chips combining the source driver, gate driver and timing controller (TCON) – as well as other functional circuits such as memory, power circuit, and image processors – into one single IC die. Some driver ICs support multiple interfaces that are selectable on the module FPC or through initialization code firmware.

As a designer and manufacturer of custom LCD modules, New Vision Display works with customers to select the most appropriate and cost-effective TFT display and electronic interface solution for their particular requirement. New Vision Display has nearly 30 years of industry experience as one of the world’s leading TFT LCD screen manufacturers.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

When a tft display is considered, it is better to choose the right type of Tft display. Both Tft lcd and Tft display will provide the user with a built-in subwoofer and interfaces for multiple-facing options. On the other end of the spectrum, Tft lcd provide the required level of performance and is not the option.

Similarly, Tft lcdds offer, your customers have different options to choose from. 5-inch tft lcdds wholesale, for example, are a great choice for buyers who are looking for a 14-inch Tft LED display and a Tft display of the very basic type. Tft lcdds offer, customers have different options and choose.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

ASI-T-17711A1SPN/D is a 1.77 inch transflective TFT with a resolution of 160 x 128, SPI interface and with a brightness of 110 Nits; viewable in direct sunlight.

ASI-T-20043A5PMN/AY is a 2.0 inch TFT with a resolution of 480 x 360, 3W SPI+16 bit RGB or MIPI interface, IPS all view, with a high brightness of 500 Nits.

ASI-T-240DA8BN/D is a 2.4 inch high brightness TFT with a resolution of 240 X 320, CPU 16-bit interface and with a brightness of 800 Nits; viewable in direct sunlight.

ASI-T-240DA10SMN/AQ is a 2.4 inch high brightness TFT with a resolution of 240 x 320, SPI & MCU interface, IPS all-angle view and with a brightness of 1000 Nits; viewable in direct sunlight. It also features an extra wide operating temperatures of -30 to +80C; perfect for extreme environmental applications.

ASI-T-240DAKBN/D is a 2.4 inch high brightness TFT with a resolution of 240 x 320, MCU interface and with a brightness of 1000 Nits; viewable in direct sunlight.

ASI-T-283DAKCRN/A is a 2.83 inch high brightness TFT with a resolution of 240 x 320, CPU, RGB, SPI interface and with a brightness of 1000 Nits; viewable in direct sunlight

ASI-T-3501RA1EN/A is a 3.5 inch TFT with a resolution of 480 x 640, 18 bit RGB, All View interface and with a brightness of 120 Nits; viewable in direct sunlight

ASI-T-3501RA1EN/D is a 3.5 inch TFT with a resolution of 480 x 640, 18-bit DBI Type B, All View interface and with a brightness of 120 Nits; viewable in direct sunlight

ASI-T-350EA8RCY6/A is a 3.5 inch high brightness TFT with a resolution of 320 x 240, 24-bit Parallel RGB/Serial RGB/CCIR/YUV interface and with a brightness of 850 Nits; viewable in direct sunlight with Capacitive Touch Panel

ASI-T-350EA10SRN/A is a 3.5 inch TFT with a resolution of 320 x 240, SPI & RGB interface and with a high brightness of 1,000 Nits and wide temperature range of -30 - +85 C.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

We provide standard 1.3″-10.1″ TFT LCD display panel, IPS or TN, some of them are square TFT LCD display panel, and some are circular LCD Screen panel, whether it is sample or bulk production, sample we also provide all kinds of control boards you need for testing, bulk production we welcome customization, no matter you are customized control board or connect wire, or you need us to do one-stop LCD solution for you, provide an ALL-IN ONE LCD display, these are the services we are willing to do.

These LCD display all support interface/brightness/FPC/control board/software support and other accessories customized, and all are manufacturer price.

TFT LCD display panel: We provide customers with customized screens with different sizes, custom touchscreen panel, whether it is RTP or CTP, we can make various protective glass to protect your screen, anti-glare, surface treatment HC, 3H, 9H, anti-fingerprint, etc. custom a protective case to your screen in any color, plastic, metal, or card paper, which is popular in gifts.

Brightness customization and interface customization are the most choice for many customers. This is too important. It is always difficult for us to find the right interface and suitable brightness, but don’t worry, these are the most common customization LCD solutions.Board and Software: We provide customization of all functions on the board, video and sound, WiFi and Bluetooth, USB and VGA interface or any common interface on the market. If you have a new project, welcome to discuss with us. Of course, all information related to the software is strictly confidential, you and us will be required to negotiate and protect the security of both parties’ information.

If you only need a standard TFT LCD panel without any customization, it is very easy, we only need to provide an HDMI board, and you can test this LCD display easily. Products will be delivered to you quickly, our samples are packed in safe bubble bags and cartons, usually the express of Fedex, DHL or UPS will send them to you, if you buy small quantities, these products are fragile, In addition to the conventional packaging, we will also add a wooden box, which will be anti-drop and anti-pressure, it will better protect these LCD display panel. You can have more independent choices in transportation, using fast express or slow shipping by sea, Of course, shipping by sea will be much cheaper.

If you want check more LCD module information, please check the form as follow, you could click “View More” to get more. Or contacting us is the quickest way.

If you want to know more information about us, please checK click “About Us“! Shenzhen RongJiayi Technology Co., Ltd established ( Rjoytek) in 2014, is a professional high-tech Industrial manufacturer engaged in the production, development, sale and solution of LCD Module, LCD Display, we provide one-stop LCD solution.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Get rich colors, detailed images, and bright graphics from an LCD with a TFT screen. Our standard Displaytech TFT screens start at 1” through 7” in diagonal size and have a variety of display resolutions to select from. Displaytech TFT displays meet the needs for products within industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

TFT displays are LCD modules with thin-film transistor technology. The TFT display technology offers full color RGB showcasing a range of colors and hues. These liquid crystal display panels are available with touchscreen capabilities, wide viewing angles, and bright luminance for high contrast.

Our TFT displays have LVDS, RGB, SPI, and MCU interfaces. All Displaytech TFT LCD modules include an LED backlight, FPC, driver ICs, and the LCD panel.

We offer resistive and capacitive touch screens for our 2.8” and larger TFT modules. Our TFT panels have a wide operating temperature range to suit a variety of environments. All Displaytech LCDs are RoHS compliant.

We also offer semi-customization to our standard TFT screens. This is a cost-optimized solution to make a standard product better suit your application’s needs compared to selecting a fully custom TFT LCD. Customizations can focus on cover glass, mounting / enclosures, and more - contact us to discuss your semi-custom TFT solution.

tft lcd panel interface manufacturer

Shenzhen Leadtek EIectronics Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise established in 2015. We are committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of LCD screens, touch screens and integrated display solutions. All our products have passed CE, RoHS, FCC and ISO 9000 certification.

Leadtek manufacturing centers are located in Fuyong Shenzhen, FAE and sales technical support centers are located in Bantian Shenzhen.The production plant covers an area of 30,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees. In the future, we will strive to build a high-tech enterprise with global influence, diversified businesses and markets, and build a globally competitive LCD brand.