industrial touch screen monitors uk pricelist

Within the embedded systems sector we hear the term ‘industrial grade’ used frequently to describe products used for industrial applications. And why not, it gives the impression quite succinctly of hard-wearing reliability and of rugged construction? But is that what ‘industrial’ truly means? Well, to some extent it does. When we talk about industrial computers, the embedded systems we describe are instantly more recognisable as industrial. They are constructed using durable metal chassis’ which clearly look more rugged than their pedestrian cousins we have sitting on our desks and internally we talk of fanless operation and SSD storage to reduce the amount of moving parts (thus increasing reliability). These differences apply to most of the products in our portfolio, including our huge range of industrial monitors (possibly the UK’s widest range I may add).

Firstly, the components within commercial and industrial screens are made to last longer. Your desktop computer screen may be on for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, but to run 24/7/365 as is called for in many industrial applications, the tolerances of internal components need to be increased. Additional to longevity, in certain units the components are designed to expand the operating temperature range.

Arguably the greatest factor considered with an industrial display will be defined by where the screen is going to be situated. It’s the versatility of placing a monitor which is one of the defining ‘industrial’ factors and dictates the application range of a screen. It may call for placement within an OEM designed facia or workstation for example. The choices of mountings available for an LCD display are as follows:

An open frame monitor is encased in a frame which enables the screen frontage to be clear of any fixing clutter. The frame surrounding the screen can then be clasped, screwed or bolted into position. Mounting from the inside, they offer a flush fitment for the OEM finish required by many clients. An open frame monitor offers customers maximum flexibility for the design and look of their final product.

Where you have an aperture in which to place a screen you could use a panel mount monitor. A panel mount display has a front bezel around the screen which is larger than the chassis containing the constituent parts of the screen behind. These screens can be slotted into an aperture and are often then clamped or screwed into place from the reverse.

A chassis mount encases the monitor in a durable and metal skin. Chassis mount screens are fixed to a wall or similar surface using VESA fixings on the back of the chassis. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) is a family of standards and dimensions used across the screen industry. A VESA mount is used on most conventional TVs when fixed to a wall.

Various applications call for monitors to be protected from dust and liquid ingress. These monitors are therefore made to be certified by the standard IP65. IP stands for ingress protection, the first number is the level of dust protection ‘level 6’ and the second number is the level of liquid protection ‘level 5’. Level 6 offers complete protection against contact with dust and is considered ‘dust tight’ whilst level 5 liquid protection signifies resilience to water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against the unit enclosure from any direction. An IP65 monitor can be rated partially or fully. If the monitor is being panel mounted and sealed into an aperture then quite often the rear of the unit does not need to be rated as only the frontage is exposed. However, there are certain applications where a full IP65 monitor is needed.

Further to an IP65 rating, monitors can be certified for use in various marine and offshore applications. Whether on the bridge or down in the engine room of a ship, out on an oil rig or in a rescue helicopter, there are global DNV test ratings for equipment used in maritime, oil & gas and energy applications. Assured Systems specialise in the supply of certified monitors and panel computers for such environments and levels of certification.

Automation and process controls often use bespoke software, the interaction between human and machine being more convenient through pushing a few icons on a screen rather than utilising a peripheral keyboard and mouse. Furthermore the placement of said screens is commonly at eye level. It’s no surprise then that OEM designers would look for an industrial grade touchscreen monitor to facilitate process and control in their designs. When configured to one of the above mounting options and certified to the necessary ingress protection, touchscreen is one of the most common features for an industrial monitor.

When choosing the correct screen for your specific application consideration needs to be paid to the life cycle of constituent parts. Assured Systems instils confidence by supplying long shelf life screens which can be replaced like for like without the need for mechanical adjustments to pre-existing housing or enclosures.

Our previous blog on 4K UHD and Legacy Resolutions explains the many different aspect ratios and resolutions available for screens. The drive behind so many different screens of shape, size and sharpness is undoubtedly the thousands of specific industrial applications utilising screens and monitors. Whether you need a 17 industrial touch screen monitor or an 8 widescreen industrial touch screen display, there is a screen size and dimension to fit any application.

Rackmount computer systems allow for different components to be brought together to make a bespoke system within an industry standard 15, 17 and 19 inch racks. Quite often these racks contain servers and multiple rackmount computers which need one screen to monitor all the servers and/or computers. Commonly screens are integrated with keyboards and trackballs to provide an all-in-one monitoring and control rackmount unit called a KVM.

Assured Systems are available for support when choosing components, including screens, for an OEM design. If there is a particular sized aperture which needs a product to retrospectively fit, we can manufacture a solution to fit.

Assured Systems specialise in the production of industrial screens for OEM designs and applications in highly specific vertical markets. We can assess your needs to find the correct screen solution having a more than extensive range of options which nears a bespoke service, without bespoke prices. Call our sales team now on +44 1785 87 90 50 (EMEA) or +1 864 421 6991 (USA) for any advice on screen displays in digital signage, OEM integration or general industrial use.

industrial touch screen monitors uk pricelist

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industrial touch screen monitors uk pricelist

Display: 43 cm (17 inches). Display Resolution: 1280x1024. Aspect Ratio: 5:4. Display Area: 338mm x 270mm. Pixel Pitch: 0.264. Brightness (cd/m²): 250. Viewing Angle H >140, V >140. Touch Sensor: 3M Surface Capacitive (Single Touch). Touch Resolution: 16,000 x 16,000 points. Input Method: Finger. Touch Response Time: Less Than 5.4 ms. Accuracy: Greater than 99% of True Position. Light Transmission: Greater Than 91%. Surface Finish: Anti-Reflective, Easy-Glide. Surface Scratch Hardness: MoHS 7 or Higher to Induce a Functional Failure. Other: Not Affected by Surface Contaminants Like Dust, Grease, Moisture, Liquids, Paan Stains. Chemical Resistance: Resistant to Corrosives, as per ASTM D1308-02 & ASTM F-1598-95. Intel Celeron Processor, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD, 2 x USB, 1 x Ethernet (LAN), Windows 10E, Connectors (Power): 220VAC. Colour and Finish: Black, Powder Coated. Body: Metal. Operating Temp: 0 - 45º C. Designed, manufactured and supported in India.

industrial touch screen monitors uk pricelist

With almost twenty years experience of supplying Elo products, we don"t just sell you a solution, we can help you to select the right choice of product and touch technology for your needs whether you are looking for a single item or volume quantities making the whole ordering process as simple as possible.Desktop

From in-store displays to wayfinding applications, interactive menu boards and collaborative meeting room applications, Elo touchscreens can help to create a high -impact experience to attract users.

Put the power of touch into your hand with the new range of Elo mobile devices. Built upon the Android operating system platform, Elo handheld devices can be used in a wide array of applications including click-and-collect services, pick-and-pack fullfilment, stock management, table service, clinical communications and much more.

We know that one solution does not fit all which is why we also offer a limited range of other products such as PQ Labs Integration and Overlay kits and Touchtech LIMA software.

With almost twenty years of experience in selling touchscreen products, we can help to identify the right products and the most suitable technology for your requirements.

industrial touch screen monitors uk pricelist

Our 6176M Standard Monitors are flat panel industrial color monitors for use in less demanding environments. All Standard Monitors have USB and RS232 touch screen inputs, DVI and VGA video inputs, and an On Screen Display (OSD) that enables image rotation, color pallet changes, and push button auto reset.

industrial touch screen monitors uk pricelist

The Black Series is one of our most advanced commercial touch screen monitor. Ultra fast multi-touch interface offers best-in-class transmittance levels means you will never have to sacrifice image quality. Tech Global’s touch displays engineered in the USA from the ground up for unprecedented dependability for always-on operation. Medical Grade and Industrial Touch Screen Editions available.  When reliability and quality matter most, companies choose Tech Global for their touch screen solutions. Explore Products

Some say our touch screen monitors are the longest lasting in the industry. We’ve raised the bar in reliability with unlimitedtouch activations. This means you can save time and money with less downtime in some of the most stressful, always-on environments. Engineered tough so you know they will keep working with you. In-stock 19″, 22″ , 24″, 27″ touch screen monitor solutions, sunlight readable as well as custom sizes available.

“The TechGlobal monitors have proven to be unparalleled in quality and durability for our public safety dispatch customers.  Our customers literally work in a high stress life and death environment, having a monitor that is designed to live and continuously function is critical.  The provided drivers have been rock stable even in the Linux environment that our consoles operate in.  Support, when required, has been knowledgeable and responsive.  The TechGlobal monitors are an excellent long term investment for a critical application, we wouldn’t sell or recommend anything else to our customers.”

Our mission is to revolutionize the touch screen marketplace by combining cutting-edge technology and a business vision that values our pillar of core principles.

industrial touch screen monitors uk pricelist

We serve the amusement and arcade industry customizing screens for the latest games. With bolder and brighter colors with sharp contrast, we bring the entertainment to life.

We provide a wide selection of digital signage solutions including industry leading touch screen technology to support your digital signage needs. We can tailor product to your specific needs.

Our touch screens are customized for your kiosk needs. Create a better experience for your customers and the best touch screen technology in the business.

Our touch screen display solutions will bring your message to audiences in various applications. Interactive technology can help create a more personalized experience and capture your customers attention.

Add a touch screen monitor to your vending equipment for a more customized experience. Our displays are durable while offering extremely sensitive touch controls. Our experienced engineers can customize displays for your needs.

“Reliable monitors & availability are a priority for our business so that we can serve our end users with the best in technology. Goldfinger delivers on this and their PCAP touch screens allow us to meet and exceed the demand in the marketplace,” said Interlogic.

“Our self-service kiosks are used in a variety of industries and applications, so quality monitors are an important part of creating a seamless customer experience. We have been extremely pleased with the durability of Goldfinger monitors,” said Kiosk Innovations

“Goldfinger LCD monitors and industrial touch screen solutions are best in class. Their rugged LCD displays deliver the highest level of quality and reliable performance both indoors and out.” said The-Venders.

industrial touch screen monitors uk pricelist

InTouch is a specialist provider of industrial touch screen monitors and locally built touchscreen kiosk solutions for commercial and industrial applications. We have a range of off-the-shelf solutions available for next-day delivery, or using our in-house product design and engineering capabilities, we can tailor a bespoke solution to meet your business needs.

Our touchscreen kiosks are designed, manufactured and assembled right here in Australia, and we are proud of our impeccable track record of providing exceptional quality, reliability and industry leading support, across every sector.

By partnering with some of Australia’s best software developers, In Touch Screens are able to help commercial clients across Australia with a wide range of touch screen applications. We provide our clients with a complete hardware and software solution to ensure that the user experience is completely optimised. This results in a turn-key solution, offered in a bespoke nature for each client. Our touch screen technology is a pleasure to use and is built to function in the most harsh working environments when required.