lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

Size class of the display as declared by the manufacturer. Often this is the rounded value of the actual size of the diagonal in inches.40 in (inches)

The most widely used panels are those with 6, 8, and 10 bits for each of the RGB components of the pixel. They provide 18-, 24-, and 30-bit color, respectively.8 bits

The maximum number of colors, which the display is able to reproduce, depends on the type of the panel in use and color enhancing technologies like FRC.16777216 colors

Information of the number of pixels in a unit of length. With the decrease of the display size and the increase of its resolution, the pixel density increases.55 ppi (pixels per inch)

The backlight is the source of light of the LCD display panels. The type of backlight determines the image quality and the color space of the display. There are various backlights such as CCFL, LED, WLED, RGB-LED, and etc.Direct LED

There are many various interfaces under the VESA standard, which differ in the size of the brackets, the distances between the screw holes and their number.400 x 200 mm

lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

Power cord, remote control unit, battery (AAA size) x 2, cable clamp x 3, CD-ROM, SHARP Display Connect license x 1, setup manual, touch pen, pen tray, tray mounting screw x 2, camera mount screw x 2, USB cable*7, camera mount, camera screw, logo sticker, vertical sticker (operation panel), desktop stand (for PN-40TC1)

*1 Brightness depends on input mode and other picture settings. Brightness level will decrease slightly over the lifetime of the product. Due to the physical limitations of the equipment, it is not possible to maintain a precisely constant level of brightness.Figures refer to the brightness of the LCD panel component. The brightness of the product itself may be less than this.

*7 To use the touch panel, connect the bundled USB cable to the computer. If connected via a USB hub, the PC may not recognise the PN-50TC1/40TC1 correctly and operation may be unstable.

lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

Through improvements in LCD parts and materials, monitor weight has been reduced over earlier models, making it easier to transport and install the display.

lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

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lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

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Acquired from some of the renowned vendors of the market, the provided range of Sharp LCD Monitor is delivered by us after testing it against diverse parameters of quality.

The Sharp PN-E601 60" Full Color LCD Monitor is a high-performance, professional display monitor that offers full 1080p high-definition imagery in a sturdy, lightweight design. Made for continuous 24-7 use, the monitor"s thin bezel, portrait/landscape orientation, and fanless operation ensure it remains a quiet, unobtrusiveread more...

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Prelude Offers, Sharp’s cutting edge LCD technology built over the years further pushes the boundaries in its LCD TV AQUOS. The Sharp proprietary LCD with 1920 x 1080 native resolution delivers dynamic visual impact to audiences with true life color reproduction and crisp text image on a large screen format. For applicationsread more...

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lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

Back in 2016, to determine if the TV panel lottery makes a significant difference, we bought three different sizes of the Samsung J6300 with panels from different manufacturers: a 50" (version DH02), a 55" (version TH01), and a 60" (version MS01). We then tested them with the same series of tests we use in all of our reviews to see if the differences were notable.

Our Samsung 50" J6300 is a DH02 version, which means the panel is made by AU Optronics. Our 55" has an original TH01 Samsung panel. The panel in our 60" was made by Sharp, and its version is MS01.

Upon testing, we found that each panel has a different contrast ratio. The 50" AUO (DH02) has the best contrast, at 4452:1, followed by the 60" Sharp (MS01) at 4015:1. The Samsung 55" panel had the lowest contrast of the three: 3707:1.

These results aren"t really surprising. All these LCD panels are VA panels, which usually means a contrast between 3000:1 and 5000:1. The Samsung panel was quite low in that range, leaving room for other panels to beat it.

The motion blur results are really interesting. The response time of the 55" TH01 Samsung panel is around double that of the Sharp and AUO panels. This is even consistent across all 12 transitions that we measured.

For our measurements, a difference in response time of 10 ms starts to be noticeable. All three are within this range, so the difference isn"t very noticeable to the naked eye, and the Samsung panel still performs better than most other TVs released around the same time.

We also got different input lag measurements on each panel. This has less to do with software, which is the same across each panel, and more to do with the different response times of the panels (as illustrated in the motion blur section). To measure input lag, we use the Leo Bodnar tool, which flashes a white square on the screen and measures the delay between the signal sent and the light sensor detecting white. Therefore, the tool"s input lag measurement includes the 0% to 100% response time of the pixel transition. If you look at the 0% to 100% transitions that we measured, you will see that the 55" takes about 10 ms longer to transition from black to white.

All three have bad viewing angles, as expected for VA panels. If you watch TV at an angle, most likely none of these TVs will satisfy you. The picture quality degrades at about 20 degrees from the side. The 60" Sharp panel is worse than the other ones though. In the video, you can see the right side degrading sooner than the other panels.

It"s unfortunate that manufacturers sometimes vary the source of their panels and that consumers don"t have a way of knowing which one they"re buying. Overall though, at least in the units we tested, the panel lottery isn"t something to worry about. While there are differences, the differences aren"t big and an original Samsung panel isn"t necessarily better than an outsourced one. It"s also fairly safe to say that the same can be said of other brands. All panels have minute variations, but most should perform within the margin of error for each model.

lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

With the introduction of the LC40LE700UN, Sharp combines its legendary AQUOS LCD panel technology with a newly developed, proprietary Full Array LED backlight system to create picture quality that is second to none. The LC40LE700UN illustrates Sharp"s LCD technology leadership while also demonstrating its LED engineering advantages. Sharp"s Ultra Brilliant LED system illuminates the TV to extremely high brightness and contrast levels and enables significant environmental benefits such as longer life expectancy, no heavy metals and lower power consumption. At the same time, the new XGen LCD Panel utilizes a pixel design that permits more light to pass through even while minimizing light leakage.

lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

The AQUOS LC-40D68UT LCD TV offers high performance at a top value. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and fine color purity, it is a next-generation TV to carry you into the high-definition future. The LC-40D68UT utilizes a high-performance LCD panel providing high contrast, 6ms response time and wide viewing angles (176�H x 176�V). It is an HDTV with built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC tuners and includes 3 HDMI and 2 HD component video inputs as well as a D-sub, 15-pin input for PC compatibility.

lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products. Founded in September 1912, the company was named after an invention of one of its founders Tokuji Hayakawa. The invention was called Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil. Sharp is known for its LCD panels. The company manufactures TVs and monitors, and is one of the biggest players in the display business. It has also made smartphones for the Japanese market.

lcd panel 40 inch sharp manufacturer

With the introduction of the LC-40LE810UN, Sharp once again demonstrates its leadership in LCD and LED technology. In a monumental engineering breakthrough, Sharp"s proprietary Quad Pixel Technology, a 4-color filter that adds yellow to the traditional RGB, enables a vast array of colors to be displayed for the first time. A stunning new contemporary Edge lit design proudly announces a new direction for AQUOS LCD TVs in 2010. The proprietary AQUOS LED LCD system comprised of the X-Gen LCD panel and UltraBrilliant LEDs enables an incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 4,000,000

1 and picture quality that is second to none. The LC-40LE810UN is fully featured, including the addition of Netflix streaming video capability through the AQUOS Net service, along with the industry"s leading online support system, AQUOS Advantage Livesm. A built-in media player allows for playback of music and photos via the USB port.