galaxy s10+ lcd screen replacement pricelist

High-end smartphones are not just expensive to buy, they can be really costly to repair too. Take the recently released Galaxy S10 series as an example. The price begins at $749 for the Galaxy 10e and goes up to $999 for the Galaxy S10 Plus and remember, the aforementioned prices are for the base models. According to the official screen repair rates released in China, it could be nearly as costly to repair the Galaxy S10 phones as their retail price.

Samsung has revealed the screen replacement prices for the Galaxy S10 series in China. For replacing the damaged screen of the Galaxy S10e, customers will have to pay 5,350 yuan or about $800. The cost will go up to 6,450 yuan or $960 for the Galaxy S10, and 7,100 yuan or $1,060 for the Galaxy S10 Plus. These rates are for the Galaxy S10 phones that are no longer covered by warranty or phones that haven’t passed the warranty period but their display was damaged because of an accident.

It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy S10 phones sport the Infinity-O display, which partly explains the high repair cost. Moreover, as iFixit recently found out, the ultrasonic in-display scanner is built into the screen so if anything goes wrong with the sensor, the whole display will have to be changed.

Although the screen replacement costs for other regions haven’t been revealed, they are likely to be similar. This means that it might be a better idea to get a new phone instead of getting the display repaired. To be on the safe side, handle your phone with care and if you want to go the extra mile, get a glass protector to minimize the likelihood of damage in case your Galaxy S10 falls down.

It is also a good idea to get a high quality case to protect the edges of any Galaxy S10 model. If you’re paying a minimum of $749, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to accumulate a small sum to purchase a top-tier case accessory for your new purchase. Always remember; better be safe than sorry.

galaxy s10+ lcd screen replacement pricelist

Users will have to fork over $199 to get a broken display of their Galaxy S10E repaired, $249 for the standard Galaxy S10, and $269 for the Galaxy S10 Plus.

These prices aren"t surprising considering that they do sport the company"s new Infinity-O Display. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus both sport an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint reader too, which presumably adds to the cost of the repairs.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10E doesn"t have curved displays like on its larger siblings and, just to be clear, an in-display fingerprint sensor. Instead, it has a flat screen and a fingerprint reader under the power button on the side. This likely explains its lower $199 screen replacement cost.

The takeaway here is it"s not going to be cheap to have a cracked front display replaced, so it"s recommended to take extra care of the Galaxy S10 phones, especially their screens, even if the standard and Plus variants do come with a screen protector off the bat.

It"s also worth mentioning that an iFixit teardown revealed it"s difficult to repair, and a durability test also found out that a badly damaged screen can prevent the in-display fingerprint reader from working properly.

To put things into perspective, the front screen and back panel replacements (considered as "other repairs" out of warranty) for the iPhone XS Max cost $329 and $599, respectively. As for the iPhone XS and iPhone X, the prices are $279 and $549.

galaxy s10+ lcd screen replacement pricelist

With the advancing technology, smartphones are getting smarter, slimmer, and glassy by this, they are turning delicate. A slight hit or a drop can break the screen of this super special baby of yours. Considering that, even after being extra cautious, sometimes, you do end up damaging this indispensable element of our lives in some way or the other.

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galaxy s10+ lcd screen replacement pricelist

Samsung has launched many smartphones with different screen types and sizes. If you own a Samsung phone and facing issues with your Galaxy screen then you might want to know Samsung phone screen replacement cost.

We continuously receive so many screen related complaints in the comment section. And there are so many people which claims their phone has got issues after updating their phone to latest version.

Sometimes Galaxy users say that their phone screen showing lines after update and some says their phone keep on restarting after the update. Samsung must consider this types of complains and fix them as soon as possible to save their brand reputation.

Note: Price provided in this post are basic prices for Galaxy phone display and these prices don’t include GST. You need to pay more for the display at Samsung authorized service center because final price includes GST (CGST+SGST).

Samsung offers 12 months of standard Warranty for all smartphones as well as on tablets. And Samsung Galaxy Display also has 12 months of warranty. You can check Warranty Status of your Galaxy device by counting 12 months from the date of purchase of your Galaxy product.

If you replace your smartphone display from Samsung authorized service center than you will again get 03 months of Warrantyon new display from the date of replacement. You can also refer Samsung Warranty page for more detailed information.

Here we have tried our best to provide the Samsung Galaxy phone screen replacement cost from all series. Data provided on this post is taken from trusted sources. You can also refer Samsung official site for more detailed information about display price.

But still, we don’t take guarantee for the price of Samsung Galaxy screen price in your city because phone screen replacement cost may differ from city to city across India in authorized service centers also.

galaxy s10+ lcd screen replacement pricelist

The cost to repair your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen totally depends on which method you choose to fix it up. Few of the methods are like getting it fixed from authorized Samsung service center or getting it fixed by a local repair shop in your area or to do it yourself.

* The 1st option is to go to authorized Samsung service center. They will charge a hefty amount on the same, but this will ensure 100% genuine replacement screen with warranty. Means this is the only method to ensure that you will get 100% genuine original screen and will get some limited time warranty on the part.

* The 2nd option is to go to some local mobile repair shop in your area, where you can get your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus repaired for a better price deal but this won"t ensure good quality part and an unreliable warranty. Just make sure that you don"t get fooled by a shop who claims to have a original screen for a higher price. Do you really think he can have tie ups with Samsung and get original genuine parts from them? The only way these shops can have a original screen is if they took out the screen from some other phone.

* The 3rd and the best option is to get a high quality replacement LCD Screen with Touch Digitizer for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from a reliable online store (like and get it fitted from the local repair shop for just 200-300 Rs. This way you will get a good quality display screen with good prices and a reliable warranty. You can even try to do this yourself with the help of youtube videos and phone opening toolkit for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

galaxy s10+ lcd screen replacement pricelist

The Samsung Galaxy S10 features a large curved-edge screen and puts vault-like security at your fingertips with our its Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. With a front camera and 3 rear cameras featuring an ultra-wide zoom lens, the Galaxy S10 lets you capture every angle of a scene. It also comes with a battery with so much power you"ll be able to share it with your friends.

Accidents happen, even to phones that are a matter of a few days old! If you are lucky enough to own a Galaxy S10 and its been damaged, getting it fixed is surely a priority. Most of the repairs we complete are screen repairs, so whether it’s a broken screen or a flat battery, Samsung Repair are in your area.