led window display screens quotation

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led window display screens quotation

The first step in determining the price of a LED screen is to know how large it will be. For this we must use a tape measure and physically measure the space that your screen should occupy. We will take the measurements in millimeters knowing that 10mm = 1cm. We recommend you check prices by testing with several possible measures for your LED screen.

Outdoor screens are installed in areas exposed to rain and outdoors. This implies that they require protections to improve water-resistance and therefore they are slightly more expensive than indoor screens

These screens are installed in covered areas, they are not exposed to rain or the weather. They do not require specific sealing protections and therefore can be more economical.

At Visual Led we have been in the world of giant LED screens for advertising for more than 15 years; working on national and international projects with thousands of square metres operating daily. That is why we are obliged to offer quality screens, as our clients are professional advertising companies that are expanding their fleet of advertising screens and need reliable and durable screens.

As a comparative example, this is what happens in tourist areas where the “fares” of a bar vary if the client is a tourist or a local, taking advantage of the supposed lack of knowledge the occasional visitor has. Do they treat you like a tourist when you ask for a LED screen budget and offer you high prices with great eloquent speeches about quality?

In Visual Led we want to be transparent and DO NOT hide our prices to asses them individually. With our price simulator you can quote your online LED screen and ask us any questions or personalization about it.

Our automatic price calculator allows you to obtain detailed estimates of the vast majority of Visual Led products. On the web you can see the description of the product, its price and also its technical sheet. The products available in the LED screen price calculator are:

CLICK on the option “RECEIVE DETAILED QUOTE” and we will send you a complete technical sheet to your email, with all the detailed information about the features of the advertising led screen.

led window display screens quotation

Nowadays, the building architecture with transparent glass wall is becoming more and more popular. This is the time when the transparent led screen shows their advantages. If you are a professional advertiser who has ever learned about this product line, it is undeniable that their transparency, illumination and aesthetic effectiveness. Finally, the price of a transparent led screen is of interest if you want to have an optimal solution for glass wall display.

Speaking of the benefits that the transparent led screen brings, first of all, the aesthetic effect. Currently, the popular architecture of the buildings is the glass wall design, with a see-through space, both for display and creating a sense of large space for the viewer.

Making use of this facade space to promote is a problem solved. Only with the transparent led screen product, the glass wall still retains its value that can be seen through and used to promote the product.

Transparent Led has lightweight, ea ch module (1m2) is only 12kg, the wiring system is integrated. Meanwhile, the traditional LED weight is up to 35kg / m2, 3 times heavier than transparent leds. Therefore, the time to install an led screen usually takes longer than the transparent led screen.

Not only that, when installing the traditional led screen, it takes a lot of time to wire the signal, power cord, and many other wires ... if installed not carefully, it takes a long time to repair, because the system the conductor is too complicated to detect if there is an error in the operation.

It is important for many people to rush to ask for quotes of transparent led screens because of their promotional effectiveness. Branding is where it is most easily seen, conveying content in a way that is easy to remember. The positions used to place the transparent leds are mostly building fronts, glass fronts, where there are conspicuous locations, with good crowd effects. Therefore, when the brand is placed in these positions, it will attract more engagement, better remembering.

Try a simple comparison, if hiring an ad in an outdoor location with an led screen, it can cost 1.8 - 6 billion VND a year. While it is possible to take advantage of the available space of the building, spend one-time costs to design diverse and effective advertising content. The use time is much longer than the outdoor LED rental.

Possessing many advantages to become a leading smart display solution, transparent led is increasingly used in the market. In particular, the quotation of transparent led screen is the most popular concern. The price of transparent led screen is calculated by unit m2, but there is no specific standard for the price. Depending on the quality, distance, and resolution, different prices vary.

For monitors viewed at a long distance, a large resolution monitor is required. In contrast, for the close viewing range, the screen resolution is small to pictures. The cost for each led screen with a different resolution will vary.

Product quality affects the price of transparent led screen is undeniable. Currently, many units provide different led screens, so the prices provide a lot of difference. Luxmage is proud of NEXNOVO"s exclusive partner in Vietnam, bringing high quality transparent led products. We have implemented various projects in the Vietnamese market.

led window display screens quotation

Alibaba.com features an exciting range of led display quotation that are suitable for all types of residential and commercial requirements. These fascinating led display quotation are of superior quality delivering unmatched viewing experience and are vibrant when it comes to both, picture quality and aesthetic appearances. These products are made with advanced technologies offering clear patterns with long serviceable lives. Buy these incredible led display quotation from leading suppliers and wholesalers on the site for unbelievable prices and massive discounts.

The optimal quality led display quotation on the site are made of sturdy materials that offer higher durability and consistent performance over the years. These top-quality displays are not only durable but are sustainable against all kinds of usages and are eco-friendly products. The led display quotation accessible here are made with customized LED modules for distinct home appliances and commercial appliances, instruments, and have elegant appearances. These wonderful led display quotation are offered in distinct variations and screen-ratio for optimum picture quality.

Alibaba.com has a massive stock of durable and proficient led display quotation at your disposal that are worth every penny. These spectacular led display quotation are available in varied sizes, colors, shapes, screen patterns and models equipped with extraordinary features such as being waterproof, heatproof and much more. These are energy-efficient devices and do not consume loads of electricity. The led display quotation you can procure here are equipped with advanced LED chips, dazzling HD quality, and are fully customizable.

Save money by browsing through the distinct led display quotation ranges at Alibaba.com and get the best quality products delivered. These products are available with after-sales maintenance and are also available as OEM orders. The products are ISO, CE, ROHS, REACH certified.

led window display screens quotation

Transparent LEDs are programmable and have more color options, animation, fading & flashing features, and as a result, they don"t have to emit different colors, functions, and interfaces. Most of the transparent LEDs are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and strings of light. Most transparent LEDs are programmable and have more color options, animation, fading & flashing features, and color texings.

Clear led display can be used for displaying various models, such as logo, slogan, and any message. Using a full-color transparent led display can be used for a variety of purposes, such as in displaying various models, and sizes. Clear transparent LED screens are good for displaying various models, and as a means of displaying various sizes, shapes. transparent LEDs are available in light colors, such as black, blue, white, and pink transparent lights.

Clear LED display are a great choice for outdoor and indoor use, as it can be used for a variety of purposes. Clear glass LED screens and clear plastic LEDs are the for choice, LED retailing, or events, and can be used for outdoor variety.

It comes in different colors, materials. Clear LED lights are a great way for your customers to create a plethora of ways to display different colors, materials. There are clear transparent lights, on the other hand, and can be used for many purpose.

led window display screens quotation

Thoughtful, engaging content in a storefront window has the power to engage customers and ultimately lead them into the store. Samsung’s OMN Series displays not only deliver an image with flawless clarity, but also are designed to maintain its superior picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight – a common challenge for conventional in-window displays. In addition, with a slim and sleek design, the OMN series is compatible with any window layout and highlights the sophisticated and modern style of the brand. The OMN series also delivers bright and clear images while consuming a low amount of power, which positions businesses to reduce overall costs and optimize efficiency considerably.

led window display screens quotation

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led window display screens quotation

With competition among retail and hospitality companies at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to think outside the box to make your company shine. LED digital signage provides your business with the opportunity to communicate your brand message in a unique, visual way that serves to captivate and engage your target audience.

The fast-paced nature of the retail and hospitality industries calls for technology that can keep up. With digital signage and LED display technology, all you need is an internet connection to instantly update your digital media strategy as the need arises. Menu changes? No problem. Featuring a new seasonal line? Keeping your audience engaged and informed is easier than ever with PixelFLEX’s LED display technology.

At PixelFLEX, we specialize in industry-leading LED display technologies. Our custom options can help you create an engaging shopping experience for customers and elevate your retail store’s environment. Retail and hospitality businesses appreciate our almost limitless customization options, allowing you to create displays in any size or shape.

Our technical sales team works with you to uncover your individual needs and develop the perfect digital LED solution for your project. From start to finish, PixelFLEX will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your installation is successful, your implementation is seamless, and operation is thoroughly explained. With worldwide shipping capabilities, any business can utilize our durable and reliable builds. Your vision will become a reality with retail and hospitality LED display solutions from PixelFLEX.

LED displays capture your shoppers’ attention and help boost your business’s marketing endeavors and improve brand awareness. When customers enter your store, they can easily view marketing messages and branding, creating an eye-catching and on-brand experience.You can also deliver real-time promotions, which make the shopping experience more enjoyable and encourage shoppers to linger longer to take advantage of your current deals.

Retail and hospitality environments can be noisy, both visually and physically. LED displays cut through the noise and help deliver an unforgettable experience.

As a custom LED provider, we can use our products to create curved walls, right angles, shapes, and even logos that seamlessly integrate into your store. We offer all-in-one solutions like our reFLEXion LED poster displays which offer unmatched portability and versatility. Take your visual merchandising to the next level by using fresh content on cutting edge screens to drive traffic & revenue.

Compared to other technologies, LED utilizes less power and requires less maintenance. These savings can add up over time, especially since LED has a longer lifespan than traditional displays. Most of our products are rated for 100,000 hours of use.

led window display screens quotation

With 70%-95% transparence, Glimm Screens has made a super transparent LED screen. The panel thickness is just 10mm, so the LED unit panel can be installed from behind the glass and perfectly integrated with the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the size of the glass and has little influence on the light-gathering and transparence of the glass wall. It’s also easy to install and maintain. With all these advantages, the super transparent LED screen is very suitable in the field of architectural media.

This design greatly decreases the structural unit’s blocks to the view, at the same time greatly increases the transparence of the glass wall. When the audiences stand in an idea position, the super transparent LED screen can create a special displaying effect– to the audiences the pictures appear to float on the glass wall. If you display advertisements on the super transparent LED screen, you can get rid of the unnecessary bottom color ,and change the color to dark which don’t give off  light when the super transparent LED screen is played, just like it’s disappearing, thus the screen only displays the needed content. This playing method can greatly reduce light pollution and energy consumption, which is above 30% lower than the common LED screens.

led window display screens quotation

Designed specifically for storefronts, the window display series broadcasts promotions that people will see from far away, whether it is sunny or cloudy outside. Thanks to the signage’s integrated brightness sensor, the digital advertising’s animations will adapt to ambient  lighting solution in real time.

Whether you have a single or multiple store locations, you can display ads remotely and easily with our Nummax Manager Software. With just a few clicks, change the content of your digital signs or modify ad sequences in all or specific locations.

This LED window digital signage solution is available for outward broadcasting only, or both outward and inward to both grab the attention of potential customers outside while the other facade works on upselling customers already in your establishment.

led window display screens quotation

"The final result is incredible... the screens are performing without fail, look amazing in person and on camera, and provide so much more creative flexibility for visuals, than we could ever have imagined. The low latency provides a flawless IMAG experience. Vanguard LED Displays has provided incredible support. I have no doubt that our next LED project will be with Vanguard..."

led window display screens quotation

Leading brands around the world are using Transparent LED displays to grab customers’ attention. This unique, high impact display solution is sleek, lightweight and modular. It offers second-to-none brightness and creative versatility that meet every need from window-size posters up to giant custom wall installations.

led window display screens quotation

As an important part of the external image of the store, the store window will run through the whole process of consumer flow. The character, lighting and color of the window make up the brand’s visual merchandising system.

Whether your window captures the consumer’s attention will greatly affect whether consumers will enter your store. Now the window is not only a window, but also a work of art appreciated by people.

In major fashion capitals such as New York, Paris, and London, the window has become a must-see scenery line in the festival. Every season, the window update will attract a large number of passers-by to stop and appreciate. Therefore, the trend of LED window screens can be imagined.

As a business owner, you’d know that your Window Display is usually what your customers check out before walking into your shop. And to successfully get their attention, you can make use of a LED screen’s bright colors and enticing display.

Now that you know the amazing advantages of using LED screens, it’s time to narrow down your options and pick the most suitable LED screens for your store. First of all we need to know the characteristics of the window display facing the street: Installed indoor, high brightness, small pixel pitch. So, here are some factors you should consider when selecting a LED window display:

1. Size of your store: How big is your store or the area where you want some LED screen installations? Since LED screens come in multiple sizes and layouts, picking one that suits your store the most is recommended.

2. Amount of LED screens you want to be installed: Do you want just one LED screen in your storefront? Or are you considering having more LED screens displayed throughout your area? If your budget permits it, feel free to pick more than just one LED screen installation as you wish!

3. LED screen style: LED screen styles also come in square, horizontal, or vertical styles. So, be sure to pick a layout that matches your preferred look.

4. Picking an ideal pixel pitch: Since the distance between the window and pedestrians is not too far, we recommend investing in LED screens with P2.6-P4.8 to ensure that the visual effect of the displayed advertisement is good enough. You can always ask your chosen supplier regarding this.

5. Find the best supplier: Finding the best LED screen supplier is also crucial. After all, you don’t want to invest your money in a supplier that won’t provide you with quality products and installation services. So, be sure to find an expert supplier that will meet your budget, needs, and preferences. And, of course, ensure that they only offer premium LED screen products as well.

Rear maintenance: Since the display screen is behind the window glass and faces the street, the Rear Maintenance method is relatively more convenient.

You’d be surprised to find that there are many LED window display styles. And if you’re overwhelmed at the array of LED window displays, here are five great LED window display ideas you might like:

LED window transparent screens are light, thin, and transparent. It does not affect the lighting of the glass window, but also displays cool advertising content. Through self-promotion/customer promotion/external advertising operations and other diversified advertising operations, Realize the functions of advertising revenue and value creation and public information promotion.

(Transparent LED is becoming more popular in digital signage, especially in shop window installations. Germany’s largest telco O2 Germany transformed the store front of its Berlin concept into a simple, but very interactive digital touchpoint. A space to interact with the brand.)

2. Outdoor LED window displaysOutdoor LED screens are best known for brightness more than 5000nits. This solution is widely used in window projects thanks for its good effect, stability and various options of pixels and screen sizes.

3. Indoor LED window displaysCompared to outdoor displays, indoor types don’t need much brightness to function. After all, these LED screens will be viewed by customers from the indoors and in close proximity. This makes them easy on the eyes and has increased pixel density.

4. LED poster window displaysLED poster screens are highly preferred for their easy mobility. Besides putting these LED screens at your storefront, you can also place LED poster window displays inside your store. Doing this allows you to offer more beautiful visual content to your customers.

Depending on the dimensions and type of installation you want for your LED window display, the costs might vary. But on average, you can expect a LED screen for window display installation to have a minimum price of $3,000 and a maximum price of $100,000. Of course, you can always discuss your options with your preferred LED screen supplier. And with the help of a professional LED screen supplier and installer, you can truly make the most out of a LED screen’s perks by getting reasonably priced installation expenses.

Shop windows, store image areas, car 4S stores, high-end clothing stores and other commercial spaces facing the street and with themed display functions, window LED displays can be applied. It allows chain retail stores to easily use the window to transmit promotional information to (potential) consumers, spread brand culture, and achieve precise marketing, with excellent results.

The digitalization of the shop window is now a necessity to attract new customers to the store  and lead them towards a new shopping experience. Led screens and monitors can be of any size and shape, transparent or Non-transparent. The high-brightness led video walls for shop windows guarantee a more engaging communication, because it is more dynamic and varied. In addition to simpler information such as opening and closing times, sale rebates, special promotions, they are able to display commercials and videos of any kind with sophisticated program scheduling.

led window display screens quotation

Have limited space? We can design and build the LED screen to fit your needs. The footprint of these screens are small compared to other options. These work for many different venues and places. Depending on the mm of screen, they come in either .5x.5 meter squares or 1x.5 meter tiles.

LED Window Displays - Clear (see through) Digital PostersWe offer BRITE 8,000 nit digital posters! These window displays are 5mm & 3mm LED clear translucent displays. They replace standard window posters.

Outdoor Events - Bring the world of LED to our outdoor event. From concerts in the park to and run/walk; LED video walls are the best option to show your video. Consider adding full camera production to stream your event live to your audience on the big screen!

Wedding/Party rentals - Everyone will ask you where you got a LED Dance floor! Nevermind the old school dance floor, create a custom slide show of pictures to dance on, or just enjoy moving to the visual aspects of sound!

Trade Show/Design - Do you want to be set a part from your competitors at your next show? Add a LED video wall to display your space to highlight your company.

Can"t stand having to go out of state to get the quality you need? Look no further than Rocky Mountain Audio Visual! We have the "WOW" factor you"ve been searching for, and it is right here in the Treasure Valley! From 6mm HD screens to outdoor 20mm screens, we have what you are looking for.

We"ve got you taken care of! Not only do we offer these amazing screens for rental, but we can get a custom quote to you for purchase! These are the industry leading Chinese made LED screen panels that have been used in the most impressive displays in China. Please fill out this form for a custom quote!

led window display screens quotation

Are you wondering how much an LED digital sign will cost? If you are searching for pricing from various sign companies, you will likely be checking with the likes of Daktronics, Watchfire or Stewart Signs. Obtaining apples-to-apples comparisons may be difficult and we are sure you will have questions.