ili9325 2.8 tft lcd made in china

I recently got a new LCD TFT Display Shield and when I try anything it only shows white! I can use the touchscreen library with no problems and can get coordinates but i can"t show anything on the display! I just tried with the ADAFRUIT library and another one called TFTLCD.

ili9325 2.8 tft lcd made in china offers 2,778 lcd 37 inch products. such as datasheet. You can also choose from original manufacturer, odm, and agency. As well as from tft, ips, and standard.

ili9325 2.8 tft lcd made in china

This is a 2.8" Arduino Touch Screen Tutorial with the ILI9325 driver. Is this Arduino touch display a good option for your Arduino projects? Keep watching in...

ili9325 2.8 tft lcd made in china

options fbtft_device rotate=90 fps=20 custom bgr=1 buswidth=16 width=240 height=320 name=fb_ili9325 gpios=reset:17,dc:2,wr:3,cs:27,db00:21,db01:20,db02:16,db03:12,db04:1,db05:7,db06:8,db07:25,db08:26,db09:19,db10:13,db11:6,db12:5,db13:0,db14:11,db15:9 init=-1,0xE5,0x78F0,-1,0x01,0x0100,-1,0x02,0x0200,-1,0x03,0x1030,-1,0x04,0x0000,-1,0x08,0x0207,-1,0x09,0x0000,-1,0x0A,0x0000,-1,0x0C,0x0000,-1,0x0D,0x0000,-1,0x0F,0x0000,-1,0x10,0x0000,-1,0x11,0x0007,-1,0x12,0x0000,-1,0x13,0x0000,-1,0x07,0x0001,-2,200,-1,0x10,0x1690,-1,0x11,0x0227,-2,50,-1,0x12,0x000D,-2,50,-1,0x13,0x1200,-1,0x29,0x000A,-1,0x2B,0x000C,-2,50,-1,0x20,0x0000,-1,0x21,0x0000,-1,0x30,0x0000,-1,0x31,0x0404,-1,0x32,0x0003,-1,0x35,0x0405,-1,0x36,0x0808,-1,0x37,0x0407,-1,0x38,0x0303,-1,0x39,0x0707,-1,0x3C,0x0504,-1,0x3D,0x0808,-1,0x50,0x0000,-1,0x51,0x00EF,-1,0x52,0x0000,-1,0x53,0x013F,-1,0x60,0xA700,-1,0x61,0x0001,-1,0x6A,0x0000,-1,0x80,0x0000,-1,0x81,0x0000,-1,0x82,0x0000,-1,0x83,0x0000,-1,0x84,0x0000,-1,0x85,0x0000,-1,0x90,0x0010,-1,0x92,0x0000,-1,0x07,0x0133,-3

ili9325 2.8 tft lcd made in china

China"s first 8.5-generation TFT-LCD production line was launched in Bengbu, East China"s Anhui province, on June 18, 2019, representing a breakthrough in the production of high-definition LCD screen, Science and Technology Daily reported.

TFT-LCD, or Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display, is key strategic material of the electronic information display industry. The Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD production line, launched by the Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute of the China National Building Material Group, will produce high-definition LCD screens of 55 inches, the report said.

According to the Liquid Crystal Branch of the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, the demand for TFT-LCD in the Chinese mainland was about 260 million square meters in 2018, including 233 million square meters" Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD. However, the annual supply of domestically made TFT-LCD is less than 40 million square meters, with all of them Gen 6 or below, which cannot meet the demand in scale and quantity.

The association predicted that China"s market demand for Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD or above will exceed 300 million square meters by 2020, accounting for 49.6 percent of the total global demand.

The production and control precision of Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD is comparable to that of the semiconductor industry, representing a higher level of large-scale manufacturing of modern glass industry.

The institute in Bengbu, with 60 years of expertise in glass, has finally made a breakthrough in the production of Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD, and will provide key raw material guarantee for China"s LCD panel industry after it goes into mass production in September, the report said.