fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

Asia has long dominated the display module TFT LCD manufacturers’ scene. After all, most major display module manufacturers can be found in countries like China, South Korea, Japan, and India.

However, the United States doesn’t fall short of its display module manufacturers. Most American module companies may not be as well-known as their Asian counterparts, but they still produce high-quality display products for both consumers and industrial clients.

In this post, we’ll list down 7 best display module TFT LCD manufacturers in the USA. We’ll see why these companies deserve recognition as top players in the American display module industry.

STONE Technologies is a leading display module TFT LCD manufacturer in the world. The company is based in Beijing, China, and has been in operations since 2010. STONE quickly grew to become one of the most trusted display module manufacturers in 14 years.

Now, let’s move on to the list of the best display module manufacturers in the USA. These companies are your best picks if you need to find a display module TFT LCD manufacturer based in the United States:

Planar Systems is a digital display company headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. It specializes in providing digital display solutions such as LCD video walls and large format LCD displays.

Planar’s manufacturing facilities are located in Finland, France, and North America. Specifically, large-format displays are manufactured and assembled in Albi, France.

Another thing that makes Planar successful is its relentless focus on its customers. The company listens to what each customer requires so that they can come up with effective display solutions to address these needs.

Microtips Technology is a global electronics manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida. The company was established in 1990 and has grown into a strong fixture in the LCD industry.

What makes Microtips a great display module TFT LCD manufacturer in the USA lies in its close ties with all its customers. It does so by establishing a good rapport with its clients starting from the initial product discussions. Microtips manages to keep this exceptional rapport throughout the entire client relationship by:

Displaytech is an American display module TFT LCD manufacturer headquartered in Carlsbad, California. It was founded in 1989 and is part of several companies under the Seacomp group. The company specializes in manufacturing small to medium-sized LCD modules for various devices across all possible industries.

The company also manufactures embedded TFT devices, interface boards, and LCD development boards. Also, Displaytech offers design services for embedded products, display-based PCB assemblies, and turnkey products.

Displaytech makes it easy for clients to create their own customized LCD modules. There is a feature called Design Your Custom LCD Panel found on their site. Clients simply need to input their specifications such as their desired dimensions, LCD configuration, attributes, connector type, operating and storage temperature, and other pertinent information. Clients can then submit this form to Displaytech to get feedback, suggestions, and quotes.

Clients are assured of high-quality products from Displaytech. This is because of the numerous ISO certifications that the company holds for medical devices, automotive, and quality management. Displaytech also holds RoHS and REACH certifications.

A vast product range, good customization options, and responsive customer service – all these factors make Displaytech among the leading LCD manufacturers in the USA.

Products that Phoenix Display offers include standard, semi-custom, and fully-customized LCD modules. Specifically, these products comprise Phoenix Display’s offerings:

Phoenix Display also integrates the display design to all existing peripheral components, thereby lowering manufacturing costs, improving overall system reliability, and removes unnecessary interconnects.

Clients flock to Phoenix Display because of their decades-long experience in the display manufacturing field. The company also combines its technical expertise with its competitive manufacturing capabilities to produce the best possible LCD products for its clients.

True Vision Displays is an American display module TFT LCD manufacturing company located at Cerritos, California. It specializes in LCD display solutions for special applications in modern industries. Most of their clients come from highly-demanding fields such as aerospace, defense, medical, and financial industries.

The company produces several types of TFT LCD products. Most of them are industrial-grade and comes in various resolution types such as VGA, QVGA, XGA, and SXGA. Clients may also select product enclosures for these modules.

All products feature high-bright LCD systems that come from the company’s proprietary low-power LED backlight technology. The modules and screens also come in ruggedized forms perfect for highly-demanding outdoor industrial use.

Slow but steady growth has always been True Vision Display’s business strategy. And the company continues to be known globally through its excellent quality display products, robust research and development team, top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities, and straightforward client communication.

LXD Incorporated is among the earliest LCD manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in 1968 by James Fergason under the name International Liquid Xtal Company (ILIXCO). Its first headquarters was in Kent, Ohio. At present, LXD is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

All of their display modules can be customized to fit any kind of specifications their clients may require. Display modules also pass through a series of reliability tests before leaving the manufacturing line. As such, LXD’s products can withstand extreme outdoor environments and operates on a wide range of temperature conditions.

Cystalfontz America is a leading supplier and manufacturer of HMI display solutions. The company is located in Spokane Valley, Washington. It has been in the display solutions business since 1998.

Crystalfontz takes pride in its ISO 9001 certification, meaning the company has effective quality control measures in place for all of its products. After all, providing high-quality products to all customers remains the company’s topmost priority. Hence, many clients from small hobbyists to large top-tier American companies partner with Crystalfontz for their display solution needs.

We’ve listed the top 7 display module TFT LCD manufacturers in the USA. All these companies may not be as well-known as other Asian manufacturers are, but they are equally competent and can deliver high-quality display products according to the client’s specifications. Contact any of them if you need a US-based manufacturer to service your display solutions needs.

We also briefly touched on STONE Technologies, another excellent LCD module manufacturer based in China. Consider partnering with STONE if you want top-of-the-line smart LCD products and you’re not necessarily looking for a US-based manufacturer. STONE will surely provide the right display solution for your needs anywhere you are on the globe.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

STONE Technologies is a proud manufacturer of superior quality TFT LCD modules and LCD screens. The company also provides intelligent HMI solutions that perfectly fit in with its excellent hardware offerings.

There is also a downloadable design software called STONE Designer. This is a completely free GUI design software you can use to create responsive digital module-ready user interfaces.

STONE TFT LCD modules come with a microcontroller unit that has a 1GHz Cortex-A8 CPU. Such a module can easily be transformed into an HMI screen. Simple hexadecimal instructions can be used to control the module through the UART port. Furthermore, you can seamlessly develop STONE TFT LCD color user interface modules and add touch control, features to them.

You can also use a peripheral MCU to serially connect STONE’s HMI display via TTL. This way, your HMI display can supply event notifications and the peripheral MCU can then execute them. Moreover, this TTL-connected HMI display can further be linked to microcontrollers such as:

Becoming a reputable TFT LCD manufacturer is no piece of cake. It requires a company to pay attention to detail, have excellent manufacturing processes, the right TFT display technology, and have a consumer mindset.

Now, we list down 10 of the best famous LCD manufacturers globally. We’ll also explore why they became among the top 10 LCD display Manufacturers in the world.

Interface Devises Business includes Display and Senor, Sensor, and Application Solutions. As a leading company in the global semiconductor display industry, BOE has made the Chinese display industry develop from scratch to maturity and prosperity. Now, more than one-quarter of the global display panels are made by BOE, with its UHD, flexible display, microdisplay, and other solutions broadly applied to well-known worldwide brands.

LG Display is a leading manufacturer of thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD) panels, OLED, and flexible displays.LG Display began developing TFT-LCD in 1987 and currently offers Display panels in a variety of sizes and specifications using different cutting-edge technologies (IPS, OLED, and flexible technology).

LG Display now operates back-end assembly plants in South Korea, China, and Vietnam. In addition, LG Display operates a sales subsidiary with a global network to effectively serve overseas markets.

With innovative and differentiated technologies, QINNOOptoelectronics provides advanced display integration solutions, including 4K2K ultra-high resolution, 3D naked eye, IGZO, LTPS, AMOLED, OLED, and touch solutions. Qinnooptoelectronics sets specifications and leads the market. A wide range of product line is across all kinds of TFT LCD panel modules, touch modules, for example, TV panel, desktop and laptop computer monitor with panels, small and medium scale “panels, medical, automotive, etc., the supply of cutting-edge information and consumer electronics customers around the world, for the world TFT – LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) leading manufacturers.

AU Optronics Co., LTD., formerly AU Optronics Corporation, was founded in August 1996. It changed its name to AU Optronics after its merger with UNIOPtronics in 2001. Through two mergers, AU has been able to have a full range of generations of production lines for panels of all sizes.Au Optronics is a TFT-LCD design, manufacturing, and r&d company. Since 2008, au Optronics has entered the green energy industry, providing customers with high-efficiency solar energy solutions.

Sharp has been called the “father of LCD panels”.Since its founding in 1912, Sharp developed the world’s first calculator and LIQUID crystal display, represented by the living pencil, which was invented as the company name. At the same time, Sharp is actively expanding into new areas to improve people’s living standards and social progress. Made a contribution.

BYD IT products and businesses mainly include rechargeable batteries, plastic mechanism parts, metal parts, hardware electronic products, cell phone keys, microelectronics products, LCD modules, optoelectronics products, flexible circuit boards, chargers, connectors, uninterruptible power supplies, DC power supplies, solar products, cell phone decoration, cell phone ODM, cell phone testing, cell phone assembly business, notebook computer ODM, testing and manufacturing and assembly business, etc.

From the introduction of Japan’s original washing machines, refrigerators, and other household appliances, to the world’s first laptop, the first 16MB flash memory, the world’s smallest 0.85-inch HDDs; Create advanced HDDVD technology; Toshiba created many “world firsts” in the research and manufacture of new SED displays and contributed to changing people’s lives through constant technological innovation.

Tianma microelectronics co., LTD., founded in 1983, the company focus on smartphones, tablets, represented by high order laptop display market of consumer goods and automotive, medical, POS, HMI, etc., represented by professional display market, and actively layout smart home, intelligent wear, AR/VR, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other emerging markets, to provide customers with the best product experience.IN terms of technology, the company has independently mastered leading technologies such as LTPS-TFT, AMOLED, flexible display, Oxide-TFT, 3D display, transparent display, and in-cell/on-cell integrated touch control. TFT-LCD key Materials and Technologies National Engineering Laboratory, national enterprise Technology Center, post-doctoral mobile workstation, and undertake national Development and Reform Commission, The Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and other major national thematic projects. The company’s long-term accumulation and continuous investment in advanced technology lay the foundation for innovation and development in the field of application.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

As an Industrial LCD module distributor, we can supply a wide range of TFT LCDs in many sizes. Common resolutions are QVGA, VGA, SVGA and XGA. Wide aspect ratio displays are also available in many similar sizes and resolutions such as WQVGA, WVGA, WSVGA, and WXGA.

Our industrial LCD suppliers are manufacturers with different capabilities specially designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. High-brightness, sunlight readability and long life product guarantees are some of the special features available.

Get in touch to work closely with one of our LCD Solutions Specialists to determine the perfect display for your project. We can also recommend and supply the proper LCD controller board, inverter, LED driver, cables, touch screen, or other associated enhancement.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

The displays are ideal for industrial applications where they will be in constant use. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels the TFT displays deliver clear, sharp graphics, designed with anti-glare surfaces making content viewable even in bright ambient light.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

A wide variety of 1920x1080 lcd module options are available to you, You can also choose from original manufacturer, odm and agency 1920x1080 lcd module,As well as from tft, ips, and standard.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

Our company is committed to the customization service, R&D, sale and after-sales service of LCD and TFT display products.At present, our company has a team of more than 100 employees. Our products include monochrome LCD (TN and STN), color LCD (CSTN and TFT) and LCD modules (both COG and COB).

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

Winstar is a global leading Manufacturer of TFT LCD display based in Taiwan and China. Winstar offers a wide product range of small to medium sizes TFT display modules in sizes ranging such as 2.4" TFT LCD, 2.8" TFT LCD, 3.2" TFT LCD, 3.5" TFT Display, 4.3 inch TFT LCD, 5 TFT LCD, 5.6 TFT LCD, 5.7 inch Display, 7 " TFT LCD, 8" TFT, 9" TFT, 10.1" TFT LCD, 10.2" TFT LCD, 12.1" TFT LCD , 12.3" TFT LCD (diagonal size of the active area) and so on . There are more than 250 TFT standard models listed on this website; furthermore, almost each item is acceptable to derivate from the standard items to meet the customers" requirement.

Winstar TFT displays are qualified under industrial standard including standard TFT-LCD modules, IPS TFT, High brightness TFT LCD (sunlight readable display), TFT panels with controller boards, Bar Type TFT, Wide Temperature TFT LCD, Winstar Clever System TFT and Touch screen display. These displays include landscape or portrait modes. Winstar has Mono TFT displays and full color TFTs in line, these displays are available in various resolutions as well as touch screen optional in resistive and projected capacitive (PCAP touch screen) technology. Many of our TFT display modules have more than one interface available including MCU, RGB, TTL, LVDS and MIPI DSI. Winstar TFT modules are perfect for a number of applications including industrial control, coffee machine, medical equipment, POS system, automation, GPS navigator, white goods, energy control, telecoms, medical equipment and etc.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

TSD TFT item number TST156FHHC is 15.6 inch, IPS TFT LCD ,FHD 1920×1080 resolution,with 300nit brightness ,super thin LCD panel suitable for advertizing and monitor application . EDP inetrface TFT lcd module ,would use for advertising display, support design with Capacitive touch panel with customized Cover lens with your idea logo.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

Rjoytek provides one-stop LCD solution with many sizes and custom selective, including the interface, touchscreen, control board, software support and so on.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

Chino, CA, March 1, 2021– Tianma, a leading global manufacturer of flat panel displays, has introduced a new product family of TFT LCD Modules (Thin Film Transistor - Liquid Crystal Display). The new P-Series (Professional Series) of standard products is dedicated to support the various requirements of the industrial and medical display markets. The first products in this new series will include XGA displays (8.4”, 10.4” and 12.1”), as well as wide-format products, from 7” WVGA to 13.3” FHD.

The P-Series display products will be available in three grades – Advanced, Basic and Entry – to better support the different customer needs in a variety of markets, including a range of features and product specifications around pixel density, viewing angle, contrast ratio, color gamut, black level uniformity, etc.

The Basic grade of P-Series displays will offer a very good performance-to-cost ratio, meeting the standard specification and performance requirements of the market with typical brightness ratings and long-life LED backlights. The Entry level provides more cost-effective solutions for price-sensitive markets and applications.

P-Series modules will be available with Tianma’s PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology, featuring Tianma designed and manufactured PCAP touch sensors. PCAP will be integrated in-house, with optical bonding or air gap (perimeter bond) construction. Wet & Glove touch sensing technology is available for high-end devices, and customized cover glass is optional.

All three grades of the P-Series family will be available in production for a minimum of five years (typically seven years or more) with a small minimum order quantity (MOQ). The P-Series will also be engineered around dedicated design rules to meet the particular requirements of the professional market. Further, the manufacture and assembly of the TFT-LCDs and PCAP sensors will all be done in-house, with industrial level driver support.

Samples from the initial P-Series product offering will be available starting Q1 2021. These first displays will include wide-format 7” WVGA, 10.6” WXGA, and 13.3” FHD products, in the Advanced high brightness versions. The first products with 4:3 format will all have XGA resolution and include both Advanced high brightness and Basic, in sizes 8.4”, 10.4” and 12.1”.

Regarding Tianma’s legacy Professional TFT LCD products, both standard TM-series and all NL-series modules will be promoted alongside the new P-series product offering. All of these products will remain in production and will continue to be fully supported.

Tianma America (TMA) is the leading provider of small- to medium-size display solutions to the Americas market utilizing advanced technologies and manufacturing resources of the Tianma Group Companies, which includes Tianma Micro-electronics (Shenzhen and Shanghai) and Tianma Japan, Ltd. (formerly known as NLT Technologies Ltd.), as well as manufacturing locations in Chengdu, Wuhan, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Shanghai China. Tianma America technologies can be found in smartphones, tablet PCs, industrial and medical instrumentation, wearables, home automation, household appliances, office equipment, and automotive and rear seat entertainment devices. Additional applications include test and measurement systems, instrumentation equipment, point-of-sale and ATM systems, gaming systems, global positioning systems, radio-frequency identification devices and barcode scanners.

Tianma America’s technology portfolio comprises TFT, LTPS, Oxide-TFT, AM-OLED, flexible, transparent, 3D, PCAP and In-cell/On-cell integrated touch. With a network of best-in-class distributors and value-added partners, Tianma America provides complete display module solutions for a broad base of customers and applications.

fhd tft lcd display module manufacturer

These wide viewing angle Small Format TFT LCDs with optional touch are industrial grade and cost competitive. Therefore these products are a popular display choice to integrate in many projects.

Using only high-tech factories that we partner with, we provide clients with the service of designing liquid crystal display panel (LCD) and liquid crystal display module(LCM), and is committed to the customized service, R&D, sales, after-sales service of display products. Our factories have hundreds of engineers focusing on creating the highest quality displays including monochrome LCD (TN, STN), colour LCD (CSTN and TFT), Custom LCD’s, LCD module (both COG* and COB*) which are widely used in mobile phones and many other applications.

Our state of the art factory produces High Resolution TFT glass panel cells, has TN, HTN, STN and TFT technologies for LCD panels. The Factory has class 1000 clean rooms, high accuracy bonding, pre bonding and heat seal machinery, many production lines specifically for TFT production, OCA and OCF bonding machines,  In-House LCD glass cleansing process, output thousands of pieces per month.

Touchscreen overlay cover glass only available (so you do not have to purchase the display)These displays can come with: touchscreen components, touchscreen overlays, industrial touch screen,Wide LCDs, LED TFTs, and TFT Colour displays.

Other options are: LCD drivers, LVDS Touchscreen displays, automotive LCD Display, TFT high resolution screens, TFT LCD capacitive touchscreens, TFT capacitive touchscreens, high brightness LCDs, Letterbox Displays, small VGA Displays, LCD panel without backlights,Variations of our Small Format TFT LCDs include: TFT Display touchscreens, TFT IPS Display, monochrome displays, TFT or LCD, embedded components, LCD components, TFT Drivers, industrial range of Displays,

CDS also offers industrial TFT LCDs,Our displays are used in: touch screen vending machines, automotive touch screen displays, vending machine display panel, Touch screen vending, TFT Automotive, LCD Dislay panel kits, Touch screen TFT monitors, LCD Display components, LCD Screen components,  and POS LCD Displays.As you can see from the tables above we have sizes including:  8.8 inches, 4.3 inch LCD Display, 10.1″ TFT LCD,  3.5 inch LCD Display, 4.3 inch display, 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display, 4.3″ screen, 7 inch LCD panel, 3 inch LCD Displays, and 4.3″ TFT LCDs as well as other small LCD Display screens.We have options on and equivalents to the following displays and TFT panel manufacturers:  Raystar, Kingtech LCD, Digital View, OLED modules, OLED products, Powertip LCD Displays, Data Vision LCD, LG TFT Display, Tianma NLT, Powertip Displays, Mitsubishi LCD Displays, DMC components, Kyocera LCDs, NLT Technologies Ltd, Sharp LCD TFT modules, LCD manufacturers in the USA, PMOLED Displays, innolux display corp, Industrial touchscreens, A Grade TFT LCD Displays, Panoramic TFT Displays, Samsung TFT Displays, Touchscreen components, Transparent TFT Displays, Touchscreen components,  TFT LCD controllers, as well as other TFT LCD manufacturers and Liquid crystal Display manufacturers.

CDS offers the widest range of displays and touchscreens including Abon touchscreens, Ampire LCD distributor, alternative Prisma interface baord supplier including Prisma iiia, Solomon Goldentek, Panasonic TFT, Winmate display, USB IO, and Apollo monitors

Our range includes AMOLED, circular displays, circular monitors, circular screens, circular TFT screens, round displays, Round TFT LCD displays, TFT AMOLEDs, TFT and IPS, TFT display interface microcontroller, TFT LCD or AMOLED, TFT LCD super AMOLED, WXGA TFT Displays, and WXGA TFT screens

As well as large format displays CDS also offers DSI TFT Display, large monochrome LCD displays, mono displays, mono OLEDC displays, mono TFT LCDs, monochrome displays, PCT Touchscreens, projected capacitive touch PCT technology, sq monitors and squid IDS.

CDS added a number of additional controller boards nd accessories which include TFT adaptor boards, TFT boards, TFT display controller boards, USB c LCD controller, USB touch kit, resistive touch screen, TFT accessories com, LCD controller board, LCD controller board USB c, LCD controller board, HDMI to MiPi DSI board, HDMI to MiPi DSI bridge, HDMI to MiPi LCD controller board, EDP adaptor bard, elite C microcontroller, Displaylink DL 3000 .

Whether it be bar type LCDs or any of CDS display solutions or many TFT displays we can help with comparing mipi dsi vs lvds interfces or mipi to edp wch can include use on pos shelf displays and rgb epaper for example.