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We offer the largest selection of LCD industrial monitors and touch screens in the world.  We have an impressive line of over 75 off-the-shelf large industrial displays screen sizes up to 75″.   In Addition, we can include even more custom and OEM designs. View our Sunlight Readable, waterproof, panel mount displays, or  16:9 aspect ratio, open frame, 1920 x 1080 full HD, outdoor, and optically bonded monitors. We have a huge variety of the same types in touch screens video displays.

Industrial LCD monitors offer many advantages over commercial-grade displays. Most importantly, they are more rugged than consumer grade monitors!  Our industrial displays feature higher shock and vibration resistance.  Furthermore, use our wide operating temperature options in challenging climate conditions. Robust enclosures are a must in most industrial settings. Additionally, we back them with a full 3-year warranty. Likewise, industrial monitors are available longer than consumer and commercial-grade models. But, Retail models often discontinue within 6 to 18 months.

We can modify TRU-Vu industrial-grade large industrial LCD monitors with a long list of available options to best meet your needs. Moreover,  we provide custom monitor purpose-built solutions.  We will design them and build to your specifications. Most importantly, these are often for the same cost as off-the-shelf solutions.

We understand the importance of your Company Brand. OEM’s and systems integrators love our ability toprivate-label monitors and touch screens. Additionally, custom rear labels ensure that the model is exclusively yours. Likewise, we will silk-screen your company name or logo onto the front bezel to maximize your brand. 13.3 to  19″ touch screen monitors are a popular size for customization.

large display screens quotation

If your business employs digital signage, you will find it a bit challenging to keep updating the screens with fresh content. Digital displays are commonly used for advertising, but you can use them to inform, entertain, and update employees and customers. If you are in the market for more content ideas, you can start sharing quotes on your digital signage.

While you can look for inspiration from the digital displays of businesses around you, keep in mind that you will need unique content to attract customers. For example, retailers can display product details, upcoming trends, and sales, while restaurants will find more success by showcasing menus, cooking videos for good food, and chef spotlights.Quotes will work for most industries, and they will keep your staff motivated throughout the day.

When choosing quotes, consider the things that make your staff excited to work at your firm. Who are their idols? What words inspire them? You can ask them to share their favorite content for display around your business premises. By showing your team that their opinions are valued, you will boost engagement levels and productivity. Some quotes you can use include:

You use digital signage displays to support your company goals, share information, and motivate customers to buy your products. Digital displays are a creative medium of advertising your brand without doing any actual ‘advertising.’ For example, you can display a quote of the day to foster more appreciation for your brand and inspire consumers to do more shopping. Motivation quotes can also provide the encouragement needed by your sales team to reach their targets.

While the use of quotes on digital displays needs minimal effort, you will need some creativity to ensure they are effective. To start, find famous quotes that are relevant to your industry. The usefulness of quotes also fades fast, and you want to update them as often as you can.

Ensure that the display quotes are large enough to be seen from several feet away. You can add eye-catching background images to make the quotes stand out even more. You should also display individual quotes for a few seconds to keep your audience entertained.

The challenging part of using digital signage is curating fresh content regularly to engage audiences. Sharing inspiring quotes in digital displays is one way to entertain customers and motivate employees to achieve business goals. The internet is littered with the best quotes for every industry, and you only have to select the ones that will celebrate your brand.

large display screens quotation features an exciting range of large format led screen that are suitable for all types of residential and commercial requirements. These fascinating large format led screen are of superior quality delivering unmatched viewing experience and are vibrant when it comes to both, picture quality and aesthetic appearances. These products are made with advanced technologies offering clear patterns with long serviceable lives. Buy these incredible large format led screen from leading suppliers and wholesalers on the site for unbelievable prices and massive discounts.

The optimal quality large format led screen on the site are made of sturdy materials that offer higher durability and consistent performance over the years. These top-quality displays are not only durable but are sustainable against all kinds of usages and are eco-friendly products. The large format led screen accessible here are made with customized LED modules for distinct home appliances and commercial appliances, instruments, and have elegant appearances. These wonderful large format led screen are offered in distinct variations and screen-ratio for optimum picture quality. has a massive stock of durable and proficient large format led screen at your disposal that are worth every penny. These spectacular large format led screen are available in varied sizes, colors, shapes, screen patterns and models equipped with extraordinary features such as being waterproof, heatproof and much more. These are energy-efficient devices and do not consume loads of electricity. The large format led screen you can procure here are equipped with advanced LED chips, dazzling HD quality, and are fully customizable.

Save money by browsing through the distinct large format led screen ranges at and get the best quality products delivered. These products are available with after-sales maintenance and are also available as OEM orders. The products are ISO, CE, ROHS, REACH certified.

large display screens quotation

Video wall displays are giant screens typically used outdoors, made by ensambling LED screen modules, located on high-traffic areas. Advertising through these a large LED display is one of the most striking and up-to-date currently existing advertisings methods. The large advertising surface offered by these screens and its location makes them very visible to a massive group of people through the day.

large display screens quotation

Planar® CarbonLight™ VX Series is comprised of carbon fiber-framed indoor LED video wall and floor displays with exceptional on-camera visual properties and deployment versatility, available in 1.9 and 2.6mm pixel pitch (wall) and 2.6mm (floor).

From cinema content to motion-based digital art, Planar® Luxe MicroLED Displays offer a way to enrich distinctive spaces. HDR support and superior dynamic range create vibrant, high-resolution canvases for creative expression and entertainment. Leading-edge MicroLED technology, design adaptability and the slimmest profiles ensure they seamlessly integrate with architectural elements and complement interior décor.

From cinema content to motion-based digital art, Planar® Luxe Displays offer a way to enrich distinctive spaces. These professional-grade displays provide vibrant, high-resolution canvases for creative expression and entertainment. Leading-edge technology, design adaptability and the slimmest profiles ensure they seamlessly integrate with architectural elements and complement interior decor.

From cinema content to motion-based digital art, Planar® Luxe MicroLED Displays offer a way to enrich distinctive spaces. HDR support and superior dynamic range create vibrant, high-resolution canvases for creative expression and entertainment. Leading-edge MicroLED technology, design adaptability and the slimmest profiles ensure they seamlessly integrate with architectural elements and complement interior décor.

Planar® CarbonLight™ VX Series is comprised of carbon fiber-framed indoor LED video wall and floor displays with exceptional on-camera visual properties and deployment versatility, available in 1.9 and 2.6mm pixel pitch (wall) and 2.6mm (floor).

Carbon fiber-framed indoor LED video wall and floor displays with exceptional on-camera visual properties and deployment versatility for various installations including virtual production and extended reality.

a line of extreme and ultra-narrow bezel LCD displays that provides a video wall solution for demanding requirements of 24x7 mission-critical applications and high ambient light environments

Since 1983, Planar display solutions have benefitted countless organizations in every application. Planar displays are usually front and center, dutifully delivering the visual experiences and critical information customers need, with proven technology that is built to withstand the rigors of constant use.

large display screens quotation

If you like collecting quotations like I do, then this instructable is for you. This instructable will show you how to put together a way to display your quotes for all to see, using things you probably already have around the house.

Any kind of quote will do, but because the picture frame scrolls through the images that will contain the quotes it works best if you keep the quotes short. Longer quotes, although interesting, may not remain on screen long enough to be read. If you have a number of longer quotations, see "Some Final Notes" at the end of this instructable for tips that you can consider for longer display times.

Take the smaller of the two numbers (usually the height), and divide that by the larger number. In my case, 480/856=0.5607. Checking the table below (which shows common screen image ratios), I can see that the native images on my LCD picture frame are just about in 16:9 format.

4. My LCD picture frame doesn’t let you change the display time for pictures, and some of the transitions happen too quickly to allow you to read the entire quote. You can do what I did, which was to make two copies of every slide. PowerPoint is creative in its naming; the slides are called Slide1.jpg, Slide2.jpg, et cetera. I named my copies Slide1a.jpg, Slide2a.jpg. The file system sorts the original and the copy together when the files are named this way, so every quote is displayed twice with an intervening transition.

large display screens quotation

Whether you need one massive 4K TV for a sporting or entertainment event, or ten 4K TV displays for digital signage at a tradeshow or conference, we have a large in-stock inventory to fit your space and your event needs, including LED and QLED high definition screens. eTech Rentals is the local go-to resource for event managers and venues in Los Angeles and Southern California, known for our outstanding service and same day rental delivery in our area.

eTech Rentals offers white glove delivery, setup, and pickup of all our 22″ – 86″ TV screens and monitors in Southern California, and we can help you determine the placement and display adjustments of your screen to match your space.

There are a lot of factors that can determine which type of display you need and how large, including: the ambient light of the venue, how many people will be watching or viewing the screen at the same time, and whether you need high performance video and streaming or eye-catching digital signage.

The bigger your display, the more important this detail becomes because the picture will be a lot clearer and sharper. This ultra-high definition means that it’s more interesting to look at which means it captivates the viewers more which means, yes, greater impact.

In terms of which display is right for your needs, that can be answered by the content you plan to show on the display. If your content is produced at television quality there is no better way of displaying it than on a 4K QLED TV. Speak with your eTechnician and they will help you decide what will be the best way to display your content (or even help make your content show better on whichever monitor you choose to rent).

We offer many sizes of 4K displays including 42” – 86″. You can choose from a range of professional stands and supporting equipment and you can be confident that we only rent displays from the highest-quality leading manufacturers.

Contact eTech today to connect with one of our tech-savvy go-to people to discuss your next project and which size 4K Display Rentals best suits your rentals needs.

YES!  Video Conferencing on eTech Rental 4K displays can show numerous locations set up with professional Video Conferencing equipment all on a single 4K monitor with clear displays.

If you don’t grab the attention of your attendees, whether it’s a small conference or a large scale outdoor experiential marketing event, then what’s the point? That’s why 4K Displays guarantee to turn some heads, promoting engagement and excitement.

– 4K Displays can be used as a single monitor Video Wall that eTech Rental can help you program for different feeds into a side by side single monitor experience making set-up and upkeep much easier.

large display screens quotation

At the heart of every great digital signage display is this: content. Make it look good and people will stop to look at it. Make it look bad or outdated, and chances are they won’t be looking at your screen again.

The most obvious is social media. If you invest your efforts in social media, why not use this to bring your digital screens to life too? You can also utilize user-generated content. offers a unique feature to showcase sponsored ads from brands you partner with. This feature is called Sponsored Posts, and they are special posts on your social wall that aren’t filled with regular social content from your sources. Instead, you can upload specific images (or videos or just text) that you want to display there and have it show up on your wall in regular intervals.

If you need to create a quick notice, perhaps detailing a room change or a meeting time, there are a wealth of apps to make that happen. Like Noticeboard - an app that can be found in the ScreenCloud App Store. It allows you to create a quick and easy display in seconds, and also allows for real-time edits.

This type of content works well as ‘filler’ content in between video, ads and social media displays to stop your viewers from getting digital-overload.

Food is such a big part of our lives, it’s natural that we’re drawn to images, descriptions and menu boards showing it. Enter the digital menu board digital signage display.

This is one of the most important content displays you’ll create if you work in a restaurant, fast food chain or bar. It also works in an office cafeteria, an event setup or even as a fun noticeboard where you can swap menu items out for things you’re working on or fun descriptions of your team members. If you’re a franchise, this works especially well as you can change the price of an item across all screens and locations from one ScreenCloud login.

Data-driven companies are more likely to succeed – because they can easily see the areas that need attention. But most of the time this business-critical data is siloed and not seen by the teams that can make an immediate impact. Historically this data hasn’t been shown on screens due to security fears, which is why ScreenCloud developed Dashboards.

We love Slack at ScreenCloud. Like many startups, it’s how we do about 90% of our communication. So when a room’s really crucial to what we do, like our #praise room, we share it on our digital signage screens. This is made really easy with the Slack app.

Digital signage is a great canvas for all of your sales, small or large. Share real-time sales messages, promote offers and encourage customers to buy when the price is right. These can be easily created in Canvas.

How much time do you think your reception staff spend directing people to the right floor or meeting room? We love using the building directory app to share details of where everything is through our digital signage screens. The best part? If a room changes, you can update the screen easily unlike your static signs. Here are some non-obvious benefits of wayfinding in retail.

Imagine having a method of internal communication that allowed you to broadcast to your entire company, at the click of a button… That’s exactly what ScreenCloud Broadcast can do for you. This makes it easy to share company broadcasts that go out to all screens simultaneously with news, praise or health and safety announcements. Broadcast can securely live-stream meetings or announcements to screens in your office, and also onto the mobiles or desktop screens of remote or deskless workers, making sure everyone gets the news.

Everyone likes to see where they are in a leaderboard, whether that’s in sales or counting reps in the gym. Use your digital screens to show off this leaderboard and add an additional layer to your customer/employee experience. You can create it easily using Google Slides, or for something more automated, check out a tool like Bonusly, as shown below.

In the same way you might use your digital signage to share leaderboards, you could also entice employees or customers in with competitions. Promoting giveaways or asking them to submit something (like an Instagram image) for the chance to win, is a great use of your digital screens. Create a poster using Canvas and add a QR code to link through to a competition landing page.

Screens are great for all of the good stuff we like to put out into the world, but they’re also a good vehicle when you need to make an emergency notice that needs to reach a lot of people. For (planned) fire drills, you can schedule the alert to pop up on your screens, otherwise, have a template at the ready to push live should you need to display it in the moment.

Ever had a bad meeting room experience? Someone waiting awkwardly outside? Knocking before you’re finished to ask ‘how long’? Same. It’s why using small screens, iPads or tablets you have laying around is an awesome use of digital signage. We wrote more about how to set this up here.

large display screens quotation

Thoughtful, engaging content in a storefront window has the power to engage customers and ultimately lead them into the store. Samsung’s OMN Series displays not only deliver an image with flawless clarity, but also are designed to maintain its superior picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight – a common challenge for conventional in-window displays. In addition, with a slim and sleek design, the OMN series is compatible with any window layout and highlights the sophisticated and modern style of the brand. The OMN series also delivers bright and clear images while consuming a low amount of power, which positions businesses to reduce overall costs and optimize efficiency considerably.

large display screens quotation

"The final result is incredible... the screens are performing without fail, look amazing in person and on camera, and provide so much more creative flexibility for visuals, than we could ever have imagined. The low latency provides a flawless IMAG experience. Vanguard LED Displays has provided incredible support. I have no doubt that our next LED project will be with Vanguard..."

large display screens quotation

Powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor and equipped with both Windows 10 and Android operating systems, SKYSITE SmartScreens offer fast, easy access to presentations, videos, BIM models, hyperlinked drawing sets, spreadsheets, estimating software, and more. Content that was previously stored in your apps or computer becomes truly collaborative when you use a SmartScreen to facilitate meetings and presentations.

large display screens quotation

65″ 4K UHD(3840 X 2160) resolution Android LED display with built in 2.4 Ghz Wifi, 1.1 Ghz Built in Quad core processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 16 GB Memory, ... Brochure

large display screens quotation

We specialise in all aspects of Digital Signage. From supply, installation, management, to dynamic content creation, we can help you with all your Digital Signage requirements. We have supplied and installed screens across a broad spectrum of businesses including shopping centres, retailers, theatres, hotels, restaurants and product showrooms.

Digital Signage enables you to reach your chosen audiences in real time, you can update content via USB or instantly on the fly from any remote location. With vibrant dynamic eye grabbing messages digital screens command attention and are proven to improve communications with your customers, enhance the viewers experience and increase sales.