industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

Our Industrial display monitors are ideal for situations where you want the advantages of the Panel PC touch screen – vandal proof, waterproof, hardwearing, but it doesn’t have a PC inside it and can run off another piece of equipment or PC.

All of our products have 7H harden anti-vandal glass so the industrial touchscreens continue to work in the harshest environments. They are high quality, look great and carry a 5 year warranty. Our range varies in size of display from 7” up to 24” and IP rating depending and level of robustness you need.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

Industrial touch screen panel monitors are used by businesses in Australia and globally to complete everyday tasks more rapidly, and efficiently. These devices are designed to operate in regular or demanding environments, providing reliable and consistent display solutions through their combination of special construction and industrial components.

Industrial touch panel monitors are highly cost-effective and efficient. They are engineered specifically for harsh production environments and built using high-quality industrial components ensuring reliable operation 24/7. Their ability to withstand dust, dirt, debris, humidity, shock, vibration and temperature extremes is what makes them a preferred option for these type of environments. Constructed using a fanless system, industrial monitors are suitable for use in sterile and hazardous locations.

STX Technology’s Panel Monitors are available in a range of screen sizes providing multiple options through a range of locations. With a choice of Resistive (RT) and Projective Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens, these products have a wide viewing angle and lifetime usage of over 100 million touches. Guaranteed to last longer than a commercial computer, an industrial monitor will provide excellent service for a number of years.

All panel monitors manufactured by STX Technology come in a tough enclosure manufactured in Stainless Steel (304 or 316 grade) or Aluminium. They are available in a variety of finishes: Brushed, Highly Polished or Matte Black. To ensure the maximum level of productivity and usability, different brightness, connectivity and mounting options are available.

STX Technology also offers a selection of accessories including a range of mounting options. All panel monitors come backed up by the local support. Our Australian-based team of professionals can help you to choose the right industrial monitor for your business application and environment as well as guide you through the purchasing and installation process.

Established in 2002, STX Technology is a leading New Zealand manufacturer of Industrial Touch Computers and Monitors. Working with companies in Australia and around the world, STX Technology provides innovative and cost effective solutions.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

12.1″ Nemacom Touchscreen Display. Rugged Touchscreen Display; Front Sealed to IP66. 1024 x 768 Resolution or Composite Video input. Choice of Black, Stainless Steel or Bespoke Finish. Panel Mount, Rackmount, Metal Case Options. Available without Touchscreen.

12.1″, TPM-3212 LED LCD Panel up to 1024×768 Resolution Panel & VESA Mounting -20 ~ +60 degC operating temperature Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touchscreen IP54 Ingress protection Also available in Open-Framed construction for Rear mounting with…

13.3″ Nemacom Touchscreen Display. Rugged Display, Front Sealed to IP66. 1920×1080 Full HD Resolution. Choice of Black or Stainless Steel Finish. Panel Mount, Rackmount, Chassis Options.

15″ Nemacom Technix Industrial Display Viewable Area Sealed to IP66 1024 x 768 Resolution Black, Custom Paint, or Stainless Steel Finish Panel Mount, Rackmount, Cased Options Choice of Touchscreens available

15”, TPM-3215 LED Panel up to 1024×768 Resolution Panel & VESA Mounting -20 ~ +60 degC operating temperature Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touchscreen IP54 Ingress protection Also available in Open-Framed construction for Rear mounting with Resistive…

17.3″ Widescreen Nemacom Touch Display Widescreen 16:9 Aspect Ratio FULL-HD Display – 1920 x 1080 VGA / HDMI / DisplayPort inputs Multi-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen Kastus® Anti-Microbial Screen Protector

17″ Nemacom Technix Industrial Display Viewable Area Sealed to IP66 1280 x 1024 Resolution or Composite Video input Black, Custom Paint or Stainless Steel Finish Panel Mount, Rackmount, Cased Options Choice of Touchscreens available

18.5″, TPM-3218 Widescreen LED Panel up to 1366 × 768 HD Resolution 0 ~ +50 degC operating temperature Projected Capacitive Touchscreen VESA mounting

18.5″, TPM-3221 Widescreen LED Panel up to 1920×1080 Full HD Resolution 0 ~ +50 degC operating temperature Projected Capacitive Touchscreen VESA mounting.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

BVM’s expertise is in supplying all things PC related – and that includes a diverse range of industrial touch monitors to suit a variety of needs that will befit the majority of applications we’re asked to meet.

We can supply a wide range of sizes, starting at 7”, going through to 24” – pre-bonded with 4 and 5 wire resistive or projective capacitive touch interactive solutions.

6.5″ to 24″ Industrial Touchscreen Monitors • Up to IP66/66 Front • Projected Capacitive Multi-touch / Resistive Touch • PoE • USBC • HDBaseT 200w @ up to 100m transmission distance • Flexible Video Input

8.4″ to 55″ Industrial Stainless Steel Monitors • IP69K / IP67 / IP66 / IP65 • 100% Water / Dust Proof • Projected Capacitive Multi-touch / Resistive Touch • HDMI and VGA input

7.0 ” to 24” Industrial Touchscreen Monitors • Projected Capacitive Multi-touch / Resistive Touch • Available in ambient or wide temperature operational options • High bright (up to 1600 cd/m2) or optical bonded options for sunlight readability • 12 volt DC or 9V to 36V voltage input

15 – 26″ Marine Displays are built and tested according to DNV Standard Certification, IEC60945, and IACS-E10 for maritime applications. Colour calibrated for ECDIS compliance, dimming brightness, projective capacitive multi-touch screen, capacitive touch keys, and broad voltage range power input 9-36 V DC acceptable.

BVM Industrial TFT LCD Modules ranging from 2.9″ to 75″. Supplied as a solitary component or ‘bolt in’ solution with touch integrated display, motherboard, O/S configuration & deployment, fully cabled and tested, we’ll provide you with exactly what you need. Here we are showing a small selection of the TFT modules that are available.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

Panel mounted touch monitors for any application. Our range of touch screen panel mount screens with Resistive, Capacitive, SAW or Infrared touch options. Primarily for industrial applications, panel mount monitors have a lip around the edge of the screen so that the screens can fit into an aperture within a panel or dashboard for example. Our range covers sizes from 5.7" to 55" with differing resolution, aspect ratios, brightness and viewing angles. The displays can also be fitted with a variety of inputs and outputs.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

Our range of stainless steel waterproof monitors feature a fully sealed, six-sided weatherproof IP65, IP66 or IP69K enclosure designed for applications where high levels of moisture and dust are present. These systems are available with optional 316 grade stainless steel housing for food-grade ap...

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

AG Neovo TX-2202 22-inch 1080p touch screen monitor provides a smooth and responsive touch experience with 10-point projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens, including responsiveness to latex gloves. With DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA input connectivity, the TX-2202 supports analogue and digital signals respectively, making them flexible for various applications such as factory automation, information displays, digital signage, and self-service kiosks. The TX-2202 touch monitor is complemented by a metal housing with an edge-to-edge tempered glass design which enhances durability for continuous operation in demanding and high-traffic areas.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

Based on PCAP touch screen technology, the TX-1702 touch screen monitor can register up to 10 simultaneous touch points with fast, accurate, and extremely sensitive touch responses. These seamless touch senses are identical to those used in smartphones and tablets.

Multi-Touch capability is optimized to work with various operating systems, providing compatibility with Windows, Linux, macOS, and certain Android versions. This enables more choice to the operating system you use.

The TX-1702 front IP65 touch screen monitor is designed to protect against dust and liquid spills. This makes the TX-1702 a durable touch monitor ideal for the industrial workplace or the demanding, high-use, and high-traffic public locations.

Replacing AG Neovo touch screens never requires users to change their whole infrastructure. This is because AG Neovo offers a consistent form factor and long product life cycles. Even as technology advances, no change is made to exterior dimensions or design.

For 24/7 operations in public settings, the TX-1702 uses metal housing and 7H tempered glass displays to offer high durability and scratch resistance levels, all without compromising touch sensitivity.

The TX-1702 touch monitor offers flexible mounting options, from the adjustable stand that come with the monitor to desk mounts, wall mounts, and all monitor mounts feature VESA mounting patterns. The TX-1702 features adjustable tilt stands. With a tilt capacity ranging from -5 to 90 degrees, users can work in the position most comfortable for them. Tilt stands are beneficial for facilitating public access by non-disabled and disabled users.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

With almost twenty years experience of supplying Elo products, we don"t just sell you a solution, we can help you to select the right choice of product and touch technology for your needs whether you are looking for a single item or volume quantities making the whole ordering process as simple as possible.Desktop

From in-store displays to wayfinding applications, interactive menu boards and collaborative meeting room applications, Elo touchscreens can help to create a high -impact experience to attract users.

Put the power of touch into your hand with the new range of Elo mobile devices. Built upon the Android operating system platform, Elo handheld devices can be used in a wide array of applications including click-and-collect services, pick-and-pack fullfilment, stock management, table service, clinical communications and much more.

We know that one solution does not fit all which is why we also offer a limited range of other products such as PQ Labs Integration and Overlay kits and Touchtech LIMA software.

With almost twenty years of experience in selling touchscreen products, we can help to identify the right products and the most suitable technology for your requirements.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

TRU-Vu offers the largest selection of industrial-grade small LCD monitors and touch screens in the world. Choose from over 125 models of 8.4 inch to 12″ industrial-grade small lcd monitors, including small HDMI monitors, waterproof monitors, Sunlight Readable monitors, 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio, panel-mount and custom displays.

TRU-Vu offers over 235 standard, off-the shelf 13.3” to 19” industrial-grade LCD monitors and touch screens. Industrial LCD monitors offer many advantages over consumer or commercial-grade displays. They are more rugged, have higher shock and vibration resistance and can be modified or customized to meet your needs. Industrial and medical-grade monitors, Sunlight Readable, waterproof, open frame monitors and more.

TRU-Vu offers the largest selection of industrial LCD monitors and large touch screens in the world. We have an impressive line-up of over 175 off-the-shelf industrial LCD monitors with large screen sizes from 21.5" to 75". This includes Medical-Grade, Sunlight Readable, open frame, bezel-less, waterproof, 4K, custom and OEM widescreen monitors, with a wide range of configurations and enclosure types.

TRU-Vu Sunlight Readable Monitors and Daylight Screens (with Optical Bonding) and touch screen monitors are ideal for use in direct sunlight, or in other high-ambient light environments. These outdoor monitors offer 1,000 nits to 2,500 screen brightness. They are ideal for outdoor digital signage, military, law enforcement, amusement parks, way-finding, marine, and more.

Industrial-grade monitors and touch screens with standard brightness (250-350 nits) are ideal for use indoors or in environments without sunlight or bright lighting. We offer waterproof monitors, panel mount monitors, custom LCD displays, private label monitors, Medical Grade monitors, outdoor monitors, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, and more, from 7" to 65" lcd monitor screen sizes.

Our waterproof monitors and water proof touch screens are perfect for use as outdoor monitors, or in industrial settings where high humidity, liquids, and daily wash-downs may exist. Stand-alone or panel mount waterproof enclosures are available in stainless steel, painted steel or aluminum, with protection ratings up to IP68.

We offer a wide range of rugged and waterproof Touch Screen monitors for both indoor and outdoor use. Select from 5-wire resistive touch, surface capacitive, P-Cap, IR touch and SAW touch screen technologies in order to best meet your specific application requirements. Large touch screen monitors up to 46", and small touchscreen monitors down to 8.4".

TRU-Vu Medical-Grade displays and Medical touch screens are certified to the latest UL and IEC 60601 standards. They are ideal for use in hospital surgical operating rooms as surgical displays, on medical diagnostic equipment and medical cart monitors. Their bezel-less monitor design provides added benefits of improved aesthetics, and increased safety and hygiene, and IP65 liquid protection.

Panel mount monitors and panel mount touch screens can be flush-mounted into doors, walls, kiosks and cabinets for improved ergonomics and safety. They are available with standard and high brightness screens, waterproof front face, and 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio, in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

We work closely with our sister company Distec GmbH and our display partner Litemax to offer you a range of Industrial monitors including customisation to suit your project requirements. Our industrial monitors are highly robust and ideal for all kinds of harsh environments. They are designed to be reliable, flexible and failure-free. With the Distec range we are able to offer long term supply of 5+ years. Making them suitable for Industry 4.0.

As part of the Fortec Group, we have more than 25 years’ experience of producing high-quality products. We can supply components, controllers, firmware or programming for your industrial monitors, but we can also help to create your own bespoke project.

By choosing our products you will guarantee high quality, optimum performance industrial monitors or an excellent project solution. We are able to offer a wide variety of TFT displays and industrial touch screens tailored to your specific requirements. The video to the right is an example of one of our complete project solutions in an industrial environment.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

Powerful HMI functionality and features with the ability to add a display or monitor of your choice. Track and display process data, equipment status, and efficiency metrics in real-time using any large-screen TV or multimedia projector. Allow onsite operators to keep tabs on production from across the room, or from across the factory.

The ability to output video to large screens makes this Headless HMI a great choice for Andon Message Boards and onsite display of Key Performance Indicators.

industrial touch screen monitors uk quotation

The Black Series is one of our most advanced commercial touch screen monitor. Ultra fast multi-touch interface offers best-in-class transmittance levels means you will never have to sacrifice image quality. Tech Global’s touch displays engineered in the USA from the ground up for unprecedented dependability for always-on operation. Medical Grade and Industrial Touch Screen Editions available.  When reliability and quality matter most, companies choose Tech Global for their touch screen solutions. Explore Products

Some say our touch screen monitors are the longest lasting in the industry. We’ve raised the bar in reliability with unlimitedtouch activations. This means you can save time and money with less downtime in some of the most stressful, always-on environments. Engineered tough so you know they will keep working with you. In-stock 19″, 22″ , 24″, 27″ touch screen monitor solutions, sunlight readable as well as custom sizes available.

“The TechGlobal monitors have proven to be unparalleled in quality and durability for our public safety dispatch customers.  Our customers literally work in a high stress life and death environment, having a monitor that is designed to live and continuously function is critical.  The provided drivers have been rock stable even in the Linux environment that our consoles operate in.  Support, when required, has been knowledgeable and responsive.  The TechGlobal monitors are an excellent long term investment for a critical application, we wouldn’t sell or recommend anything else to our customers.”

Our mission is to revolutionize the touch screen marketplace by combining cutting-edge technology and a business vision that values our pillar of core principles.