tianma lcd panel made in china

and services worldwide. Tianma is committed to continuous innovation, best-in-class customer service, supporting the various design requirements needed for diverse industrial applications.

tianma lcd panel made in china

Tianma is also a leading provider of touch solutions based on PCAP (Projected CAPacitive touch). The production lines are located in China and in Japan. Tianma supports a wide range of applications, e.g. smart phones, tablet PCs, wearables, automotive, instrumentation, industrial, medical, avionic, marine, home automation, ATM and POS. By providing both standard products as well as custom designed products Tianma is the leader

tianma lcd panel made in china

7.56” Transparent Micro-LED The world’s first Micro-LED display with transparency more than 70% and small pixel pitch Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Tianma), a leading global

tianma lcd panel made in china

(Yicai Global) April 13 -- Tianma Microelectronics, the world’s largest maker of vehicle displays and instruments, said it will invest CNY33 billion (USD5.2 billion) in an 8.6-generation panel project in the Chinese east coast city of Xiamen.

Xiamen Tianma Microelectronics will set up a joint venture project company with three city government-backed firms, its Shenzhen-based parent company said late yesterday. The new plant will have a monthly processing capacity of 120,000 8.6-gen display panels targeted at the on-board and information technology equipment and industrial display market, it added.

The JV will have registered capital of CNY19.8 billion and Xiamen Tianma will invest nearly CNY3 billion (USD471.2 million) for a 15 percent stake. Bank loans will provide the rest of the funding. Tianma Micro did not disclose the construction schedule.

The project, which will include a 2,250-millimeter x 2,600-mm glass substrate processing line, will complement Tianma Micro’s existing products, fortify its competitiveness in the on-board display market, and speed its expansion in the IT market to meet the diverse needs of consumers, the company said.

The expanding smart electric vehicle industry will drive the long-term development of the vehicle display market, Tianma Micro pointed out, adding that demand for large-screen and high-resolution display panels in the smart EV sector will also continue to increase.

Tianma Micro’s stock price [SHE: 000050] ended little changed today, gaining 0.2 percent to CNY10.14 (USD1.59), after earlier climbing by as much as 3.4 percent.

tianma lcd panel made in china

The OLED Association has released news about a new 5.5″ AMOLED display presented to the organisation by Tianma. According to the article the new AMOLED display comes with full HD resolution, a first for any mobile OLED display made in China.

The current OLED production process is based on evaporation of materials through fine metal masks. The best masks are made by DNP and Toppan, which have exclusive contracts with Samsung and LG respectively. Tianma has started its own mask development to achieve high resolution panels. The report continues to say that Tianma is using a form of pentile pixel arrangement similar to Samsung. On the other hand the article does not mention when panels will be ready for manufacturing. The OLED-Info.com reports that Tianma plans to release these panels in 2016. It is not clear who provided this information though.

The announcement cannot be confirmed by any direct information from Tianma, but only through images and news by the OLED Association and OLED-Info.com. These organizations are certainly partial to OLED developments, but not necessarily to any one company. If we believe all information provided, it would mean that Tianma is getting closer to Samsung and LG in the OLED field, a field that was so far dominated by Korea and to a lesser degree by Japan.

It also hints that AMOLED displays have to rely on alternate pixel structures for now to keep up with LCD resolution capabilities. Sub pixel rendering as used by Samsung in the SAMOLED displays, is a way to create higher resolution images with lower sub-pixel densities as required in standard RGB pixel layouts.This comes down to the definition of resolution. So far we are used to counting the pixels per inch and calculating the resulting pixel density in ppi. Counting all pixels in both directions results in the resolution terminology we are used to as in HD or Full HD for example. Panels with sub pixel rendering rely on measuring the black and white line contrast instead.

The real question is how this will play out in the market. We have seen a fair share of great as well as mediocre AMOLED displays. DisplayMatehas crowned the Samsung Galaxy S6 SAMOLED as the best smartphone display, while the iPhone 6 is ranked as the best LCD smartphone display. Both devices are being successful in the market, and as it seems neither display type is a hindrance in achieving market success. In the end it may come down to which display type can be made cheaper. A question to which many would like to know the answer. – NH

We reported on a 1280 x 720 5.5″ OLED from Tianma in our MWC 2015 report, although it also told us that it was 400ppi. The conflict between the two pieces of data didn’t register at the time! (Tianma Shows OLEDs and A-si Tablet Panels). We expect to get more information from Tianma at the forthcoming SID show. (BR)

tianma lcd panel made in china

2019 will be a crucial year for China’s panel industry to hit the high-end market. Domestic panel companies have been actively researching and developing high-end panel technologies to compete for more market shares and consolidate their position in the industry.

On June 26, the DISPLAY CHINA 2019, jointly organized by the liquid crystal branch of CHINA optical optoelectronics industry association (CODA) and Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan of Shanghai, formally opened in Shanghai new international expo center. Visionox, BOE, Tianma, HKC, Mantix, and other domestic and foreign well-known panel makers still appeared in this exhibition, the reporter noticed that this time they show a lot of new display technology and innovation of enterprise products, among which car display products are more eye-catching.

Data from the car display market is also doing well. According to the statistics of IHS, the market research institute, the global vehicle panel shipments in 2018 were 161 million, an annual increase of 9.4%, among which, the central control display panel is the largest application market, with shipments of 78.3 million, 60.8 million and 22.4 million for other applications.

To highlight the in-car market, the DISPLAY CHINA has set up a “smart cockpit and in-car display and intelligent interactive exhibition area”, and invited senior experts in the field of in-car and display to discuss and share the technology solutions and development trends of smart cabin market, onboard infotainment system and multi-screen integration. And representatives of new display enterprises in China, such as Visionox and Tianma, have displayed relevant innovative products.

With the current screen display size unchanged, the flexible form is more portable and suitable for more use scenarios. Today, it is the flexible display screen that moves from the sample stage to the production stage. This time Tianma exhibits many flexible products.

In this exhibition, as previously disclosed, Tianma has demonstrated the 7.4-inch Foldable WQHD AMOLED display screen and 13.3-inch AMOLED display screen. The former is an inward-folding display screen, with a bending radius of 3 mm and a bending Angle of 0~180°, and a 21:9 shaped comprehensive display screen. The resolution is as high as 3360×1440 (493 PPI), which can meet the diverse bending needs of customers. The latter is a medium-sized OLED product with a resolution of 1920×1080. It is light and thin in shape and adopts many advanced technologies in the industry in terms of design and technology. Its ultra-short response time, ultra-high contrast, ultra-low reflectivity, 100%NTSC ultra-wide gamut, Real RGB pixel array, and other advantages make it widely used in the field of ultra-book display, vehicle display, and other fields.

Tianma’s 8.8-inch e-mirror adopts a new panel design, featuring ultra-narrow frame, -40℃-95℃ wide temperature, high brightness display, etc. Meanwhile, depending on dimming glass, it can switch between rearview Mirror and streaming media function freely.

It is said that this is a rare metal oxide small size LCD product in China, which has been mass-produced this year and is very power-saving and may be able to solve the problem of insufficient battery life in the future.

Although LCD technology has been widely used, it is still in the process of further innovation. At present, improving resolution and high-cost performance ratio is the inevitable direction of display industry development. More exquisite picture quality and clearer details can bring more real visual experience to the audience. In addition to high-cost performance ratio, LCD products are still the best choice for ordinary consumers. At present, 4K TV has replaced most 2K TV and become the mainstream product of the Chinese color TV market. In recent years, the UHD TV video industry has been booming. 4K/8K TV is welcoming the popularity tide. Meanwhile, 8K(7680×4320) UHD TV is surging, becoming an important development trend of the color TV industry.

This time BOE introduced a BD Cell display, which is said to be a new breakthrough in TFT-LCD technology, comparable to OLED, a key technology of BOE this year.

By adopting the black and white and color two-layer Cell design, as well as pixel partitioning technology and micron ultra-fine light control technology, BD Cell LCD display can achieve the contrast of millions of levels, dark tone performance is more profound. Compared with the OLED display next to it, the BD Cell LCD display has rich details of the low-grayscale screen, and its power consumption is 40% lower than that of OLED display of the same size, with extremely powerful color performance and ultra-HD HDR experience.

In order to make the LCD liquid crystal display performance reach the performance level of OLED self-luminous display, the Fission Cell technology not only has the contrast beyond the current OLED (500000:1), but its color performance is also improved compared with the current OLED display, and it can be combined with the dual-screen hybrid black insertion technology. Improving the low LCD display response rate to the same level as OLED’s, and its cost is much lower than the same size OLED display, can become a cost-effective market choice.

tianma lcd panel made in china

On the 11th, Chinese display maker Tianma announced through the investor exchange platform of Shenzhen Stock Exchange that it has been producing a "hole display" and that "Consumer products will be released soon." It replied to the question of investors asking for facts and supply with "In talks of supplying hole displays to Huawei nova 4."

The hole display is mainly being introduced as an improved version of the notch. The rectangular shaped notch of a conventional design, is reduced to a circle in the hole display, resulting in a larger usable screen surface. While notch designs have been expanded from OLED panels to LCD panels, all currently available hole displays have adopted LCD panels.

Huawei categorized the hole display technically as a blind hole (mang-kong) and a through hole (tong-kong). The mang-kong is a hole that is not visible (blocked) and has a hole only on the BLU (backlight unit) of the LCD module while leaving the LCD panel"s liquid crystal and removing the upper color filter. The tong-kong is a hole that is drilled (pierced) through the LCD module.

Tianma is not responding to the investor communication platform question asking whether the mass-producing hole display is Huawei"s mang-kong or Samsung"s tong-kong. GSM Arena reported that the hole display supplier of Galaxy A8s will be BOE of a Chinese display maker.

tianma lcd panel made in china

SHANGHAI, July 23 (Reuters) - Tianma Microelectronics Co Ltdsaid on Wednesday it plans to invest 360 million yuan ($52.72 million) to establish a thin-film transistor liquid crystal display production line in China"s southwestern Sichuan province.

Tianma and two other firms will invest a total of 3 billion yuan in a 4.5-generation production line with planned monthly capacity of 30,000 wafers, Tianma said in a statement to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Tianma will hold a 30 percent stake in the project, while Chendu Industry Investment Group Co Ltd will spend 513.6 million yuan for a 42.8 percent stake and Chendu Hi-tech Investment Group Co Ltd will spend 326.4 million yuan for a 27.2 percent stake.

China"s liquid display panel-making industry is dominated by three main players: BOE Technology Group Co Ltd, SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Co Ltd, and InfoVision Optoelectronics, which focus mainly on fifth-generatio production. ($1=6.828 Yuan) (Reporting by Sophie Taylor; Editing by Ken Wills)

tianma lcd panel made in china

Tianma Microelectronics(天马微电子), the world’s largest maker of in-vehicle displays, establish a new joint venture factory in Wuhu of eastern China’s Anhui Province to consolidate its leading global position, Yicai Global reported.

With RMB8 billion ($1.2 billion) investment, the project’s local partners are two investment firms under Wuhu city government, the Shenzhen-based display panel giant said in a statement recently. Tianma will hold almost 52.1 percent of the new joint venture"s shares and two two partners will have the remainder.

Tianma is the world’s biggest manufacturer of in-vehicle displays and instrument panels last year based on shipments, according to market research agency Omdia.

The demand for displays, which enable human-computer interaction, is booming as the development of fifth-generation wireless networks, the Intelligence of Things, in-vehicle displays, and electric vehicles is quickly advancing, said Tianma.

Building the display module plant should help Tianma to accommodates its clients" specific product requirements and make them more willing to continue cooperation with the firm, the company added.

The news failed to spur any major stock price movements. Tianma’s share price rose 0.7 percent to RMB9.19 ($1.40) as of lunch break, according to Yicai Global.

tianma lcd panel made in china

A:Because according to the market experiences,Tianma is a especially popular quality ,which is a LCD materials supplier here in China for many years.And that’s why here we are love to learn from their tech to make the lcds materials and assemble the screen so called new tianma lcd screen for iphone.

tianma lcd panel made in china

You might be confused by different kinds of China made iPhone LCD brands. In the market, now for iPhone 6 China Made iPhone LCDs, there are around 11 brands. For iPhone 5 series, there are about 5-6 brands.

For those China made LCD screens, most of you may be familiar with Tianma, Longteng(IVO), Jingdongfang(BOE). For Longteng/LT, Its official name is IVO. For Jing Dongfang/JDF, its official name is BOE. The rest are Shenchao, innolux, AUO(Taiwan Brand), IVO, JDB etc.

In the model, it is A that contacts Tianma company (A may be a company or some). They ask Tianma to produce one kind of LCD for their mobile phone. Because they cannot ask Tianma company to produce iPhone LCD.

Besides, in case of getting trouble from Apple or government, they may made a fake phone as their own brand to match the LCD. Then both sides sign the agreement on it. A offers funds to Tianma company to study the LCD. What A to Tianma is like what Apple to Sharp/LG/Toshiba.

At the beginning, this China Made iPhone screen hasn’t had much market share. So after Tianma company produces the LCDs, A would ask factory B or its own factory to assemble the screens and sell to the markets.

As more and more brands coming, A doesn’t want to assemble the screens itself any more but only sells the Tianma lcd to certain factories. Those factories buy the spare parts like glass, frame, backlight, OCA etc by themselves and assemble the LCD with these spare parts.

In order to lower the cost and benefit more or to compete with others or to survive, they would use different quality of spare parts, which leads to the different quality finally. Actually the quality of China Made iPhone LCD screen depends not only on LCD, the spare parts but also the technique each factory adopts. So even for Tianma screen, there is different price.

Tianma LCD Screen is not assembled by Tianma company. Actually Tianma only produces the LCD. So your “Tianma” LCD screen may not be the same like others’. Don’t think that everyone’s Tianma screen is the same.

tianma lcd panel made in china

China is home to various TFT LCD panel manufacturers, all offering exceptional services and high-end products. China remains one of the top sources for TFT LCD panel manufacturing, as they have been producing some of the best quality panels available on the market. Many Chinese technology companies specialize in providing these superior TFT LCDs, and several of them have even managed to make it into the top ten list of China"s leading TFT LCD panel producers. These companies are known for their efficient service, impressive product lineup, reliability, innovative approach to design, and customer service excellence. If you are looking for an excellent China-based supplier for TFT LCD panels, it would be wise to consider one of these top 10 China TFT LCD manufacturers.

China is a leading producer of TFT LCD panels, with industry leaders such as BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE) at the forefront of innovation. Founded in 1993, BOE has developed a comprehensive business structure featuring port products and services for information exchange as well as healthcare solutions like its revolutionary MLED technology. In 2021, BOE boasted an impressive 70,000 independent patent applications, and more than 90% of its new patent applications are for invention patents. Additionally, over 35% of those inventions" patents can be found overseas in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. China"s TFT LCD panel manufacturers continue developing their technology by innovating on existing models such as LCD screens and LCD panels to provide better solutions for customers worldwide.

China-based Tianma is a highly reputable TFT LCD panel manufacturer with over 30 years of expertise in the display solutions industry. Since 1983, the company has grown to become a trusted China TFT LCD panel provider, and in 1995, it obtained a public listing on China"s Shenzhen Stock Exchange. With tech and production capabilities at the top of their game, Tianma specializes in SLT-LCD, LTPS TFT-LCD, AMOLED, In-cell/On-cell integrated touch technology, Flexible Displays, Force Touch TED Plus, fingerprint recognition under/on-screen and Mini/Micro LED segments. They have set the benchmark for future innovative developments in terms of LCD panels, LCD screens, and more. Offering unbeatable support services around the globe that are coupled with advanced technology makes Tianma a forerunner for China TFT LCD panel manufacturers.

China"s IVO is one of the top 10 China TFT LCD panel manufacturers and has been making a name for itself since 2005. From its Kunsan Jiangsu base, it now employs more than 3000 staff, including 400 dedicated R&D employees. IVO also boasts a G-5 TFT panel production line, and its products are used in a variety of cutting-edge applications: 60% for notebook displays, 23% for smartphones, and 11% for automotive uses. This makes it an important player in the China TFT LCD market as well as gaining great recognition worldwide in the notebook display industry.

With China being one of the leading suppliers in the global TFT LCD market, 4th in the top 10 manufacturers is TCL CSOT. This China TFT LCD panel manufacturer has been expanding its production capacity with continuous developments in technology and gaining a more solid global presence. According to the latest TV shipment stats, China"s CSOT has ranked 3rd in the world for producing TVs and 1st for supplying domestic 6 major brands since 2014. Furthermore, it holds strong places on the world scale when it comes to 55-inch UD product shipments (1st worldwide) and 32-inch UD product shipments (2nd). G6 LTPS-LCD production line is also amongst its highly lauded products, boasting second place in small and medium sizes with the most accelerated growth rate. Focused on independent innovation-driven development, TCLCSOT reinforces its position as China"s leader in TFT LCD screen technology by accumulating 12185 patent applications since 2019.

China"s TFT LCD panel manufacturer, Truly Semiconductor Co., Ltd., was established in 1991 and dedicated to TN-LCD production and became the first China-based CSTN/LCD line producer in 1995. In 2003 they obtained the OLED patents from Kodak, followed by mass production of TFT-LCD modules in 2012 and breakthrough technology in mobile 3D displays. Their 2013 production launch of naked-eye 3D displays for phones and tablet computers solidified their position as China"s top 10 TFT LCD manufacturers. To expand its portfolio further, it invested in Truly (Huizhou) Smart Display Co., Ltd., which specializes in G4.5 AMOLED and TFT displays. Truly sets an example for China"s other TFT LCD panel manufacturers through its sustained 25 years of research and development, innovation, and brand recognition.

Foxconn Technology Group founded China’s TFT LCD panel manufacturing company, Innolux, in 2003. With its headquarters and factory located in Longhua Foxconn Technology Park in Shenzhen and over 14 production bases situated across China like Nanjing, Ningbo and Foshan, Innolux is known for its comprehensive vertical integration that enables cutting-edge display technology research and development. The high quality and reliability of TFT LCD panels manufactured by Innolux have made them available to be used by some of the major global electronics giants like Apple, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard Panda, Nokia, and Motorola. Furthermore, its amalgamation with Chi Mei Electronics and Tong Bao Optoelectronics in March 2010 has led to a significant improvement in the level of the world plane display industry.

Founded in 2001, China"s top 3 TFT LCD panel manufacturer HKC has come a long way since its inception. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a full range of TFT LCDs from 1 inch to 60 inches with an annual sales amount reaching up to half a billion USD. As it looks for global expansion opportunities, HKC has established branch companies in Russia and India and formed strategic relationships with customers worldwide. In 2010, the China-based firm moved into a new industrial park and is now capable of producing 1 million displays per month. Thanks to advanced technologies and excellent quality control standards, HKC has been praised by its customers both at home and abroad and continues to prove itself as a reliable China TFT LCD panel manufacturer.

Panda is one of China"s top 10 TFT LCD manufacturers, utilizing cutting-edge technology from China Electronics (CEC) to offer a wide range of products such as crystal resonators, thermal-sensitive crystals, ordinary oscillators, voltage-controlled oscillators, and temperature-compensated oscillators. These are used in various applications of TFT LCD screens that can be found in products like LCD TVs, monitors, and laptops. Panda studies customers" requirements with utmost care and provides reliable services and quality products. With the help of its diverse pricing strategy, it assists its clients in finding value for their money across global markets.

China has a flourishing automotive technology industry, and Eagle Tech is one of China"s top ten TFT LCD panel manufacturers. They understand the special requirements of their use environment, such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-glare, high brightness, sun leakage resistance, and temperature resistance, in order to ensure the optimal performance of their displays. Having years of experience in providing Resistive touch screens, PCAP touch screens, and IPS panels make Eagle Tech the trusted electronic display manufacturer for automotive technologies to meet consumer expectations.

China is the leading source of TFT LCD panel manufacturers, and Eagle Tech has been making a name for itself as one of China"s top 10 TFT LCD manufacturers. Not only do they offer quality automotive TFT LCDs in sizes ranging from 3.5" to 21.5", but their products boast excellent durability as well; if you are looking for a reliable China TFT LCD provider that can deliver quality products for your applications, look no further than Eagle Tech.

TFT LCD manufacturing is an incredibly important part of the technology industry, and Century Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (CTC) is one of China"s top 10 TFT LCD manufacturers. In addition, CTC invests in global optoelectronics industry personnel who specialize in TFT-LCD research and development, as well as manufacturing display panel products such as laptops, PCs, monitors, and LCD TVs. The production line project was installed during the eleventh five-year plan to position CTC at the forefront of TFT-LCD production lines for the Pearl River Delta region. Looking ahead to late 2008, this ambitious project will be put into action – it is sure to leave a lasting impact on the growth of TFT production globally.

China is the world"s largest producer and exporter of TFT LCD panels, making it a great resource for any company looking to purchase them. China is home to some of the world"s most respected TFT LCD manufacturers, with the top 10 China-based TFT LCD panel manufacturers providing displays that consistently exceed industry requirements. All ten have been commended for their amazing product designs, expertise, and quality standards. Collectively, these companies serve customers all over the world by producing panels that are reliable and high-performance – making China an important resource for businesses seeking out cost-effective TFT LCD panels.

China is quickly becoming the leader in TFT LCD technology. The top 10 China TFT LCD manufacturers are a testament to this, as they provide outstanding quality at competitive prices without sacrificing any of the standards that people have grown to expect from China"s expertise and craftsmanship.

It"s clear that China is fast becoming an unstoppable force when it comes to LCD panel production and innovative screen solutions. With its ability to make efficient panels for various applications, China is respected around the world for its skillful production of TFT LCD panels and screens. Additionally, with these reliable manufacturers trying to ensure maximum customer satisfaction with competitive pricing and high-quality products, China has become a trusted source of LCD screens worldwide.