large display screens free sample

At the heart of every great digital signage display is this: content. Make it look good and people will stop to look at it. Make it look bad or outdated, and chances are they won’t be looking at your screen again.

The most obvious is social media. If you invest your efforts in social media, why not use this to bring your digital screens to life too? You can also utilize user-generated content. offers a unique feature to showcase sponsored ads from brands you partner with. This feature is called Sponsored Posts, and they are special posts on your social wall that aren’t filled with regular social content from your sources. Instead, you can upload specific images (or videos or just text) that you want to display there and have it show up on your wall in regular intervals.

If you need to create a quick notice, perhaps detailing a room change or a meeting time, there are a wealth of apps to make that happen. Like Noticeboard - an app that can be found in the ScreenCloud App Store. It allows you to create a quick and easy display in seconds, and also allows for real-time edits.

This type of content works well as ‘filler’ content in between video, ads and social media displays to stop your viewers from getting digital-overload.

Food is such a big part of our lives, it’s natural that we’re drawn to images, descriptions and menu boards showing it. Enter the digital menu board digital signage display.

This is one of the most important content displays you’ll create if you work in a restaurant, fast food chain or bar. It also works in an office cafeteria, an event setup or even as a fun noticeboard where you can swap menu items out for things you’re working on or fun descriptions of your team members. If you’re a franchise, this works especially well as you can change the price of an item across all screens and locations from one ScreenCloud login.

Data-driven companies are more likely to succeed – because they can easily see the areas that need attention. But most of the time this business-critical data is siloed and not seen by the teams that can make an immediate impact. Historically this data hasn’t been shown on screens due to security fears, which is why ScreenCloud developed Dashboards.

We love Slack at ScreenCloud. Like many startups, it’s how we do about 90% of our communication. So when a room’s really crucial to what we do, like our #praise room, we share it on our digital signage screens. This is made really easy with the Slack app.

Digital signage is a great canvas for all of your sales, small or large. Share real-time sales messages, promote offers and encourage customers to buy when the price is right. These can be easily created in Canvas.

How much time do you think your reception staff spend directing people to the right floor or meeting room? We love using the building directory app to share details of where everything is through our digital signage screens. The best part? If a room changes, you can update the screen easily unlike your static signs. Here are some non-obvious benefits of wayfinding in retail.

Imagine having a method of internal communication that allowed you to broadcast to your entire company, at the click of a button… That’s exactly what ScreenCloud Broadcast can do for you. This makes it easy to share company broadcasts that go out to all screens simultaneously with news, praise or health and safety announcements. Broadcast can securely live-stream meetings or announcements to screens in your office, and also onto the mobiles or desktop screens of remote or deskless workers, making sure everyone gets the news.

Everyone likes to see where they are in a leaderboard, whether that’s in sales or counting reps in the gym. Use your digital screens to show off this leaderboard and add an additional layer to your customer/employee experience. You can create it easily using Google Slides, or for something more automated, check out a tool like Bonusly, as shown below.

In the same way you might use your digital signage to share leaderboards, you could also entice employees or customers in with competitions. Promoting giveaways or asking them to submit something (like an Instagram image) for the chance to win, is a great use of your digital screens. Create a poster using Canvas and add a QR code to link through to a competition landing page.

Screens are great for all of the good stuff we like to put out into the world, but they’re also a good vehicle when you need to make an emergency notice that needs to reach a lot of people. For (planned) fire drills, you can schedule the alert to pop up on your screens, otherwise, have a template at the ready to push live should you need to display it in the moment.

Ever had a bad meeting room experience? Someone waiting awkwardly outside? Knocking before you’re finished to ask ‘how long’? Same. It’s why using small screens, iPads or tablets you have laying around is an awesome use of digital signage. We wrote more about how to set this up here.

large display screens free sample

There is no end to the list of messages you can send to your staff and customers via digital signage. With its ever-changing array of screens, a digital sign has the ability to convey as much or as little as you like. Of course, it only makes sense to display images and information that are relevant to both your team and your target audience.

With that said, you may hit a snag in the road every so often. There are only so many times you can display the same message without its impact being lost. It’s wise to change things up a bit. If you’re running out of digital signage content ideas, here are ten templates to inspire you:

While you may have already displayed various words of wisdomconcerning the coronavirus pandemic, some new visuals will help you to maintain your safety standards. In this digital sign you can includebasic safety tipsas well as symptom reminders. It’s great for screens in hospitals, supermarkets and residential building elevators.

In addition to the tips offered by our last template, most businesses need toenforce mask-wearing in their stores and offices. Having this message on display will remind people to wear their masks.

When is your next staff meeting? Digital signage removes the need for you to send out emails to remind everyone about its date and time. Instead, use this editable PowerPoint template to display a clear schedule of daily meetings in your lobby or boardroom.

No matter your business type, maintaining a clean and sanitized work environment is a must. Sometimes, friendly reminders are necessary to keep everyone on the same page. This handwashing technique reminder is a perfect sign to display in your warehouses and take-out restaurants. It is also a great addition to clinic screens andresidential building lobbies.

All of the digital signage templates we featured in this article areavailable for FREEfrom Screenfluence! Go on to our free resources section and grab your free templates to make your displays pop.

large display screens free sample

Q1:How about your company?A:XINLEDis a professional LED display manufacturer, having been enrolled in led display industry with professional R&D team andskilled QC team for 12yearsQ2: What is the control system? How is it?A: We use Novastar/Colorlight/Linsn/HD.....control system. Support cluster play and management. Support APP/ Phone/ WIFI/Ipad/ Laptop/PC/ Cloud control.It’s very easy and convenient to control the screen.Q3: What is your best service?A: One to one sales engineer to customer responsibility system. We will do:1. Know your project and provide the best solution for it;2. Track your order and let you know each step and detail of it;3. Teach you how to install and use the screen;4. Care the subsequent use of your screen and ensure your after - sales service be well,5…6…etc.Q4. How about your delivery time?A: Standard module we have stock ,Can send out after12hours aging testing .The led display can finish 10-15 days.

large display screens free sample

As a consumer, it is always helpful to be able to try things before you commit to buying them. With digital signage, many companies offer a limited-time free trial that automatically begins after your trial period, or sometimes they will limit the features you can use while on a trial. At Play Digital Signage, we have always offered one free screen with full-featured capabilities for as long as you desired. And now – we’re offering up to 10 trial screens so you can see what our digital signage software can do for your business.

However, our customers have given us some useful feedback on alterations to the program that they would like to see. We have listened to and participated in the conversation, and are now excited to announce changes to our free trial screens! Let’s talk about what’s changed with our trial program and how it will benefit your business.

The biggest change that has been made regarding our free trial screen is that we are now offering 10 trial screens for free. When listening to customer feedback, the most common complaint was that one screen wasn’t sufficient enough to test out many of the set-ups that are possible with digital signage.

Digital signage content can be displayed across multiple screens to make it bigger without a bigger screen or the same content can be displayed on multiple screens in different locations. Additionally, different content can be displayed on various screens across several individual locations.

Because these setups are far more common than utilizing only one screen, our one free screen wasn’t as useful for many businesses to see the wide benefits of digital signage. This is why we are now offering 10 trial screens. Now, with 10 trial screens, you can set up the digital signage in the way it is most useful for your business before making a financial commitment.

The other change we have made is that there will now be a watermark on each of the trial screens until they are updated to production. Previously because it was only one screen, we did not include a watermark, but to offer multiple screens, it’s a necessary addition. However, we have ensured that it will not interfere with the content design process so that you are fully able to see the vast capabilities of our built-in content editor.

Just as before, we won’t ask for any credit card information before you’re ready to remove the watermark and put your screens into production. We don’t even ask for credit card information at sign-up because we want you to be able to see everything Play Digital Signage can do without the pressure of releasing your private information to do so.

The biggest benefit we have added with ten trial screens is the ability to view multi-screen uses without payment. This way you can set up a screen in every location you want or create a large viewing area using multiple screens in one location. This helps you to see how all of your screens will look in your space before the financial commitment. See how different setups look and pick your favorite.

We have always offered the full capabilities of Play Digital Signage for free, but now you can design all of your content for all of your screens up to ten before paying for anything. With 10 trial screens, you can have all of your content ready to go how you like it.

Ready to try out your 10 trial screens for free? Sign up is as easy as 1-2-3! Once you sign up, you’ll see the power of our built-in content editor, be able to utilize ourstellar customer support, and see how much digital signage can improve your business operations.

Choose your screens. Play Digital Signage is compatible with any size screen so the choice is up to you. Mix and match small and large or pick one size that works for you. The choice is yours!

Once you have completed these three steps, you are ready to design your content and try our digital signage system for free! Add up to 10 screens and see what Play Digital Signage software can do for your business with no credit card required!

large display screens free sample

The marketing world concurs; that paper is in the past, all is now digital, and digital signage is everywhere. From the landmark Piccadilly Lights, revamped in 2017 with a state-of-the-art 4K LED screen and running cutting-edge digital signage software, to the iconic Times Square digital screens. Digital signage is all around us.

If you are a business owner or a marketing manager, finding a digital signage solution is a must. 70% of U.S. residents aged 12 or older have seen a digital video display in a public venue in the past month. That is a huge audience you need to make sure you are taking advantage of.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best digital signage software tools around, to help you make the most out of your digital displays. No matter what your requirements are there is a solution for your needs.

With this digital signage solution, you get the ability to create and schedule playlists on a single interface. This allows you to put multiple pieces of content together and set the displays to cycle through a playlist, instead of having to schedule each piece of content.

Screenly also offers you the ability to display 1080p Full HD images, videos, and live web pages. Usefully, the software automatically detects your TV and monitor dimensions to render your signage in the highest resolution available.

You can use Screenly OSE for free, however, if you want key features such as the ability to manage multiple screens from a single account and cloud-based storage, you’ll need a subscription. A yearly subscription to the Business plan costs $17 a month per screen.

This digital signage software is ideal for a variety of purposes, from displaying business metrics on a dashboard to digital menu boards in a restaurant. For QSRs, an effective digital menu board is particularly important as 29.5% of customers find digital menus influential for the purchase of a product.

Marketing themselves as the first company to offer advanced digital signage to everyone for free, is a browser-based solution that allows you to easily create an amazing digital presentation on your PC. You can then share this to an unlimited number of remote screens. This is the major selling point of, as most options require you to pay for their subscription service to unlock additional screen support. For example, you could have a monitor close to your point of sale and an advertising kiosk, such as the LamasaTech Guida kiosk shown below, as another screen closer to the entrance. Both would be able to display your digital signage content.

To access all of the features offers you’ll need the Enterprise subscription. However, the free version offers you enough core features to be able to create and display your content.

Features such as content scheduling and multi-screen support are available with this software. You can set what your displays are showing, allowing you to more directly engage with your community via graphical, video and text-based messages.

Part of the reason for its popularity comes from the fact that this convenient tool is open-source, which means the service is free to use and deploy. To run your digital signage software with Concerto you just need to pay for the hardware, such as a freestanding advertising display.

PeakSignage gives you the ability to launch your messaging and monitor your screens from an online dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via any modern browser.

PeakSignage also allows you to group your screens, meaning you can easily align the messages on your devices. For example, if you have a window display, like the one shown below, and a few freestanding kiosks in your reception, you could group all of these and have them display your welcome messages. This saves you valuable time, as you only have to create your content once and then push it to the group rather than having to create duplicates for each screen.

A bonus here is that you can use these grouped screens to clearly communicate with your employees as well as customers. Using PeakSignage, you can display useful information such as a calendar of meetings or current targets on your screens. This will improve your internal communications, which can result in a 25% increase in productivity from your staff.

Another useful feature is the Emergency Override. This lets you create an alert, which could include fire exit locations and meeting points, that will be displayed on your screens in the event of an emergency. You can activate the emergency mode from the PeakSignage dashboard and your screens will immediately update to display your alert message. This lets you provide the safety information your customers and staff will need quickly and clearly, helping to improve your on-site safety.

In terms of the user interface, Yodeck has a straightforward dashboard making it easy to navigate quickly. Your media files can be pushed to a screen directly from the upload page, so your content can be displayed right away with no downtime. Free templates are also included to help you get started with creating your digital signage.

ScreenCloud markets itself as a “barrier-free” digital signage solution. This is definitely the case when it comes to connecting the app to your screens, as any media player or even “smart TV” can be used as your screen.

Once you have connected your screen and added it to your account, you can use the web portal to start assigning content. As with many of the other solutions in this article, you can manage your screens and assign content remotely.

Creating content is done by uploading your images or videos and placing them on the canvas, where they can be positioned and resized. To add more life to your digital signage, OptiSign offers a set of widgets such as date, time and weather, that will alter depending on the location of your screen. The stand-out widget though is the Apps widget. OptiSign has a range of apps that you can link to your content and display, these include:

OptiSigns subscriptions start at $10 per screen per month. This gives you the basic features you’ll need to create your digital signage. Custom fonts, a feature that helps give your digital signage a more unique look, are unlocked in the Pro plan for $12.50 per screen per month. While you’ll need the Pro Plus plan to access more security features, as well as alerts if your screens are down.

large display screens free sample

You can manage how adverts appear on your digital signage screens. Whether it"s on one screen or a whole network, you can schedule your content, and get reports on your ads that are being displayed.

Price always matters, that"s why for £2.99 per month we"re the most cost-effective digital signage platform! And if you thought that was a good deal... your first 10 screens are free!

We know how painful it can be to find the right solution, and sometimes it"s either too costly or the free trial doesn"t last long enough to make a decision. That"s why with PosterBooking your first 10 screens are completely free, we won’t even ask for any payment details!

PosterBooking turns any TV screen into a digital sign. Allowing you to display images and videos for a variety of uses including for advertising, restaurant menus, general messages and more.

We believe digital signage shouldn"t be expensive, that"s why we offer your first ten screens free of charge, you won"t even need to add your card details to get started either. If you need more than ten, we"ll only start billing you from your eleventh screen.

large display screens free sample

The slick, high-definition (and often touchscreen-enabled and sensor-laden) displays garner passersby"s attention and targeted audiences within the digital signage space. Still, it is the software quietly working behind the scenes that makes everything happen, as in what gets displayed and when.

For those operating devices with Google"s Chrome installed, the Chrome Sign Builder is a free and easy way to cast signs across connected displays. Chrome Sign Builder is simply an extension that gets downloaded and appended to the Chrome browser in a matter of minutes and is quick to learn.

Although Chrome Sign Builder is not a standalone digital signage software and lacks many of the developers" enhanced features, for those who specialize in this field, it is more than adequate for casual users. Those who simply want to display information that may not require frequent updating or need to convey fluid, real-time data will be satisfied with this software.

Developed by a student-run group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York, Concerto is an open-source, Linux-based digital signage software that, despite being free to use, offers a full suite of features.  These elements are designed to produce impactful presentations that can be streamed through a computer and displayed on any connected monitor or TV.

This is a web-based digital signage software developed by MediaSignage in Los Angeles. It is designed to be a user-friendly digital content management system for enterprises ranging in size from small, independent operators to large conglomerates with expansive digital media networks.

The design and layout of signage content are straightforward using built-in tools and templates and does not require any computer coding knowledge to produce professional-looking displays.

Developed by Fuel9 LLC based in Florida, Display Monkey is another browser-based digital signage software that is open-sourced for all enterprises, small and large, to use for digital content management. Powerful presentation enhancement tools are available to transform messages and ideas into impactful visual content that will engage and inform the target audience.

Embed Signage"s digital content software is currently configured to run on nine operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, etc. As a comprehensive digital signage solution, Embed Signage is a one-stop-shop for designing presentations, deploying them to designated displays in the network, and gathering detailed screen data to make crucial business decisions.

The creation of presentations using the Intuiface program requires a PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10. Still, digital content can then be displayed on devices operating on Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome platforms, as well as several others. Intuiface"s content management systems offer a full suite of interactive components regardless of pricing level (including the free version).

As an important caveat, the MangoSigns platform requires that each screen be connected to a compatible, third-party device onto which the MangoSigns player software has been installed (MangoSign also has its own proprietary device). These devices are relatively inexpensive and readily available but do represent hardware costs that correlate to the number of screens in the digital content network.

Over 20,000 businesses worldwide have entrusted their digital signage needs to Israeli software developer NoviSign"s content management platform. From digital menu boards to interactive wayfinding displays to smart infotainment screens, NoviSign is considered an industry leader in the digital content space. Its illustrious list of clients backs up this notion.

Opensignage"s Narrowcasting digital signage software is free to download for all users and offers an impressive suite of functions that make this a great option for independent operators and large enterprises alike (particularly those on a tight, digital content budget).

piSignage"s paid platform is offered through a license, which is a one-time purchase (one license per display) along with an annual subscription, but two free licenses are offered just for signing up through the company"s website.

With corporate offices in the U.S. and Canada, Rise Vision has over 9,000 clients worldwide for its digital signage software. Although it is perfectly suited for business enterprises, Rise Vision"s sled-described focus for deploying its content management platform is toward educational institutions with over 3,000 schools among its current clients. By 2027, Rise Vision aims to have over 1,000,000 displays in schools.

Developed by New Hampshire-based Cirrus Systems, ScreenHub is a cloud-based content management solution system designed for digital signage networks of all sizes, from a single screen to over a thousand displays. The free software version includes 5 GB of cloud storage for digital content as well as automatically pushed software updates.

Screenly OSE also limits users to a single screen, which is fine for an independent shop operator or a small office but not suitable for a larger client. However, Screenly OSE users can still expect premium features, including:

It should be noted that this service does require the one-time purchase of Screenly hardware in the form of a small player (roughly the size of a smartphone) that must be connected to each display in a client"s digital signage network.

TelemetryTV is a cloud-based digital signage software suite that offers full, remote access to digital content networks to its growing base of users. With a stated mission of increasing the accessibility of content management systems to the public at large, the developer behind this software has created a user-friendly platform that has comparable functionality to more costly options from the competition.

XhibitSignage is a cloud-based platform accessible through any web-enabled device and is regularly updated so that its features not only remain current but cutting-edge. This software emphasizes ease-of-use, enabling businesses and organizations to create professional-caliber presentations while streamlining the deployment of content and management of screens.

Xibo is an open-source, cloud-based digital signage platform from a developer based in the United Kingdom. With its user-friendly, highly intuitive interface, Xibo has developed a loyal following around the world with over 55,000 deployed displays and 3,000 monthly software downloads.

Yodeck touts its digital network"s security as worthy enough for even the largest enterprises to take comfort in, while its team of remote technicians stands ready to resolve technical issues that may arise. Other key benefits and features include:

The power of advertising is beyond dispute as it can make or break companies" fortunes while influencing consumer preferences and buying habits. It is how billboards came to be and why they have evolved into electronic displays with content refreshing every 30 seconds.

It is also why more and more restaurants display their everchanging menus on TV monitors above the cash registers and why walls of LED displays are replacing bulky, monochrome monitors in airports and other mass transportation hubs.

Whereas billboards and other printed OOH advertising are static, digital signage can display content that not only changes and updates as needed but can also be adaptable to evolving circumstances through conditional scheduling and programming

Retail operations with digital signage encourage shoppers to spend 30% more time browsing while providing digitally displayed infotainment near cash registers decreased perceived waiting time by 35%

For any enterprise, small or large, private or public, incorporating digital signage into daily operations is a potential game-changer. In today"s world, digital content is far more than simply displaying information electronically. It is a transformative way to inform in a targeted and persuasive manner and a highly adaptable channel through which to interact with a captive audience.

large display screens free sample

Planar® CarbonLight™ VX Series is comprised of carbon fiber-framed indoor LED video wall and floor displays with exceptional on-camera visual properties and deployment versatility, available in 1.9 and 2.6mm pixel pitch (wall) and 2.6mm (floor).

From cinema content to motion-based digital art, Planar® Luxe MicroLED Displays offer a way to enrich distinctive spaces. HDR support and superior dynamic range create vibrant, high-resolution canvases for creative expression and entertainment. Leading-edge MicroLED technology, design adaptability and the slimmest profiles ensure they seamlessly integrate with architectural elements and complement interior décor.

From cinema content to motion-based digital art, Planar® Luxe Displays offer a way to enrich distinctive spaces. These professional-grade displays provide vibrant, high-resolution canvases for creative expression and entertainment. Leading-edge technology, design adaptability and the slimmest profiles ensure they seamlessly integrate with architectural elements and complement interior decor.

From cinema content to motion-based digital art, Planar® Luxe MicroLED Displays offer a way to enrich distinctive spaces. HDR support and superior dynamic range create vibrant, high-resolution canvases for creative expression and entertainment. Leading-edge MicroLED technology, design adaptability and the slimmest profiles ensure they seamlessly integrate with architectural elements and complement interior décor.

Planar® CarbonLight™ VX Series is comprised of carbon fiber-framed indoor LED video wall and floor displays with exceptional on-camera visual properties and deployment versatility, available in 1.9 and 2.6mm pixel pitch (wall) and 2.6mm (floor).

Carbon fiber-framed indoor LED video wall and floor displays with exceptional on-camera visual properties and deployment versatility for various installations including virtual production and extended reality.

a line of extreme and ultra-narrow bezel LCD displays that provides a video wall solution for demanding requirements of 24x7 mission-critical applications and high ambient light environments

Since 1983, Planar display solutions have benefitted countless organizations in every application. Planar displays are usually front and center, dutifully delivering the visual experiences and critical information customers need, with proven technology that is built to withstand the rigors of constant use.

large display screens free sample

Be it reducing the anxiety of patients in your clinic"s waiting room or informing customers about offers at your retail store, digital signage solutions help engage your audiences using eye-catching visuals. They let you broadcast business ads and informational content (news, discounts, product demos, etc.) on digital displays or screens. These tools are more effective than traditional print ads in attracting customers’ attention and increasing engagement.

Intuiface is a digital signage solution that lets you design and display dynamic content, including videos, 3D files, and documents, on multiple screens and supported devices. You can schedule when the content is to be displayed as well as remotely configure the display settings of devices.

You can display the content by installing and running NoviSign’s digital signage player on Chrome OS, Windows, and Android devices. You can also schedule the date and time you want to run the content on display devices.

Play Digital Signage is a digital signage system that comes with features such as content scheduling, remote display management, customizable templates, multiscreen playing, a media library, and a built-in file converter.

You can use the software collaboratively with your team members to remotely control the content being displayed on different devices or screens. You can schedule the content display according to different time zones. The tool also works offline, which means you can play your content even without an internet connection.

Free plan: Supports one screen and the scheduling of one presentation per playlist, offers access to basic Raydiant signage apps, and displays a 15-second ad every 10 minutes of content display.

Paid plans: The first tier costs $59 per month for unlimited screens. It includes unlimited presentations per playlist, unlimited storage, full access to Raydiant’s app marketplace, and over 225,000 pre-made design templates.

Raydiant is a digital signage platform that offers a visual editor and a content library for designing and managing content. It lets you schedule and play content on multiple screens. Its plug-and-play hardware, known as ScreenRay, can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV to display content.

The software allows you to publish content on apps such as YouTube and Instagram. You can manage the display remotely and create playlists for multiple screens. You can also display content on kiosks and set up a virtual agent on the screen to interact remotely with customers.

Paid plans: The tool costs $10.08 per display license per month (billed annually). It includes unlimited access to templates and integrations, unlimited media storage for videos and images, offline play, and user controls.

Rise Vision is a digital signage solution that offers a visual editor, user management, content scheduling, and integration with social media platforms, among other features. To create displays, you can either use the built-in templates or upload your own content, such as videos, presentations, and animated files. You can then play the created content on multiple devices.

The software offers a media library to store all your created designs. It allows you to set up access permissions for team members and other stakeholders. You can also use data integrations with apps such as Twitter and Google Slides to seamlessly display your content.

Paid plans: Two paid plans are available. The first costs $40 per screen per month on a 36-month contract. You get free hardware, and subscription is needed for at least two screens. The other plan costs $40 per screen per month (pay as you go) and includes a one-time hardware fee of $200 per screen.

ScreenScape is a digital signage solution that comes with features such as content scheduling, multiscreen management, remote monitoring, and a media asset library.

The tool allows you to import files from apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive to create content. You can edit and organize your content into playlists and publish it on multiple devices via the ScreenScape Connect Pro hardware device. You can also collaborate with team members to schedule and manage the display media.

The tool allows you to import content from apps such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. You can edit the imported content via integration with Canva, an image editing tool. You can also save the content in the media library, publish it on multiple screens, and create a video wall with custom configurations for each display screen.

XOGO is a digital signage application that offers features such as content scheduling, multiscreen management, a visual editor, and a media library. It allows you to schedule and publish media content (e.g., graphics, videos) on multiple devices. You can also display media such as news, weather, and sports.

You can either import pre-designed content or create media from scratch using XOGO’s built-in visual editor. To publish the content, you can use XOGO Player that supports Fire TV, Android, and Windows 10 devices, among others. You can also remotely control the display on these devices.

Look for integration options: App integrations will help you export and import display content easily. Some common integrations for digital signage software are with social networking and document management solutions. Also, check if the vendor offers APIs to build custom integrations with your existing systems.

large display screens free sample

ViewSonic’s exclusive ViewSplit software allows you to create an ideal and customized working environment on any ViewSonic screen – from desktop monitors to large format commercial displays. Just choose from a selection of pre-defined templates, or create your own customized layout, and ViewSplit will divide your screen into multiple viewing windows. By allowing you to simultaneously view and work on multiple applications, ViewSplit boosts productivity and multitasking.Download Software for Windows

large display screens free sample

Large Format Displays are an indispensable part of Digital Signage, as well as for presentations and interactive meeting room applications. Sharp/NEC stands for a safe investment secured by high quality components and design, plus high operational safety. With a broad choice of LFD ranges and numerous customisation options, Sharp/NEC delivers tailor-made display solutions.

Enter the world of Digital Signage with Sharp/NEC’s entry-level displays. Designed to bring Sharp/NEC’s heritage of performance and quality to cost-conscious yet demanding customers, the E Series perfectly suits basic signage applications. Operating standalone via an integrated media player, signage starts automatically with the embedded auto-start function.

Present impactful advertising, entertainment and information with Sharp/NEC’s reliable display solutions, achieving the lowest operational investment. The slim design with small bezel styling perfectly complements modern surroundings whilst multiple display inputs and the smart connection of computing sources, power impressive signage applications.

Showcase products and highlight every little detail like never before with the Sharp/NEC 8K displays for professional use. Beautiful images with a stunning 8K resolution set a new benchmark for image quality, while also ensuring that fine text is precise and legible.

Ensuring operational safety even under the toughest conditions, Sharp/NEC Protective Glass screens deliver superb readability and image clarity whilst protecting your investment. An upgrade path available on many Sharp/NEC display series, Protective Glass is advisable for signage applications in public spaces protecting against vandalism and accidental damage.

large display screens free sample

Choosing the perfect size for your display is an important consideration and something that needs special attention. Where you plan on putting your display (or displays) will determine what size you can buy.

For instance, if you plan on placing your digital signage display in a cabinet or recessed wall, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of that space to make sure there’s enough room to service the display in the future.

There are also cases where an entire wall may be dedicated to digital signage and purchasing a display that’s too small may affect the aesthetics of the overall presentation. We recommend creating a schematic that details the dimensions of the wall or space you plan on placing your display in. Identify the distances from the display to the floor, ceiling, and other edges on your schematic.

large display screens free sample

Get rid of that old wall-mounted, outdated magnetic whiteboard, which is only viewable in one physical location, and upgrade to a universal, real-time electronic status display for your entire office or building. EIOBoard Large Screen Display is a fully customizable digital signage solution designed to display critical information viewable at a glance. Use it for employee status updates, company announcements, resource tracking, and much more.

Savance’s Large Screen Display gives employees lots of options and flexibility for updating their status, and allows them to view cell phone numbers, returning date and times, email addresses, extensions, or any other type of information you want to display. You can also leave full-text comments, send and receive notes, and much more.

EIOBoard Large Screen Display is customizable and scalable to any size business. Post updates via a computer, a touch screen kiosk, an Internet browser, Microsoft Outlook, or a mobile device, and your status will display on one or several wall-mountable electronic display boards. Also, because the solution is electronic, it will work not only for in-office personnel, but for people working remotely, from home, or in the field.

Instead of using an old-style magnetic status board, viewable and editable from a single location only, employees can quickly update or change their status using a computer, a touch screen kiosk, Microsoft Outlook, or a mobile device, and the information will immediately show on large, wall-mounted display screens.

Savance EIOBoard Large Screen Display is fully customizable as far as colors and branding goes, and supports mixed content. The demo screen shown above is using a grid-style employee status display with color-coded status field, along with current weather information, and company announcements; however, we have created custom large screen display boards to show everything from business open/close statuses to fire station resource tracking to tracking of prison inmates, all using different layouts, designs, and configurations. Contact us to find out more, or begin by learning more about Savance"s custom design process.

All Savance EIOBoard solutions integrate fully with one another, and are meant to help your business automate and simplify work processes. With our large screen digital display solution, Electronic In/Out Whiteboard, we recommend Staff Tracking, Time & Attendance and Emergency Mustering. Whether you are interested in several solutions or just one, Savance will put together a software/hardware package customized to your exact needs. Contact us today to find out more about Savance EIOBoard Large Screen Display, or to sign up for a free web demo!

large display screens free sample

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