tft lcd panel interface for sale

TFT displays are full color LCDs providing bright, vivid colors with the ability to show quick animations, complex graphics, and custom fonts with different touchscreen options. Available in industry standard sizes and resolutions. These displays come as standard, premium MVA, sunlight readable, or IPS display types with a variety of interface options including HDMI, SPI and LVDS. Our line of TFT modules include a custom PCB that support HDMI interface, audio support or HMI solutions with on-board FTDI Embedded Video Engine (EVE2).

tft lcd panel interface for sale

4.3" TFT Monitor Display LCD Touch Screen Panel Module for Sale This 4.3 inch module is a landscape mode TFT-LCD, it supports LVDS interface, having Anti-Glare surface panel and its aspect ratio is 16:9. This TFT-LCD featured with great brightness of 550cd/m2 and wide temperature, it is very suitable for industrial equipment & outdoor application, and etc.

tft lcd panel interface for sale

We are going to introduce category of Raystar’s 7-inch TFT LCD modules, which includes resolutions of 800x480~1024x800, and has a variety of TFT module sizes/VA sizes/AA sizes. 7-inch displays have plenty of IC and interface combinations. You can also choose either module with capacitive touch (supports 1-10 point touch) or resistive touch. The brightness ranges from 250 cd/㎡ to high brightness 1100 cd/㎡. There are also options of 7-inch TFT LCD display with control panel. If you couldn’t find a suitable module on our page, we have more models that are not published on the website. You are welcome to click “contact us” button on the top of this page. We’re more than happy to serve you.

tft lcd panel interface for sale

A TFT LCD display module consists of a TFT LCD panel, one or more COG (chip-on-glass) or COB (chip-on-board) driver ICs, a backlight, and an interface. Several TFT display interface technologies exist today. Picking the right interface depends on specific end-product concerns. There are several types of TFT display interfaces which have been designed in the last number of years for various screen sizes, including LVDS, (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) parallel, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) RGB and so on. Here is an overview of these display interfaces to give you a better idea of the variety of TFT LCD displays that are taking center stage.

SPI LCD Interface: Serial Peripheral Interface allows serial (one bit at a time) exchange of data between two devices. It has an advantage over parallel ones, that of simpler wiring. SPI also can have longer cables, since there is much less interaction or crosstalk in the cable. The downside of SPI is that you can"t read from the TFT LCD display, you can only write on it and it is slow. That"s why you normally see smaller TFT LCD screens use SPI.

MCU Parallel Interface: Many modern MCUs have built-in LCD controller function. There are two types that are commonly used, 6800 and 8080. Generally, MCU/Parallel interface consist of data signal(4/8/9/16 bits) and control signal. MCU interface is simple, but requires display RAM.

RGB Interface: RGB interface is a special kind of parallel interface. It requires no display RAM. MCU directly updates the TFT screen, sending Red Green & Blue sub-pixel data (16/18/24 bits) and timing signals. RGB interface provides high speed communication to TFT LCD, but it needs more data wires and controlling is more complex.

LVDS Interface: Low-voltage differential signaling is an electrical digital signaling standard. Devices with LVDS interface can communicate at very high speeds over inexpensive twisted-pair copper cables. It is much less susceptible to EMI and crosstalk issues, allowing the transmitting device to be located farther from TFT LCD display.

UART/RS232/RS485: These serial interfaces are used in Topway"s Smart TFT LCD display module. Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) is a block of circuitry responsible for implementing serial communication. Essentially, the UART acts as an intermediary between parallel and serial interfaces. On one end of UART is a bus of eight-or-so data lines (plus some control pins), on the other is the two serial wires – RX and TX.

HDMI Interface: High Definition Multimedia Interface is a connector and cable definition that supports high-quality and high-bandwidth streams of video and audio between devices.

MIPI DSI: MIPI Display Serial Interface defines a high-speed serial interface bewteen host processor and display module. The interface facilitates a high performance, low power and low EMI way to render brilliant color for the most dempanding image and video scenes.

To choose your product"s TFT LCD interface, besides above technical considerations, target use environment and bandwidth are two main factors as well. You can read more about how to choose LCD interfaces here, or consult with us. Topway has been manufacturing TFT LCD in the past 20s years. Our TFT LCD modules cover full spectrum of interfaces. And we surely can suggest a TFT LCD display that suits your use case.

tft lcd panel interface for sale

TFT LCD display is the general category that includes TFT display panels, MCU TFT displays, Arduino TFT displays, Raspberry Pi TFT displays, HDMI TFT displays, IPS TFT displays, VGA TFT displays, and embedded TFT displays.

TFT LCD panel means TFT LCD glass with LCD controller or LCD driver and backlight, with or without touch panel. Orient Display provides broad range products with the most competitive TFT LCD Panel Price by working with the most renowned TFT panel glass manufacturers, like AUO, Innolux, BOE, LG, Sharp etc.

Orient Display offers a range of small to mid to large size TFT LCDs. Our standard products for TFT screens start at 1” in diagonal size and up to 7 inches and to 32 inches. Orient Display TFT displays meet the needs for applications such as automotive, white goods, smart homes, telecommunications industrial, medical, and consumer devices.

Orient Display not only provides many standard small size OLEDs, TN or IPS Arduino TFT displays, but also custom made solutions with larger size displays or even with capacitive touch panels.

If you have any questions about Orient Display TFT LCD displays or if you can’t find a suitable product on our website. Please feel free to contact our engineers for details.