led window display screens made in china

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. Electrons in the semiconductor recombine with electron holes, releasing energy in the form of photons.

This question is important. Outdoor panels are usually seen from further distance, thus resolution will be lower. Outdoor led panels will likely be brighter because they are used in sunlight. Also outdoor panels will be more durable as they need to withstand weather conditions, dust, moisture and dirt. Indoor panels offer superior color, smaller pixels and a more refined picture. For the same pitch, indoor screens are cheaper. For all these reasons, we recommend indoor panels, unless you actually need to use an outdoor screen.

With LED walls, each individual LED is a pixel. The pixel pitch number indicates the distance between LEDs on the wall in millimeters, as well as the minimum viewing distance in meters. The optimal viewing distance is typically 2-3 times the pixel pitch number in meters.

1) Ground Support Installation: This method system is a combination of a base-unit, connection bar and ladder truss that creates a very stable system to support your LED screens in various configurations and offers flexibility in height as well as width.

2) Flown Method (rigging): There are certain requirements that need to be in place in order to fly a screen. Most importantly, there needs to be ample structural support in the ceiling to hold the total weight of the screen. When someone says they want to “Fly” an LED screen, that means the screen will be rigged to either an overhead truss system, a ceiling grid, a crane, or some other support structure from above.

3) Wall Mounted: Some panels can be drilled and mounted into the wall. This is a great option if you’re looking for an aesthetically clean look with easy maintenance features, but it will add cost to the panels.

Most LED Panels are rated for 60,000 to 100,000 hours. You’ll have these panels for a long time and will get a lot of life out of them. In case something malfunctions, you can get in contact with us and we will give you all the information to properly service and maintain your panels.

led window display screens made in china

Bibi Led is a leading LED video wall supplier based in Shenzhen, China. To meet the high-quality demand of our customers over the world, we have established modern LED display manufacturing equipment in our LED display factory.

As a world-famous manufacturing area: LED screen China, we have the top quality LED screen chain and best machine made in Japan branding Yamaha in our LED wall factory.

led window display screens made in china

Alibaba.com offers 1,469,077 led display products. such as advertising publish, shopping mall, and retail store. You can also choose from video wall, digital poster, and touch screen. As well as from sdk, waterproof, and microphone. And whether led display is 1 year.

led window display screens made in china

The Leyard Group is a global leader in fine pitch LED and premier supplier of visual digital signage and displays,established in 1995,main products include pine pitch LED displays series, front access LED display series,outdoor fixed led display series, rental led display series,MicroLED series, interactive conference LED display series, wholesales series, custom led screens and so on.

Shenzhen Lianjian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Market in 2011 with stock code 300269. It is a leading LED screen display supplier in China, providing domestic and foreign customers with mid-to-high-end LED display equipment and display. Control system development, manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales service and other overall solutions.LianTronics is dedicated to provide professional digital media and visualization solutions for industries such as retailing,government,military,utility,transportation,education and broadcasting.The successful cases such as sports event Olympic games,World Cup and NBA,important clients like Tencent,Huawei,Alibaba and so on.

Founded in 2012, as a LED display brand of Unilumin which is focusing on channel distributions.Lamp is the world’s leading provider of large-screen digital display systems and comprehensive solutions for big data information visualization.Focus on new display panels, big data information visualization, optical electronics, image processing, signal transmission, etc. In the field of technology, it is committed to improving the visual experience of human display technology.Products mainly in HD LED screens,fixed LED screens,rental LED screens and creative LED screens.

Shenzhen Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and listed in 2011.Unilumin supplies world-class LED screens and solutions for control room,broadcast,commercial,retail,entertainment,sports,landscape lighting and many other applications.Products mainly in commercial LED signage, rental LED signage, sports LED signage and so on.

Flinky has been specialized in LED field since 2014,a world-class manufacturer in China,aims to be your reliable LED screen partner and manufacturer.The LED displays meet international standards such as CE,RoHs,CCC,FCC,TUV,Saber,BIS,UL and so on.Providing you with 3~5 years warranty.For more information about Flinky LED display, please follow us on Twitter,Linkedin,Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest,Tumblr and so on!

Absen Group (stock code: 300389), founded in 2001, is the world’s leading provider of true LED display applications and services. Products are exported to more than 130 countries and regions in America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc. Excellent product cases include Presidential Press Conference, China International Import Expo, World Cup, NBA game, New York Times Square, etc. So far, more than 50,000 cases have been successfully implemented. An application example, widely used in advertising display (standard billboards, outdoor large screens, transportation hubs, street view advertising, digital signage, sports, etc.), stage display (corporate events, public events, performing arts activities, TV broadcasting, etc.), commercial display (brand chains, commercial complexes, theme parks, exhibitions, churches, cruise ships, casinos, etc.), data visualization (control rooms, radio and television studios, etc.), conference screens (government and enterprises, education, finance, hotels, etc.), The export value of display products has ranked first in the industry for 12 consecutive years

Shenzhen ROE Technology Co., Ltd.was established in 2006 with a registered capital of 215.5 million. It is a provider of comprehensive solutions for “LED vision system”; it is a provider of “LED creative” integrating research, production and sales. It is a high-tech enterprise with “type display solutions”; it is a benchmark enterprise in the “LED stage display rental industry”.ROE, dubbed the “Apple” of the display industry, is a company that shares the same philosophy with Disney. They attach great importance to quality and service, and have the most high-end products in the industry, including various international industrial design awards. ROE ranks first in the LED rental display industry in terms of scale, and ranks top 1 in North America and Europe in terms of export volume. It is the preferred partner of top international leasing companies. It has offices in many overseas places, provides global services, and has great international brand influence.

Shenzhen InfiLED Electronics Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a national high-tech enterprise with a professional modern factory, using the most advanced production equipment and the most reliable components, and strictly implementing the ISO9001 quality management system, total quality Management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, focusing on R&D and manufacturing of LED large video equipment.

The range of LED displays developed, designed and produced by InfiLED include fast and thin rental screens, smart high-definition fixed screens, multi-functional angle creative screens and high-brightness refresh stadium screens. The product application fields cover advertising, transportation, performing arts, sports, monitoring, Conducting, conference, cultural and creative industries, etc., have been exported to more than 85 countries and regions around the world. Passed CCC, CE, UL, ETL, FCC, RoHS, TUV and other certifications.

InfiLED has a global sales and service network, with service centers in Hong Kong and the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States , Japan, Australia and Canada have branch offices, continue to provide customers with the best experience, the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED products and the best service.

Shenzhen Ledman Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Ledman, stock code: 300162) was established in 2004. It is the world’s leading expert in LED ultra-high-definition display, the leader in 8K ultra-high-definition LED giant screen display, and the first company in China. LED display high-tech listed company, strategic partner of China’s aerospace industry, producer of ice and snow rings for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Ledman focuses on the 8K ultra-high-definition video industry, assists the development of 5G+8K, takes the 8K Micro LED ultra-high-definition display products based on advanced COB technology as the leader, and jointly creates a full range of LED products and solution ecosystems.

Focusing on high-tech LED products, Ledman has established LEDMAN Ledman ultra-high-definition display large screen based on advanced COB technology, LEDMAN Ledman smart conference interactive large screen, LEDMAN Ledman ultra-high-definition giant screen and LED intelligent lighting, LED creative display in The whole series of LED products in the ecosystem and solution system. Under the background of today’s 5G ultra-fast coverage, Ledman keeps up with the trend of the times, starting from 5G+8K+AI, and is committed to building platforms in the fields of smart cities and data center visualization solutions.

Shenzhen Chip Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 430561) was founded in 2001 and is headquartered at 5F, Building C, Baoshi Science and Technology Park, Baoshi Road, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China. The production base was built in Zhongnan Science and Technology Park, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. It has subsidiaries in the United States and Europe, and offices in South America, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions. The company has established a flexible and intelligent product manufacturing system, with a production and operation area of 20,000 square meters. Focusing on the development of LED outdoor sports, LED outdoor advertising media, LED outdoor transportation, LED outdoor signage, LED outdoor rental and other fields ), 12 utility model patents, 6 appearance patents, 6 software copyrights; products have successively passed 3C certification, US FCC, UL certification, TUV Rheinland, European CE and RoHS certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification Certification, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, and won domestic and foreign industrial design awards such as the Beauty of Made in China and the German IF. The company strictly abides by the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system, ISO45001:2018 and GJB9001C-2017 quality management system regulations. Continuously improve product quality and insist on daily 7S management. The company’s LED outdoor advertising media products occupy a large market share and enjoy a good reputation in Japan, the United States and South America.

led window display screens made in china

Founded in 2004, YUCHIP is an award-winning global LED display supplier headquartered in Shenzhen. As a comprehensive LED display manufacturer, it focuses on offering top-notch technology and high-performing visual products. The outstanding LED displays to include outdoor LED display, indoor LED screen, rental LED display, transparent LED screen, LED poster, LED curtain, taxi LED display, LED sphere display, flexible LED screen, HD LED screen, LED controller, and more.

We are providing you with vast pixel pitches for each of your projects. The great range of pixel pitch comes from 0.9mm and 1.25mm full HD LED screen to 10mm and 16mm inexpensive large LED screen. YUCHIP offers you the best pixel pitches for your LED screen solutions, for example, church LED screen, stage LED screen, commercial LED display, stadium LED screen, retail LED display, hospitality LED screen, trade show LED displays, LED school sign, transportation LED display,LED theater screen, and more.

Our highly skilled team of marketing and technical experts listens to your project demands, closely works with you to offer the best-LED display screen solution. So, whether you are a large organization looking to rebrand multiple locations across the country or a smaller business looking to create one showstopper LED display for your business location, we can help.

led window display screens made in china

Shenzhen in Mainland China is the primary manufacturing center for LED displays used as digital billboards and advertising displays. In this guide, we list some of China’s leading LED display manufacturers covering a wide range of LED display specifications.

LED display manufacturers generally don’t have standard products, but expect their buyers to clearly communicate their required technical specifications. This in turn requires a fairly deep understanding of the different components and technical details that goes into the making of an LED  display.

The life span can vary between 5,000 to 10,000 hours. When this time’s up you have to buy a new screen. If you’re a startup simply looking out to test out a new business model (i.e. sell screens to advertisers in your area or sell screen time by yourself) it might make sense to settle for a shorter lifespan. This is because the lifespan has a major impact on the unit cost. An LED screen with a longer lifespan can cost up to US$20,000 more than a screen with a shorter lifespan.

A more expensive LED chip (I’ll go into detail about this topic in a minute) results in a longer lifespan. However, there are other factors that affect lifespan. A cost-efficient solution to extending the lifespan is to lower the brightness and select a lower Pixel Pitch.

This choice shall be made based on your business model. If you plan to rent out screens for various events you want to buy a non-fixed installation. If you plan to position your screen beside a highway you better select a fixed installation. Rental screens are in general more expensive and aren’t offered by every supplier.

LED displays pose several compliance-related risks. Electrical safety is one, which is why it’s essential to ensure that you select power supplies and other components from well-known and established brands. You should also verify if test reports corresponding to the relevant UL, IEC, or EN standards exist for all components.

LED displays can also interfere with wireless communications. As such, testing according to the EMC Directive and Radio Equipment Directive (RED) is necessary if you intend to use the display in the European Union. If you intend to use the screen in the US, then you may need to arrange testing according to the relevant FCC rules and UL standards.

Shenzhen BIBI LED is a LED display screens supplier based in Shenzhen, China. The company manufactures a wide variety of LED display screens for indoor and outdoor purposes. Their products include LED perimeter boards, outdoor LED billboards, and truck and trailer LED screens.

Shenzhen BIBI LED has been exported to more than 37 countries worldwide for customers looking to find LED display solutions for sports stadiums, outdoor advertising, business conferences, and other purposes.

Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity is a leading manufacturer of LED display monitors. It is a subsidiary of a state-owned listed company-Fujian Furi Electronics, which manufactures computers and related electronic products.

Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity provides one-stop manufacturing services to B2B businesses that are looking for unique LED monitor solutions. Its services include product design, development, and export.

The company offers LED displays in pixel pitches from 1mm-30mm. The product applications include sports events, stages, exhibitions, and road traffic.

Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Yuchip Lighting is a professional LED display manufacturer from Shenzhen, China. The company provides one-stop LED display customization solutions for sports shows, concerts, conferences, and other indoor or outdoor events.

In the past 20 years, Shenzhen Yuchip Lighting has exported its LED displays to 36 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands

Shenzhen Dakco LED Displays has been a professional LED display manufacturer and exporter since 2007. The company provides B2B buyers with various options of LED displays for indoor and outdoor uses. The company’s in-house testing facilities cover vibration tests, waterproof tests, and flammability tests.

According to the information on Shenzhen Dakco LED Displays’ official website, their LED display screens have been exported to places of extreme climate, from the cold, dry winters in Russia to the hot, humid summers in Indonesia.

Shenzhen Huaxia Luster is a LED stage screen manufacturer that offers LED displays in pixel pitch from 0.7mm -10mm. It specializes in making large LED screens for shopping malls, TV stations, and stages.

The company offers flexible customization services to distributors and contractors. Customers can use their own sources of LED lamps, IC, and power to balance cost and quality.

Shenzhen AVOE Hi-Tech is an LED display factory that produces and exports LED screens. The company’s main products include fixed LED displays, moveable rental LED displays, and fine pitch LED displays.

Other than making large LED screens, Shenzhen AVOE Hi-Tech’s LED screens have many other creative applications, such as taxi roof advertising boards, store signs, and building facades.

Currently, Shenzhen AVOE Hi-Tech’s factory has 4 LED screen production lines and 6 high-speed SMT automatic production assembly lines. The manufacturing facilities include a high and low-temperature aging room, an automatic glue pouring machine, and an automatic glue cooling line.

Founded in 2009, Hetongjia Display Technology (Shenzhen) is a Chinese LED display manufacturer that specializes in the production of a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED displays. Their product categories include small pitch LED displays, outdoor transparent LED displays, and floor LED displays.

Currently, Hetongjia Display Technology’s factory is located in Shenzhen, with a manufacturing facility covering 15,000 square meters and a production workshop of 10,000 square meters.

Shenzhen Uniview LED, founded in 2011, is a professional LED & LCD display solution provider that offers comprehensive services of design, R&D, production, and distribution to buyers.

Shenzhen Uniview LED provides LED customization services. The LED screen can be made of various shapes such as column screen, reception desk screen, and step screen. Currently, Shenzhen Uniview LED owns a factory of 8,000 square meters and employs around 300 staff and technicians.

According to the information provided by Shenzhen Uniview LED, the company has 62 patents on various parts of LED displays and its monthly capacity reaches 5,000 square meters.

In order to provide a quick response to clients based in Europe, Shenzhen Uniview LED has set up a warehouse center in the Netherlands and maintains sufficient stock of hot selling products.

Hunan Yestech Optoelectronic was founded in 2001 as an LED display manufacturer. The company is based in Changsha, Hunan Province, and has a professional R&D team and in-house industrial class laboratory that passed CNAS certification.

Hunan Yestech Optoelectronic mainly exports its LED screens to oversea markets. It has been providing LED screens to customers from more than 100 countries and regions and has worked with some world-class events such as Expo Dubai, G20 Japan, London Olympics, Brazil World Cup, and Milan Expo.

Sichuan Xingyuanxin Electronic Technology is an LED display manufacturer that has been providing ODM and OEM services to buyers for more than 20 years. The company offers customized solutions to customers looking for LED screens for multiple purposes, functions, or places.

According to its website, Sichuan Xingyuanxin Electronic Technology has helped more than 10,000 clients find the right solutions for LED screens from over 50 countries. It has also set up 20 after-sales service centers around the world to fulfill the increasing demands of the market.

led window display screens made in china

Unilumin Group Co., Ltd., a world-classLED display manufacturer in China, aims to be an advanced LED supplier with high quality LED display products for global customers. The LED display market share of Unilumin ranks among the top three in the world for consecutive years. Unilumin, as smart bases of Chinese LED manufacturer, now has the “iron triangle” structure based on Fuhai headquarters, Pingshan and Daya Bay, equipped with first-class R&D, production and experimental equipment. The level of modernization, scale and standardization are the leading LED industry in the world. At present, Unilumin is constructing the second phase of Daya Bay Industrial Park. After the completion of the construction, the total construction area of the entire industrial park will reach 400,000 square meters, which will become the largest intelligent LED screen and lights manufacturer base in the world.

Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., an integrated LED supplier and Chinese LED manufacturer was founded in 2001 within the Optoelectronics industry, focusing on premium quality turnkey LED display solutions. Absen products reflect strict quality control guidelines and combine more than a decade of experience with meticulous craftsmanship and a passion for delivering the best quality possible to customers. At the same time, Absen is constantly developing and expanding international customer s service networks to ensure more and more services are available to local customers.

Leyard Group is a LED screen manufacturer in the world with visual effects technology products and its application platform. Founded in 1995, it adheres to the philosophy of “profit is lower than morality” and shares culture. It is a LED supplier based in China and focuses on the United States. After 24 years of development, the Group is 23 domestic holding companies, 8 foreign companies, more than 2,000 distribution partners, nine LED manufacturers bases and seven international marketing centers all over the world, with more than 4,600 employees, and orders over 10 billion last year.

Shenzhen Liantronics Co., Ltd, as a LED supplier, plays an important role in Chinese LED manufacturers industry, which provides system solutions with medium and high-end LED full-color display products. As a national high-tech enterprise with registered capital of nearly 97.8 million USD, Liantronics is specializing in LED application products from developing, manufacturing, sales to service.

Since its founding in 1993, SANSI has been dedicated to technological innovation in a wide range of Chinese LED manufacturers, from commercial displays to home lighting. Sansi fully integrated product design, production, sales, installation, and customer support in effort to be an affordable, state-of-the-art LED technology supplier. Having successfully launched dozens of cutting-edge projects, SANSI’s mission is to raise the bar for LED applications.

First, as a special economic zone, Shenzhen had first released domestic “LED Industry Development Special Planning” in China. With the support of the national policy, Shenzhen intended to be another “Chinese Silicon Valley” and vital LED industry R&D manufacturing base around the world, which would focus on developing high-tech industries. As a result, it had attracted hundreds of international and domestic manufacturers and companies to set up in Shenzhen, especially including some LED suppliers and LED video wall manufacturers, such as Unilumin, Absen and LianTronics.

Second, due to the rapid development and the open market, LED display market of Shenzhen, even the whole China dramatically has expanded as well as raising demand. Besides, thousands of migrant population and technical personnel had entered Shenzhen, these population had provided companies and plants with large labour. Further, the rent price of factories in

Shenzhen was favourable, since LED is the abbreviation of Light-Emitting Diode, and Diode is an electronic device, LED displays product is a standardized electronic product, there is no doubt that all the top-notch LED suppliers and LED display manufacturers are concentrate mainly on Shenzhen. Moreover, Unilumin was founded in 2004, as a National Hi-Tech Enterprise of LED display manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.

Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. is a professional LED application and LED supplier, which went to the public in 2011 with a stock code of 300232. Based on the corporate vision of “Together, for a brighter future”, Unilumin is dedicating to providing high-quality and high-performance LED full-color display and LED professional lighting and urban landscape lighting as well as solutions for global customers. Unilumin has been granted the title of “Manufacturing Individual Product Champion” in Chinese manufacturing industry by MIIT in 2018.

Product design plays a vital role in innovation. The modified concept of design will bring significant progress of products, which is not just about the preference of product, but also it is related to the performance. Currently, Chinese LED manufacturers are aiming to make more practical design , for example, the product Unano, premium 1mm rental & fine pitch LED display from Unilumin has just won the top design award "Red Dot Award 2019: best of the best". Further, Unilumin, as a Chinese LED supplier and manufacturers had obtained 1113 patents at home and abroad.

Since the performance of product is related to its life expectancy, product testing is also extremely important, which could guarantee the quality of products. In Shenzhen, the LED manufacturing base of Unilumin has a central laboratory, which has been recognized by CNAS (code L6507) and has become SGS, TUV-SUD, TUV Rheinland, UL-WTDP eyewitness laboratory. It is the co-construction unit of CSA state key laboratory of semiconductor lighting joint innovation.

The laboratory mainly provides the design, development and verification of new products with reliable testing data in the early stage, quality control in the later stage and pre-certification prediction test within the company, and also provides the same service for external customers, making it a testing platform shared by the industry. Therefore, the central laboratory of Unilumin is responsible for the product testing, which makes sure each LED product is in high quality.

Stable product performance is the guarantee for customers. It means the products supposed to perform well in a good and harsh environment, or passing the high standard of testing. Unilumin, Chinese LED manufacturers, have passed plenty of certificate, such as CE, ETL, CCC, UL, CUL, CB, FCC and RoHS certificate. These passed certifications had proven the product performance of Unilumin were excellent and stable.

led window display screens made in china

You can use LED screens for various purposes, from billboard advertising to corporate presentations. But as it is a relatively new technology, many of you may not know the in-depth of this technology. Therefore, we came up with the ultimate LED FAQ guide.

Indoor LED screens are used inside buildings. You see indoor LED screens inside supermarkets, large conference rooms, and many other large spaces where people gather for various purposes.

Indoor LED screens are ideal for those stores and businesses that want big display windows, superlative storefronts to promote their business. You can also use Indoor LED screens in a large convention center or corporate office for promotion, meeting, or other purposes.

As indoor LED display screens are used inside a building, the resolution is vital here. We suggest you use a small Pixel Pitch LED screen for your indoor use. Here is the standard specification for an indoor LED screen.

Yes, you guessed correctly. The outdoor LED screens are used outside of a building. You can use outdoor LED screens for a billboard. You can also use an outdoor LED display screen on the wall and display your product and services and create a profound impact on the mind of people who pass by and on the street.

The typical static advertising method is no more effective in this digital era. You have to be innovative to draw peoples’ attention. A large LED display is an excellent way to attract even the busiest person in the crowd.

Marketing experts say that advertising on outdoor screens has more impact on the viewers’ psychology than a static ad. It makes outdoor LED screens cost-effective as you will get your Return of investment in a quick time. Jasionlight produces durable, high-quality Outdoor LED screens. The quality of our outdoor LED screens made us a leading LED screen supplier in China.

We have discussed indoor and outdoor LED screens, but what if you need a screen for both purposes? In that case, you will need a semi-outdoor LED screen.

These screens are best for corporate events, concerts, or any other mass gatherings. You can broadcast an event and show your product in between the show.

Semi outdoor LED screens come with lots of additional features like adjusting the resolution, brightness, etc. Moreover, they are equipped with protective materials to protect the screen from rain, dust, or other natural phenomena.

So, you now know the types of the LED screen according to the place you will use them. Now let’s find out the types of LED screens according to the application they can perform.

Rental LED produces images and videos with high resolution, high luminosity, and zero reflection. For large conferences and similar situations, rental LED screens can deliver the best image and videos with unbeatable brightness that no other device can.

Rental screens are ideal for businesses or individuals taking part in congresses or exhibitions that want straightforward to assemble, easily portable, and lightweight screens.

Rental LED screens the best you can have to stand out in any event. These screens come with many additional features.  You can configure and modify the screen size as the event or environment demands.

The most significant part of a rental LED screen is its image quality and resolution. Thanks to the advanced technology that these screens come with to deliver crystal clear images, the videos with the highest possible resolutions.

Moreover, these screens should have all those protective measures to protect the screen from adverse weather conditions without stopping and compromising the image quality.

These days no large sports event can happen without a LED screen. From indoor to outdoor, every sporting event needs a LED screen. Sports LED screens are used for various purposes. Days of the static scoreboard are over now. Every stadium displays a live score of the match on giant LED screens. In big events, stadiums are equipped with a giant screen to show the game’s score and live events.

From color saturation to resolutions, sports LED has to deliver the optimum video. Moreover, sports LED screens must have special software to display live events and scorecards simultaneously.

As the technology progressed, the use of single and dual-color LED displays has reduced drastically. Now mostly multicolor LED displays are used worldwide. You can also find several types of multicolor LED displays in terms of design. There are:Flat LED screen

Jasionligh is the market leader in customizable LED screens. Our dedicated engineers and skilled workers are committed to delivering LED screens of any size and shape. With these screens, Our customers can display their innovation in supermarkets or any other spaces.

LED screens are expensive products and a significant investment for any business. Moreover, these products need to be handled delicately. So, before buying the LED screen for your business, you need to consider certain things.

This is the first question you should ask. The company should have a wide range of product lines with lots of experience. As a LED screen is a huge purchase, you should consider a brand that is a renowned LED screen supplier and a well-equipped LED screen factory.

Years of experience are another vital factor for selecting a LED screen supplier. You should not buy products from a LED screen supplier who just entered the market and doesn’t have sufficient experience in the LED industry.

Electronic products like LED display screens are vulnerable to various factors. Even the best supplier in the industry can not tell their products will sustain a specific time.

In case of any issue, it is complicated and expensive to repair the LED screen. Therefore, every good LED screen company comes up with an extended warranty offer.

Choosing a LED screen is not a straightforward matter as a wrong selection can produce some severe consequences. It will fail your outdoor/indoor advertising and create a harmful impact on your branding. So, you should know how to choose the right pixel pitch that suits your needs.

You should not just go for the highest resolution or the size. It depends on the purpose of your LED screen. You should consider the following variables:Location of the LED screen – Will it be an outdoor or indoor LED screen? If it is an outdoor LED screen, you must consider the protection you need to have with the LED screen to protect it from rain, dust, and other natural causes.

Let’s demonstrate the matter with an example. If the LED screen’s viewing distance is more than 25m, you should not go for a high resolution because the viewers won’t come close to the LED screen to appreciate the high resolution. But if the viewing distance is less than 10m, then the resolution is the most crucial factor.

Now, the second important thing is the size of the LED screen. Some customers only focus on the viewing distance but forget the size of the LED screen.

If the screen size is small, then there is always a chance that the viewers will come closer to see the advertising or the information on the screen. With the viewing distance, you should also consider the size before selecting the pixel pitch for your LED screen.

The thumb rule is to select a LED screen that can produce 30,000 pixels on screen. Anything less than that will not be able to create a good quality image.

You may have noticed many technical terms when you are browsing a LED screen. If you are not a technical person, you miss the meaning of some terms. Let’s find out the standard technical specification terms for LED screens and find out what they mean.

Putting it simply,  pixel pitch is the distance between the center of two LED clusters or pixels measured in millimeters. Generally, the distance ranges from .9mm up to 10mm. Jasonlight indoor LED displays feature pixel pitches ranging from .9mm – 10mm to deliver the best solution for you.

Pixel pitch is crucial because it directly impacts your LED screen’s display resolution and the highest viewing distance. If the pixel pitch is smaller, higher pixels will be required to form the image.

This way an LED screen with a smaller pixel pitch will deliver videos with higher resolutions. On the other hand, a large pixel pitch will give you lesser resolution but a high viewing distance.

To make things easier for the customers, LED screen manufacturers write the pixel pitch this way, P3, P4, P10, etc. LED screens with low numbers are best for indoor and with high numbers are ideal for outdoor use.

This value tells you how many times a second your LED display screen shows data to you. Sometimes we confuse the refresh rate with the frame rate, but they are not the same. We value the refresh rate with Hertz (Hz) and frame rate with FPS. Suppose the frame rate of a video is 24 fps with a refresh rate of 48 Hz. It means every frame will be shown twice.

If you are not getting this, here is a simple tip. A standard LED screen must come with a refresh rate of at least 1000H to provide a flicker-free image on the screen. You can find LED screens with a refresh rate of up to 9000 Hz.

The viewing angles of a LED screen have a greater impact on viewers’ perception of the content. Typically, the LED display should have 120-160 degrees horizontal and vertical  viewing angles

The viewing angle largely depends on the type of LEDs used in a screen. The SMD and vandal-resistant LEDs offer better viewing angles than other types.

Outdoor LED screens are vulnerable to many natural causes. Rain, dust, sunlight can damage your LED screen. To protect the LED screen from those, you have to learn the LED screen’s IP rating. The IP code tells the level of protection your LED screen will have from the environment. Jasonlight provides IP65 protection on outdoor LED screens for the best protection.

USB Interface:USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and it is a well-known interface that can store audio, video files and connect with an LED screen to display those. There are two types of USB: USB1.0 and USB2.0.

Jasionlight has more than 10,000 square meters of LED display screen factory with proficient workers and up-to-date technologies including SMT, reflow-soldering, automatic gluing, and other cutting-edge technologies. Also, we offer more than 50,000 square meters of all kinds of LED displays each year.

Jasionligh LED screen factory is armed with a highly skilled technical team with 20 engineers and 10 aftersales technicians. They are relentlessly working on running projects and searching for innovation. Besides, the company has more than 100 proficient workers for delivering the best-LED screen for your business.

The company can manufacture any quantity at any time as they are never short of raw materials needed to create LED screens. They also have 10 approved Quality Control (QC) systems to ensure that the product from the LED screen factory maintains the highest standard.

Jasionligh also provides proper documentation and video training so that you can install their LED screens effortlessly. Moreover, they have 24/7 customer support to help you out with any issues you can face with their LED display screens.

Qinghan LED Screens Co., Ltd. is an area-based LED screen manufacturer. They have been working on manufacturing LED screens for the last two years. They are trying to produce LED screens at a low cost.

Vision LED Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of the LED screens for the last five years. They formerly used to manufacture LCD screens. But the constantly increasing speed of LED screens has brought them to work in this field.

Feng Shui LED Screens Co., Ltd. is a new industry in the manufacturing list of LED screens. They have made a beautiful production house inside of a secured area at the end of the city.

Dragon LED Screens Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a private They have started manufacturing the LED screens in the year 2016. They have massive planning of production to be one of the leading manufacturers in this industry.

Red Panda LED Screens Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is new in the industry of LED screens manufacturer. They are one of the best institutes. They are trying to maintain the quality of their products in this industry with sincerity.

Another name in the manufacturer list of LED screens is Imperial Palace LED Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. They have improved a lot in manufacturing the LED screens.

The Li LED Screens is a known name among the local LED screen buyers. They have been in this market since 2018. They produce only some fixed designs and lengths of LED screens.

Victoria Harbor Electronics LTD. is in the manufacturing of the electronics field since 2014. Since the beginning, they were mainly the manufacturers of LED lights only. But they have started to manufacture the LED screens to add a new dimension to their productions.

Hangzhou Pengshen LED Screens Co., LTD. is in the field of production LED Screens since 2019. They have a massive stock of their products in their storehouse.

Great Dream LED Screens is in the manufacturing of the LED screens for the last three years. They started with a massive possibility of holding a place in the market to sell LED screens.

Beijing Lianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. is another new manufacturer in the industry of LED screens. Their production is quality.  The company works with various types of electronic products.

Hanren LED Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is not too old in the productions of LED screens. They have been in the marketplace with their productions for the last six years.

Yunnan Mengyuan Electronics is the manufacturer of different types of electrical things besides LED screens. This institute has been in production since 2017. They have a wide variety of products.

Xiamen Yuanda LED Screens Co., Ltd. is a LED screen manufacturer. They have been in manufacturing since 2012. They have almost maintained the standard of the quality of their LED Screens.

Sichuan Lecheng LED screens Ltd. has started manufacturing LED screens as the youngest member of the business in 2020. The company is committed to deliver high-quality LED screens and become a global supplier.

Jasionlight always thinks the best for its client. That’s why our technical team is always ready to advise you to purchase the best LED screen to fulfill your needs.

led window display screens made in china

The decision to how to buy an LED display screen is not as easy as it looks like(In this special period, maybe you need more virtual production led wall). Apart from considering its features, buyers have to evaluate the efficiency and expertise of its manufacturer in order to be rest assured about post-purchase services. Sometimes, LEDs seem to be of high quality but their manufacturers do not offer satisfactory services and vice versa. It is, therefore, necessary to spend some time and make efforts to evaluate and compare differentLED display manufacturers in China. This way, buyers would not have doubt on the results and can conveniently call the manufacturer in case of any need.

Since buyers want to get the best LED, they are always on the lookout for the best and trusted manufacturer as well. LED video wall has turned to be an influential source of on-site advertising and therefore, LED manufacturers are expected to send the best products in the market. But, the question is how to make sure that the manufacturer is reliable and producing high quality China LED displays? Here are a few factors to look out for:Authentication: The first and foremost thing is to figure out whether the LED display screen manufacturer is reliable or not. If someone is producing P10 LEDs, then they are the most trusted and buyers can blindly take any product from them. Company reputation is another deciding factor along with customer reviews and testimonials. All these factors are the key to finding out authenticity of a manufacturer.

Budget: The next important thing is to determine the budget. Since every buyer has some limitations, it’s necessary to evaluate the extent to which they can go and buy an LED display. From a manufacturer’s point of view, the price for LED display screens will vary according to their procedures, quality of material and other factors.

As a reliable service provider in the industry, Absen prides itself for offering turnkey solutions that cater to all types of customers on display applications. Absen has managed to claim the first spot for exporting China LED display screen in the past couple of years. The company has proudly achieved 30,000 customer references across the world. Their LEDs are capable to work outdoors, especially for advertising LED billboards, sport stadiums, TV stations, shopping malls, business centers, exhibitions and son on.

Since its establishment in 2004, Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co. has emerged as one of the leading LED manufacturers. The company is also providing solutions for the manufacturing, development, sales and post-sales services. Their vision is to work together for a brighter future and therefore, customers can expect to have high-performance, high quality LED display products along with the reliable viewing solutions. The company has been proudly manufacturing full-color, high definition LED display screens and lighting. Their support and sales network has reached over 100 countries where there are more than 700 channels and 16 offices and subsidiaries to serve the customers.

ROE Visual stays true to its words and tries its level best to transform customers’ expectations into reality. This LED display manufacturer produces best, unique display screen for commercial applications. From architectural and exquisite broadcast installations to the top stage anywhere in the world, ROE Visuals has maintained its excellence, maximal creativity, easy-of-use and durability.

ROE Visuals has been working according to customers’ expectations and has managed to produce a range of LEDs suitable for HD broadcast, control room, architectural, sporting events, touring and rental market, houses-of-worship, corporate and various other applications.

Known as a high-tech enterprise in China for introducing large LED video display, InfiLED strives to exploring new doors for continuous improvement and independent innovation. The company has been taking the pride to remain at a leading position with its wide range of product applications. Their manufactured China LED display screens are used in corporate meetings and branding, transportation, command & control, creative applications, sports, advertisements and much more. Their products have reach more than 85 countries of the world with TUV, RoHS, CCC, FCC, ETL and CE certifications.

With the help of reliable components and advanced production methods, InfiLED has been delivering the finest quality of products. The company used to follow regulations as stated by Total Quality Management System, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System. InfiLED follows the concept of ‘Five Stars Culture’ and tries its level best to claim one of the top spots in the LED manufacturing industry.

The company has taken its hands into the manufacturing of LED lighting, China LED display and LED traffic signage. Based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Yaham Optoelectronics Co. is into designing and producing high quality LEDs for customers in all over the world. The company works on the spirit of perfectionism and artisanship to ensure efficiency in custom-designed and reliable LED display systems. Yaham Optoelectronics is proudly serving over 112 countries and has managed to sustain its position as the pioneer of LED technology. It is the first manufacturer to introduce custom-designed display systems. The company is still on the vague of reinventing methods to upgrade display screens so that customers can have a better experience afterwards.

Shenzhen based company, Ledman Optoelectronics Co. has been in the LED industry since 2004. It has been considered to produce some high-tech LED products along with effective visual solutions. The company specializes in working for the 8K UHD industry where they are proudly manufacturing a full range of products. What makes LedMan different from others is their hands into 8K micro LED UHD display products that work on advanced COB LED technology. It is because of their professionalism and efficiency that LedMan is now a strategic partner in the aerospace industry of China.

Today, LedMan is working as a leading UHD display screen company, comprehensive sports operator, global LED industry chain partner and high-tech benchmarking enterprise in China. The company also own and LED product ecosystem consisting of UHD Micro LED display items (having COB advanced technology), intelligent LED lighting, comprehensive sports operation, LED solution portfolios, 5G intelligent conference systems, city lighting projects and information integration solutions.

Famous for being a global name in LED industry, Leyard Group is one of those manufacturers who have been using audio-visual technology since years. Its products are the result of technology research, development, creativity and product innovation. Its business layout comprises of four core elements: landscape lighting, virtual reality, intelligent display and cultural tourism. Leyard Group was awarded the National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, National Culture and Science, Beijing Top 10 Information Industry, Technology Integration Demonstration Enterprise and China’s Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises awards.

Liantronics is another reliable ChinaLED display manufacturer that offers system solutions for high and medium-end LED display products. Being a state-level enterprise having 97.8 million USD of registered capital, Liantronics specializes in the development, manufacturing, sales and post-sales services.

It is a diversified holding company that consists of 4 strategic units, namely banking electronics, sports operation, highest quality LED display and lighting engineering. The company has grown over a couple of years and made a lot of efforts to gain a spot among the world’s leading LED display manufacturers in the world. It prides for producing a wide range of outdoor and indoor direct view display products.

Another LED display manufacturer who is playing a significant role in the industry is Desay. Its own control system, coupled with technologies like optics, electron and particularly, pixel-by-pixel calibration technique enable the company to create distinct gradations and vivid pictures of the services. It has successfully installed over 5000 LED across the world, no matter how much efforts it had to make.

Considering this list oftop China LED manufacturers, it would be quite easy for people to come up with an appropriate choice. There are no hard-and-fast rules about the selection criterion. People can choose whoever suits their requirements. However, if someone wants to try out a different service provider, then Doitvisionshould be the choice. Although we are new to this industry, one thing is for sure that our customers will leave with a big smile on their faces. We offer a variety of items like IP68 outdoor screens, creative flexible screens, Xr stage screens etc(What is an Xr stage). So, give decision in our favor and help us to get into this list in the future.

led window display screens made in china

We provide 3D LED display outdoor naked eye that is commonly used for advertisement in shopping malls, and shops to promote products.  We supply one-stop 3D video advertising and media with high-quality 3D LED screen hardware cabinets, design of 3D video slip, and steel structure installation of 3D LED Guide.

Our 3D LED display provides different grayscales of the images or video theLED screen display, which is the reason why the human eye produces a visual illusion from displayed 3D images. We provide 3D display technology of glasses just to separate the right and the left of the images and send it to the left and right eyes of the viewers to achieve the 3D effect.

NSE has naked-eye 3D LED display technology to separate the right and left of the images and using adjusting the angle of light it will send to the eyes of the viewer. Our naked-eye display technology mainly includes a cylindrical lens, grating type, volume type, holographic projection type, time-sharing multiplexing type, and many more.

led window display screens made in china

Premteco is located in Shenzhen. Founded in 2003, we focus on research, design, manufacture, and sale of LED display. In the beginning, we were just a team with 30 people. Premteco has turned into an excellent company with over 500 people through our efforts. Over 100 patents have been authorized officially. Up to now, we have successfully completed outdoor and indoor LED screen projects scattering over 100 countries and regions, including the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, FIFA and others.

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of all our designs. Premteco has built up outstanding reputation in the industry by supplying consistent and reliable LED display products, which allow you to build a strong brand image, and catch the attention of new potential customers or enhance the visual performance of your stage. Meanwhile, we keep updating advanced facility and automatic machines. In addition, we are fiercely committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. Your needs are our responsibility! We strive to be the most innovative and the first-class global production enterprises.

led window display screens made in china

First, Vision Led Pro offers custom led solution for every customer and project. Working with designers, architects and engineers, our specialty is to design, manufacture and integrate for some of the most creative and innovative visual projects. No matter the size and shape you desired, Let our team help you come up with a solution.

Second, Vision Led Pro has a large variety of excellent quality led displays from a wide range of small pixel pitch like P1.66-P2.5 to P10-P15 manufactured under our strictly quality control. High resolution, high IP grade, supper light and thin panels, full front maintenance, custom size and shape make us stand out from other led display suppliers.

Third, we offer superior service. Whether you’re looking for Led display system sales, led screen rental or after purchase support and service, here we have you covered.