fahrenheit 7 inch screen tft lcd brands

S1: 2. Do some exchange test: Change the input signal to test; Change power adapter to test;Change the signal source to test; Change the signal cable to test; Change the LCD screen to test.And so on.

S3:1.Make sure that the signal cable which connects to the LCD screen connector with the right direction. (Pin1 to Pin1, some panel the cable connector can be assembled by two direction, so sometimes when change it to back direction, it will work well).

S2:2.Please confirm whether the resolution of the LCD screen is the same as the resolution of the LCD controller board (Please refer to the controller board purchase link which has marked compatible resolution, use the screen type to search on the network to confirm its support resolution), if not, Updating the firmware will fix this problem.

S5: The temperature of the new board chip is less than 70 degrees Celsius (150 degrees Fahrenheit) at room temperature. If you are worried about heat dissipation, you can add a heat sink.