transparent lcd screen buy factory

Transparent lcd displays are available in a variety of colors. On, you can find the type of transparent lcd displays made in a variety of materials. such as polystyrene, inexpensive, and easy to maintain and use. Clear lcd displays in bulk are available at wholesale prices.

Transparent lcdds are flexible because they include more things than a single-, rystal-displays, and membrane-displaysers. Clear lcdds are flexible, which include them that require more maintenance and more than the latter type of display. Find lcdds in bulk available on

Transparent LCD displays have a variety of functions and interfaces for different products. On the other hand, LCD displays create a variety of events that will be relevant to the user and interfere with the content.

Find the ideal type of lcd display in bulk, suppliers on offer a wide variety of lcd displays in bulk. For lcd displays in bulk, it"s free to explore the wide variety of lcd displays in bulk and at wholesale prices.

transparent lcd screen buy factory

There are many transparent lcd, including stretched displays, media players, touch displays, LED-backlit display that support different audio and video formats. These transparent lcd slickly display content in ultra-high and HD definitions and stand out as the most cost-effective and reliable digital signage players. Added with unique ultramodern features to deliver vibrant displays, these transparent lcd are ideal for restaurants, offices, supermarkets, retail shops, and more.

Transparent lcd enable metal and position detection without having to physically contact the metal object. They offer a wide range of applications in robotics, rail, material handling, aerospace, military, as well as heavy machinery. Choose from different transparent lcd types, from the shielded versions that have electromagnetic fields concatenated in the front and unshielded applications that allow wider sensing distances. Whether you want to use your sensors for industrial purposes or source for your brand, there is a wide selection of wholesale transparent l display to choose from that will suit different applications. features the most reliable, sturdy, and proficient transparent lcd for displaying your ads more precisely and beautifully. These wonderful transparent lcd are equipped with smart display features and higher resolutions to show your ads in a more creative way at stores or any other outdoor places. These wonderful transparent lcd are automated and come with stands to be placed at any part of the store.The transparent lcd are equipped with all the latest and smart technologies that can play your ads more vivaciously on screens with full HD resolutions. These wonderful pieces of transparent lcd are equipped with a higher contrast ratio, enhanced brightness, and come in various sizes and pixel capacities to fit your requirements of advertising. The transparent lcd are also equipped with enhanced memories and louder sounds to make the entire ad viewing experience unparalleled.

transparent lcd screen buy factory

LCD Transparent Displays, transparent screens, transparent monitors, see through screens, transparent touch screen technology, and kits from CDS as we have our own range of transparent screens / displays and transparent video screens manufactured for us, and as we control the manufacturing, we can not only offer more sizes than anyone else in the world, but also guarantee stable supply, long term availability LCDs with amazing quality.  We have replaced the Samsung Transparent Displays / see through Displays and LG Transparent OLEDs that are no longer available!

CDS has increased the use of these see through screens / see through displays / see through computer screens / clear monitors across the world including touchscreen computer screens combined with the transparent LCD touch screens and Transparent OLED displays.

transparent lcd screen buy factory

Transparent OLED Displays are a stunning new development in digital signage and display technology. These transparent display screens are used to communicate dynamic or interactive content via a transparent surface allowing viewers to see what is shown on the screen whilst still being able to see through the display. This solution allows designers creative ways to display content whilst curating a futuristic ‘Minority Report’ type effect.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, a technology that eliminates the need for a backlight or enclosure. Standard Transparent LCD screens require backlighting to create a visible image, whereas Transparent OLED screens are made up of millions of pixels that each emit their own individual light. This opens up a whole new field of creativity in digital signage that even transparent LCD screens cannot offer. Unlike Transparent LCD screens, Transparent OLED screens display black content as transparent instead of white content. This puts a different spin on the merchandising process, offering new ways to communicate in an imaginative way with your audience.

Transparent OLED Screens are also available with Infrared or PCAP interactive touch overlays to create immersive touch screen displays. The benefits oftouch screen technologyare well documented, and when combined with Transparent OLED displays, you are sure to see customers interacting with content in ways you have not seen before.

Transparent OLED Displays are available in 55” screen sizes with Video Wall options available to create large format displays. Both options are also available as a Transparent Touch Screen providing multi-touch functionality.

Our Transparent OLED Displays can be combined with a Digital TV Box to create a full Transparent TV solution providing the latest technology in the home!

Transparent OLED Displays are available in several options with or without touch or alternatively, as a Transparent OLEDVideo Wallwhere the displays can be joined to create a large-format screen, providing a stunning visual display with an impact! Get in touch with our sales team today for a quote.

No, Transparent OLEDs do not require a backlight, these screens are made up of millions of self-lit pixels that come together to create an image. This gives you greater control over the brightness and lighting of the screen depending on your environment.

Transparent OLED Screens are HD displays that despite being see-through in appearance when turned off and on, can produce an image that covers the whole screen offering a crisp resolution perfect for up-close viewing applications. These are commonly used for POS displays, demonstrations & exhibitions and in other hands-on environments.

Transparent LED Displays on the other hand are designed for large format displays, offering high brightness that is unphased by broad daylight, with the gaps between the LEDs providing transparency. These are usually used in larger window displays that are restricted for space or across large areas of glass facades in corporate buildings or offices, as they offer the power of a standard LED screen with the benefit of still being able to see through them.

Transparent OLED Displays are truly stunning in any environment, with many different industries opting to use them in different ways. One of the most popular uses is in retail, using the Transparent OLED as part of a POS or window display to create the effect that images are floating around the product on show.

They are also a great tool for use in museums, theme parks and visitor attractions, whether it’s to create a more layered, in-depth exhibitor to create a memorable sci-fi effect. Transparent OLEDs can also be used in nightclubs, salons, factories, health clubs, etc. as their versatility sees them useful for business ventures.

As standard Transparent OLED Screens are currently only available in a 55” screen size, however, they can be joined together to create Transparent OLED Video Walls. Whilst these can be joined in any 2 x N format, the most popular solution is using 4 OLED screens together to create an almost two and a half meter tall transparent video wall.

We can also grant our Transparent OLED Displays interactivity by combining them with a touch frame, creating a holographic touch screen that can be used by multiple users at any one time. We also manufacture custom housings for our Transparent OLEDs which can be custom designed to suit your requirements, with options for custom branding and logos.

Transparent OLEDs are made up of pixels that emit their own light whereas Transparent LCD’s need a backlight to produce an image, this is why Transparent LCD’s require full housing solutions to create the best possible image. Another key difference is that when turned off, Transparent OLED screens remain transparent, unlike Transparent LCD’s which are not see-through when switched off, simply displaying a black screen.

We manufacture in Britain and ship worldwide – if you need further information, a pricing quote, or want to discuss ideas for using our Transparent OLED Displays click the link below to contact us, email us via or call us on +44 (0)1226 361 306.

transparent lcd screen buy factory

The transparent LCD is a kind of LCD screen that you can see through it when it’s working. You can read the information on the screen and see what’s behind it at the same time. Such a screen is not a new technology. It’s a branch of the traditional screen which has been more than 20 years.

The biggest difference between a transparent LCD and with traditional LCD screen is its light transmittance is higher. In theory, the higher the light transmittance, the better the effect that you can see through the screen.

The transparent LCD is the core part of the transparent monitor. It can not emit light by itself, so the backlight is essential when it’s working. If you don’t like the backlight, then what we recommend is the transparent OLED.

The transparent LCD is widely used in lots of applications, for example, video walls, vending machines, display boxes, and others. It usually is used with a touch screen. Such LCD with touch screen is interactive and interesting.

The transparent LCD  is made by a daily used liquid crystal display screen. Such a product is an LCD panel without an LED backlight. It has a proper name which is called open cell LCD panel. It doesn’t have a frame and the thickness is just about 1.4mm.

The transparent LCD has many custom features, such as size, resolution, and so on. If you want to use the such product normally, there are also some details that you need to pay attention to.

Plenty of clients buy a such product from us, but they can not use them or sell it to their customers right now when they get them. That’s because the transparent LCD is just a semi-finished product. Most of the clients need to install it on their machines.

For example, plenty of clients wanted to buy some such products for their applications, but we found they don’t know such a product very clearly. We have met a lot of similar situations. In that case, what you need most is to find a professional supplier. The professional supplier can provide the products with the best quality and reasonable price.

GECEY can provide the full sizes of the transparent LCD. Please don’t worry about there is not having the proper size for your application. The most commonly used resolution of such a screen is 1920 x 1080 (FHD). If you need the 4K resolution( 3840 x 2160 ), please feel free to contact us first.

The transparent LCD has a professional name which is called open cell panel. You can see its appearance in the picture on the left below. It looks like a black panel with a driver board. The picture on the right below is its internal structure. We can see that the structure is complex. It contains two polarizers, two glass substrates, liquid crystals, and so on.

The polarizer is made of a kind of material that looks like plastic. It has a direction. It just allows the light in which the waves are in the same direction to pass through. The directions of the two polarizers are perpendicular to each other. The polarizer is like a light filter. It’s used to improve the color and definition. If there is a polarizer, you can see nothing from the screen.

The reason why we introduce the polarizer is that it can greatly influence the light transmittance and brightness of the screen. For the manufacturer, we usually change the polarizer to improve the light transmittance. The production process requires special workplaces, skilled workers, special materials, and special care. This is because the transparent LCD is very fragile and easy to be damaged.

Light transmittance is a very important parameter for transparent LCD. The higher the transmittance, the higher the brightness, and the more you can see the product behind the screen.

How much is the light transmittance of the common screen? The picture below is the SPEC of the AUO 32” open cell panel the model is T320HVN05.6 CELL. From the picture, we can see it’s 6.5%. If you check the SPEC of LCD screens which are from super manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, AUO, and so on, you can find the transmittance of them is around 6.5%.

However, 6.5% is not enough for the transparent LCD display. So it’s essential to change the polarizer. Some special materials and polarizers are needed. The process is not easy, especially the big sizes. If the operation is wrong, the screen will be damaged.

The super manufacturers of open-cell panels will not do this for you. The process is finished by the manufacturer of a transparent LCD. So, finding a professional manufacturer is very necessary, if you want to buy some.

LED backlight: LCD can not emit light by itself. So it needs the backlight so that you can see through when it’s working. For details, please see the rest content.

Controller: Same with the common LCD panel, it needs the controller to work. The controller receives the signal from the computer or U disk and sends it to the panel, then the panel can display the letters, pictures, and others.

Glass: The glass is used to protect the transparent LCD. Although glass is not essential, it’s used in most applications. The LCD screen is glued on one surface of the glass.

Frame: The frame is essential. It’s used to hold the LCD screen, glass, backlight, control board, and other parts. Some clients need their supplier to make the frame for them, some others can make it by themselves.

The most commonly used backlight system is made of several LED strips with white light directly. The color temperature is about 6000K( pure white). The LED strips are placed on the back of the screen. They are usually located at the top or bottom or on the left and right sides of the space.

The LED strips are driven by a small controller so that they can work in sync with the transparent LCD. The LED backlight panel can also be used to make the backlight system. The key points are the light of the space should be bright and even enough.

Second, the transparent LCD is not suitable for playing pictures or videos with complex colors. The large area of complex colors will affect your to see through the screen. It would be hard to see the products behind the screen clearly. Please keep most areas of the LCD to play white color.

When the screen displays white, it’s the most perfect condition to watch the product behind it. So, when you make the pictures or videos, please keep the background to be white. Just use the transparent LCD to play the introductions or videos with simple color.

First, the transparent LCD can not emit light by itself. Second, the space around the screen can be divided into two parts: the dark area which is in front of the screen, and the bright area with backlight which is behind the screen. People can see through from the dark area to the bright area, but they can’t see through from the opposite direction.

Most of the transparent LCDs we exported are frameless. The clients have the frame and can install the product by themselves. If you don’t have the frame, then we can also make it for you. Most of the frames are made of aluminum and iron plate. The aluminum frames are light, strong, and easy to be produced. The frames have many custom features, such as sizes, thicknesses, and so on.

Plenty of clients want to use the transparent LCD to modify their products and they just need only one piece. For example, the LCD side panel PC case is very popular. There is a transparent screen on one side of the PC case. You can see the inside of the PC and play the videos you love at the same time.

Such a case for gaming looks very amazing so lots of people want to have one. However, it’s hard for them to find a supplier to buy just one piece of transparent LCD and it would take a long time to get one. So, they want to DIY by themselves.

There are some guides online that teach people to use a common monitor to DIY a transparent LCD. For example, use the screen of a second computer monitor to make one. The simple process is to remove most parts of the LCD panel of the monitor, leaving only the LCD screen( open cell), then install some LED strips and the open cell on their PC case.

Does it work? Yes, but there are many problems in the DIY process. First of all, you need to be very careful in the DIY process. The LCD open-cell glass is very fragile. There are several flexible PCB cables at the bottom of the screen. If either of them is damaged, then the screen can not work normally.

Second, the transmittance of the screen that you DIY is much lower than the professional transparent LCD. So the final effect is not as good as you think. There are also some other problems, for example, you need to put one tempered glass to protect the LCD screen. We recommend buying one transparent LCD directly.

transparent lcd screen buy factory

Screen Solutions offers complete solutions for transparent displays including standard and custom display cases. SSI has designed and built transparent displays for companies like Chrysler, Lockheed Martin, Mazda and many others over the last 15 years.

Standard Sizes start as small as 10″ and can get as big as 86″ Diagonal as seen in the video to your left. These complete displays include transparent panel, lighting, glass, display case and even a touch screen if you want.

transparent lcd screen buy factory

Available in sizes from 21.5" to 98“, the HYPEBOX is based on a transparent display, which enables the viewer to see the real product inside of the showcase while digital content is shown on the see-through LCD screen. In this way, products can be put in context with digital media like photos, videos, text or any other kind of content. In addition, the HYPEBOX is equipped with a state-of-the multitouch screen which basically acts as an interactive layer on top of the display surface.