lcd touch screen samsung galaxy note 2 free sample

Have you ever had a phone with a screen that looks shattered, darkened, or pixelated? If this has happened to you, you can replace just the LCD phone screen with a working version instead of getting rid of the entire phone. Replacing a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a quick process that will let you continue to use your phone.What is an LCD screen made of?

An LCD essentially looks like a very thin, clear sheet of material. It is made by putting layers of liquid crystals between thin panes of glass. The layers include polarizing films and common electrode planes to properly conduct electricity and light through all of the liquid crystal layers. The entire screen has a reflective surface at the back that lets it properly display glass.Which parts come in screen replacement kits?

Many phone LCD screens are sold in kits designed to help you replace a cracked or broken phone screen. Depending on the set you purchase, the following items may be included:LCD display: This is a very thin panel that will display the items on your screen.

Some screens have a digitizer attached, but the two items are not always sold together. The LCD digitizer is the piece that fits over the screen and translates the motions of your finger or stylus into a language the phone can understand. Your LCD display will then show the images required by your phone. If your digitizer is the only broken part, the screen will looked cracked, but the display underneath will look fine. When the display is broken, the images will look dark, be partially pixelated, or look completely black.What colors are the screens for Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Though the Samsung Galaxy Note II screens themselves are clear, most screens are sold already set into a frame. You can match the frame to the color on the back of your phone or select a contrasting shade. You can pick frame colors from the five standard colors of the Samsung Galaxy Note II phones:Titanium Gray

lcd touch screen samsung galaxy note 2 free sample

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