nzxt kraken z63 with lcd display review quotation

Coolers are all the rage these days for gamers everywhere. If you’re looking to upgrade your style, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, in our NZXT Kraken Z63 AIO Cooler review, we’ll talk about why this product’s the best when it comes to fashion.

NZXT is famous for its innovative products in the gaming industry. They are an American manufacturing company in Los Angeles, California that focuses on computer hardware. With their talents, we expect nothing less from this line of Z series coolers.

The NZXT Kraken Z63 is a rectangular package that comes in purple and white. The product model can be seen in the front as well as the product’s name.

Inside, you will be greeted with the product and the instruction manual laying on top. The instruction manual helps the user install the cooler to their system. It also reveals other features the product has to offer.

No need to worry about the complexity of installing the cooler. With the manual, you will be guided accordingly on how to properly manage and maintain it.

Upon opening the mould, you will observe that the product is neatly intact. There, the radiator, tubes, fans and pump are covered in a plastic wrapping, together with all the important cables needed to run the product into your PC.

Let’s now talk about the design and its functions in our NZXT Kraken Z63 AIO Cooler review. The NZXT Kraken Z63 has several parts to it. So, first on our list, is the radiator.

The NZXT Kraken Z63 radiator styles a black sleek colour with two 140 mm Aer P fans. Its main role is to keep the liquid inside the tubing cooled. With this, it helps distribute the airflow effectively around the PC.

The black tubes are made out of rubber and braided into a sleeve together with nylon. Tubes are important because this circulates the cooled liquid around the product. Without the tubes, the liquid cannot circulate to the CPU block, which cools the processor.

The CPU block remains to be a circle in shape together with its pump. This is a very common design when it comes to coolers. Having the pump and the CPU block in the same part helps regulate the liquid.

Several things come with the NZXT Kraken Z63. First is the cables. The cables run through the radiator and into your motherboard. This makes it easier to manage.

Next, you will find a plastic bag full of insulation hardware. It has the mounting kits for the processor. With these, the Kraken Z63 is adaptable to both Intel and AMD processors.

When you play games, video edit or watch HD streams, most of these applications take a ton of processing power. This is why NZXT targets efficiency and consistency for their cooler. With that, a constant temperature can be stabilised while doing these heavy applications.

It is always important for one to look at the stability and performance when checking out coolers. The NZXT Kraken Z63 provides reliable power for various applications. Thanks to its build, it can challenge the most draining applications.

Processors prove to be difficult when it comes to cooling. They always demand a large amount of power. NZXT was smart in their decision to rely on their talents to innovate the CPU block.

Due to its alteration, it can maximise the amount of cooling needed to keep the processor cooled and collected. With the fans in place, it helps remove trapped heat inside and circulates the airflow.

It is important to always adjust when the call asks for it. NZXT’s latest software, CAM, permits the user to fine-tune the settings, making it optimal for reconfigurations when necessary. There are options to alter temperatures, speeds, power management and cooling.

With that, CAM’s user-friendly program makes you the ruler of your PC. Thanks to its simple-to-use UI and intuitive controls, you can easily manage your cooler’s performance and design.

NZXT has taken coolers to a different level. When we say different, we are talking about style. With the brand new Kraken Z series, it lets you fully personalise the all-in-one liquid cooler. What does this mean?

CAM’s latest software interface lets you do a lot more than reconfigure your specifications on the settings. It lets you design how you want your CPU block to look like. There are options where you can display images, animated gifs or system information.

Total customisation would be the words for this matter. Thanks to the bright 2.36 LCD screen on the CPU block, this lets you display your favourite gifs. NZXT has thoroughly thought out what gamers would need and want, filling both desires at the same time.

Overall, NZXT is a master of style and performance when it comes to their Kraken Z series. With total customisation and optimal performance, you can expect nothing less from NZXT.

The NZXT Kraken Z63 AIO cooler is made up of several important parts. These are the radiator, tubes, pump, CPU block and fans. Let’s start with the radiator.

The radiator sizes 143 by 315 by 30 millimetres. It is encased with aluminium. The radiator itself isn’t quite big, but when you install the fans together, they make quite the pack.

Next is the pump, which has a motor speed and power of 800 to 2,800 rotations per minute. With that, you can tell that the pump can easily handle high amounts of pressure coming from the liquid.

Don’t be scared about all these technical aspects within the product. These can be learned through the manual provided. If you are not sure, always consult the official website. With that, NZXT always puts attention when it comes to details.

When the product came, we were shocked to find out how easy it was to install the product. Thanks to its lightweight; it wasn’t a hassle to carry. With the braided sleeves, it was easy to maneuver and rotate around the case.

For the test, we wanted to know its noise levels. Checking the acoustic performance can be hard because it is a matter of personal preference. With the Aer P fans that have fluid-dynamic bearings, it was silent during operations. This also goes for the pump.

Moving on, we checked the temperatures during play. Thanks to the LCD screen display on the CPU block; it was easy enough for us to know if the PC was heating up. To our surprise, the processor stayed at a temperature of 44°C. W                     .

Lastly, we then wanted to check out the CAM software of NZXT for the display screen. Most of us during this test had a great time displaying funny gifs on the CPU block. It felt great putting whatever we liked on the screen. With that, we felt totally in control.

NZXT has impressed us yet again. Not only that, but we really had a blast with the LCD. It was something new to us, and we had such a wonderful time customising it. NZXT knows what they are doing, putting attention to what gamers need and want in a cooler today.

Before we wrap up our NZXT Kraken Z63 AIO Cooler review, we will give you our conclusion of the product. This determines whether the product is worth the buy.

The NZXT Kraken Z63 AIO Cooler is a marvellous feat that brings new light to gamers everywhere. With great features being brought to the table, NZXT was sure to keep our hopes up.

Performance, cooling and efficiency are all important, but who said we can’t add a little bit of style to it? With CAM’s software and LCD, you can personalise to your heart’s content.

All in all, we were blown away with NZXT’s latest line of coolers, the Kraken Z series. We had a blast testing this product, and we highly recommend that you take a ride on it too. With that, we end our NZXT Kraken Z63 AIO Cooler review.

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nzxt kraken z63 with lcd display review quotation

Ever since it was founded back in 2004, NZXT has been focused on the always-lucrative PC gaming market. The company started out with just a few PC cases, yet their unique aesthetics and features were more than enough to let the company establish a solid foothold in the advanced PC market. Several years later, NZXT slowly began diversifying their product portfolio by adding cooling and power products to it. Today, the company produces a large variety of PC cases, cooling, and power products, as well as PC peripherals and accessories.

NZXT entered the PC cooling market nearly a decade ago by releasing all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling solutions and accessories for them, including GPU mounting brackets. However unlike other manufacturers who have opted to build large, diverse product lineups, NZXT never kept more than a handful of AIO coolers available in their product line-up. Instead, the company has focused on delivering a few quality and aesthetically-unique designs, rather than trying to take the competition down on raw performance alone.

Today we are taking a look at NZXT’s latest liquid coolers, the Kraken X-3 and Z-3 series. These are more of a refresh rather a total upgrade over last year’s X-2 series, but NZXT has made some notable tweaks. Between the two families there are five different coolers in three sizes, covering the usual 240/280/360mm configurations. Both the X and Z series utilize the same cooling hardware, but NZXT has positioned the Z series as a premium option with a novel aesthetic feature – while the X series has RGB lighting on top of the pump base, the Z series tops its base with a full-fledged (and full color) LCD screen.

For this review we"re checking out both the X73 and the Z63, giving us a full view of the performance and features we can expect from most coolers that NZXT currently offers.

The new Kraken Z-3 and X-3 coolers ship in relatively simple packaging, based on the same white/purple artistic theme that NZXT has used over the last few years. A picture of the cooler covers the otherwise plain front of the packaging. Inside the box we found the coolers and their parts well protected by custom cardboard inserts.

All of the coolers share practically the same bundle, which is limited to the basics. Inside the box we only found the required mounting hardware, the necessary wiring, and an installation manual. We should also note that NZXT does not include the TR4 socket mounting plate by default, but they do have one available as an optional part for Threadripper owners.

The NZXT Z63 and X73 come with two 140 mm and three 120 mm fans respectively. The company went with high quality fans, with fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) engines and anti-vibration mounting pads. They are not overly powerful, though with their flat-bladed, high-pressure design they shouldn"t have much trouble overcoming the resistance of the radiator. There is no lighting about the fans, with the company focusing their artistic enhancement efforts on the pump block instead.

Digging into our review samples, let"s start with deciphering NZXT’s cooler names. The first character denotes the series, the second the size, and the third is the version. For example, the Z63 and the Z73 coolers belong to the same series and share most features but their radiator size differs, while the X73 and Z73 are of the same size but belong to different series. Thus the Z63 and the X73 that we will be reviewing today check both of these boxes, allowing us to explore the differences between the Z and X series and measure the thermal performance of both the 280 mm and the 360 mm coolers.

So what sets apart NZXT"s X and Z series coolers? In short, it"s all about displays. For the Z series, NZXT has topped off the the main block assembly with a 2.36” LCD screen. The LCD can be programmed to showcase everything from images and GIFs to real-time data. And despite the low 320×320 px resolution, it is crisp and bright, with beautiful color reproduction.

Otherwise for the X model, NZXT dials things back just a tad and uses a mirrored top with LEDs placed under it. Once powered, the company logo and a ring appear, with the mirror creating an infinity effect about the ring. The LEDs are RGB and users can adjust the colors of the ring using NZXT’s CAM software. On the whole it is a relatively simple and attractive visual setup.

Other than the display topping the main block, the X and Z series coolers are all but identical. The rest of the main block is the same between the two, going right down to the contact plate and mini pumps. So at the base of NZXT"s LCD and LED handiwork lies a circular copper plate, secured on the plastic body with eight stainless steel screws. A layer of thermal paste is pre-applied onto the contact plate. It is not machined down to a mirror finish but it is smooth and entirely flat. The contact plate is not large enough to cover Ryzen Threadripper processors and, although it should work okay, we generally advise against using coolers that are not specifically developed for the TR4 socket on Threadripper processors.

Moving on, let"s talk about NZXT"s radiators. Their different sizes aside, the radiators of both the Z63 and X73 seem to be identical in terms of design. The subtle but significant difference is that the 120 mm fan radiator of the X73/Z73 is 26 mm thick, while the 140 mm fan radiator of the Z63/X63 is 30 mm thick. It"s just a few millimeters, but it"s something that should absolutely be considered confirming the cooler’s compatibility with a given case, as sometimes a few millimeters makes all the difference. Both radiators are typical dual-pass cross-flow designs, with tiny fins soldered on thin oblong tubes. This is by far the most dominant radiator design for AIO systems and rightfully so, as it offers the best efficiency within limited proportions and for the temperature differences that AIO coolers have to deal with.

The hose fixings on the radiator side are immovable, making them a bit less flexible during installation. In order to cope with long-term evaporation losses, NZXT is using what they are calling “ultra-low evaporation” high-density rubber tubing, with external nylon sleeve braiding for additional mechanical protection. NZXT also took the time to punch the company logo on the sides of the radiators.

nzxt kraken z63 with lcd display review quotation

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nzxt kraken z63 with lcd display review quotation

The NZXT Kraken Z63 RGB RL-KRZ63-R1 280MM AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler with LGA 1700 Bracket is an All-in-One (AIO) liquid cooler that is ready for high-performance CPUs with the ability to fit in most cases. Show CPU/GPU temperatures or customize with GIFs with the Kraken Z LCD display. With a bright, 2.36” LCD screen capable of displaying 24-bit color, you can now completely customize the look of your CPU cooler. Plus, with the fully programmable display, the pump can be rotated* to fit the needs of your motherboard without affecting the direction of the logo or image.

nzxt kraken z63 with lcd display review quotation

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nzxt kraken z63 with lcd display review quotation

NZXT has released five new CPU coolers into its Kraken series of all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers, shipping under the new Kraken X-3 and Z-3 naming scheme. These new liquid coolers are the Kraken X53, Kraken X63, Kraken X73, Kraken Z63 and Kraken Z73.

The most exciting of these new entries are NZXT"s new Kraken Z-3 series of liquid coolers, which feature a CAM-compatible LCD screen on its block/pump unit. This 24-bit screen is 2.36 inches (60mm) in size and can be used to display system information, animated GIFs or static images. The Kraken Z-3 series will release with 280mm (Z63) and 360mm (Z73) options.

NZXT"s X-3 series is more similar to the company"s older Kraken series coolers, offering users an LED ring that"s 10% larger than its predecessors and a new logo design which can be rotated to enable more cooler mounting options. This design tweak allows NZXT"s logo to be facing the correct direction regardless of how the cooler and its tubing is oriented. The X-3 series will be released in three forms, offering buyers 240mm (X53), 280mm (X63), and 360mm (X73) radiator size options.

NZXT"s Kraken X-3 and Z-3 series cooler are compatible with all modern mainstream CPU sockets from AMD and Intel, including AM4 and LGA 1151. Each of these coolers will also be shipped with NZXT"s Aer P Series (non-RGB) radiator fans.

In the US, NZXT"s new X-3 and Z-3 series of all-in-one liquid coolers are available starting today through the company"s webstore, with availability in the rest of the world starting in February.

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nzxt kraken z63 with lcd display review quotation

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