outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

Supply your business with our high-brightness LCD digital displays that work for outdoor applications in the retail, transportation and hospitality industries. Our screens provide you with content that is not hampered by lighting conditions. Approved by the German TUV Laboratory and EMC and ETL certified, our displays maximize customer engagement thanks to their durable structure and versatility.

outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

Orient Display is a company that specializes in manufacturing LCD displays, touch panels, OLED displays with competitive prices. The company was founded in 1996 by specializing in fields of production, R&D, quality controls. Thanks for the management and employee’s continuous hardworking and enormous effort and shareholder continuous investment over years, Orient Display factory is now the world’s leading custom LCD manufacturer in flat panel industry and is listed as a public company in China stock market. Now, Orient Display factory has 2 production lines that can produce PMOLED and AMOLED custom display modules. Factories have complete quality and environment management system, ISO9001, ISO/IATF16949, ISO14001, IECQ QC080000. Orient Display takes around 18% market share in global automotive market and is No.1 in automotive capacitive touch screen.

Orient Display has supported customers with custom LCD displays for tens of thousands of types and models for automotive, appliances, medical, smart homes, point of sales, industrial advices, etc. Whether your design requires a small custom LCD display glass, or a fully customized LCD module, or custom monitors and displays equipped with complicated embedded control board with touch panels, our experienced engineers in North America, Europe or in China factory will assist you in designing your customized displays.

Orient Display customer service sends quotation to you (might come with technical suggestions according to your targeted applications). The time will depend on the complexity of the project and the time to source components, normally, it takes 1-3 days for custom LCD glass panels, 2-5 days for custom LCD display modules or touch panels.

Orient Display engineers provide custom LCD display counter-drawings for you to approve with your signature on the drawing. The drawings might be modified several times until the designs are fully achieved your technical requirements. There can be a lot of technical discussions at this stage. The time our engineers take to arrange drawings also depend on the complexity of the project. Normally, it takes 1-3 days for custom LCD glass panels, 2-5 days for custom LCD display modules or touch panels.

After your drawing approval, Orient Display will start to make samples or prototypes for you to test. The lead time also varies depending on the production complexity and component/material sourcing. Normally, it takes 4-6 weeks for custom LCD glass panels, 8-10 weeks for custom LCD display modules or touch panels.

After your sample / prototype approval, Orient Display is ready for production. Orient Display welcomes trial production between the prototypes to large scale production so that you have the opportunity to fully test the custom LCD display or touch panel to run well in your designed products.

Dimensions (Specification / Drawing / Sketch of the LCD, if available). If it is a drop-in replacement, it is great to provide files in dwg. or dxf. format.

LCD Mode Preference if you have an idea or let us to decide (TN Positive/Negative, STN Positive YG, STN Negative Blue, STN Positive Gray, FSTN Positive, FSTN Negative, FFSTN Negative);

Dimensions (Specification / Drawing / Sketch of the LCD module, if available). If it is a drop-in replacement, it is great to provide files in dwg. or dxf. format.

LCD Mode Preference if you have an idea or let us to decide (TN Positive/Negative, STN Positive YG, STN Negative Blue, STN Positive Gray, FSTN Positive, FSTN Negative, FFSTN Negative);

Fully custom made TFT LCD display module can be very expensive, the NRE ranges from $80,000 to $1M depending on the size and the resolution of the LCD display and the generation of the production line the LCD display to be produced. For over 99% of our projects, we are talking about the modifications of the standard TFT LCD display. There are a lot of standard color TFT displays available in the market. You are highly likely to find one matching your requirement. If you can’t find a suitable one on our website, please check with our engineers, we have a database in factory with much more types.

Dimensions (Specification / Drawing / Sketch of the LCD module, if available). If it is a drop replacement, it is great to provide files in dwg. or dxf. format.

The above information can be overwhelming. Actually, we design a lot of touch panel and LCD custom display projects without being provided detailed information. Our engineers and customer service can quickly decide the parameters based on the customer’s application. Please feel free to contact our engineers for details.

outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

Displays2go is a leading retailer, distributor, and manufacturer of top-quality marketing and merchandising display products. Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shopping experience for commercial, professional, institutional, and residential customers in all industries. In addition to point of purchase and point of sale fixtures, Displays2go offers trade show, marketing, and retail display products, and facilities furniture and accessories. Our service hallmarks are our comprehensive e-commerce web catalog, extensive in-stock inventory selection, and commitment to quality customer service, including same day shipping for the majority of orders. We use domestic vendors, in-house manufacturing, and international purchasing power to stock our extensive inventory of POP, POS, and facilities maintenance display products, fixtures, and accessories. In addition, having one of the largest selections of in stock display products allow us to offer affordable, competitive pricing structures designed for businesses of all sizes, as well as same-day shipping on most in stock products. Our standard cost structure features wholesale base prices with bulk discounts that start at low, low order quantities, allowing small businesses and large corporations alike to get the best deal on product display marketing supplies. In fact, our prices are so competitive that many individuals choose shopping online at Displays2go for residential decor and private collection display fixtures over big-box stores or other online retailers!

Point of Purchase Displays: POP and POS merchandising tools and accessories are designed to attract maximum retail customer attention while making the most efficient use of space. Displays2go offers point of sale fixtures ranging from simple shelf talkers to free-standing cash wrap configurations with locking cases. Our physical merchandising displays are appropriate for stores, vendors, and goods of any size, from branded fixtures with integrated signage to simple cardboard countertop stands.

Marketing Display Products: Communication with customers and advertising to attract potential clients are key elements of any commercial business plan. Displays2go.com offers a wide variety of fixtures and accessories that help boost company or brand recognition in any environment. Stock and custom graphics and banners, brochure holders, poster frames and hangers, digital signage stands and mounts, and interactive messaging kiosks are only a sampling of the many advertising display accessories available for sale on our site.

Trade Show Merchandising Displays: Businesses across all industries attend off-site promotional and sales fairs, conventions, and events. Customized trade show booth accessories and fixtures are a great way to increase customer attraction in high traffic areas. Displays2go’s wide selection includes all-in-one exhibits, indoor and outdoor flags, digital and electronic signage, folding tables, and portable counters. Our focus is on quality, affordability, durability, and portability, and many customized items are manufactured in-house for the fastest possible turnaround and shipping times.

Commitment to Excellence: Every member of the Displays2go.com team is dedicated to providing top quality service and merchandise to our customers. From our knowledgeable customer care representatives to our skilled warehouse staff to our talented shipping teams, each employee adds their expertise to every purchase.

As one of North America’s largest display product suppliers, we offer a complete range of booth fixtures and accessories. We recognize that event furniture needs can vary widely, from weekly or monthly promotions for some companies, and annual industry trade shows for others. Our selection of exhibit stands and booths includes everything from simple pop-up counters to modular, branded point of purchase promotional exhibits with integrated print and digital signage displays. In addition, various designs allow custom-printed trade show displays to accommodate specialized needs, from presentation-based marketing to direct sales to advertising collateral holders designed to increase consumer awareness. Our in-house purchasing and manufacturing departments are constantly adding new lines, brands, and styles to ensure that our event marketing furniture and accessories keep up with changing customer needs. In addition, our in-house manufacturing team is dedicated to constantly improving both our service and our capabilities. Cutting edge equipment such as flat-bed UV printers allow us to offer increased branding and customization options without significantly impacting order turnaround. Displays2go.com is dedicated to providing quality production and fast shipping, even on custom-branded items, so that displays arrive as quickly as possible.

Displays2go understands that POP and POS display products are a key element of commercial and retail product merchandising success. From modular base configurations such as slatwall and gridwall fixtures to portable countertop risers, our huge selection is designed to meet the needs of stores, brands, and retailers in every market. In addition to point of purchase checkout counters, stands, and accessories for showcasing retail products and advertising or marketing collateral, we offer an extensive collection for specialty merchandising. Industry-specific displays include locking cases for jewelry and high-end merchandise, sunglasses racks, chip strips and spinners, illuminated product display boxes, and clothing mannequins. Customers can browse the different styles, finishes, and options to find the perfect match for décor, inventory, or budget concerns.

Product display marketing needs to accommodate more than simply merchandise. Advertising and sales collateral such as brochures, posters, flyers, and even signage can all be integral to increasing customer awareness and satisfaction. Even facilities furniture such as presentation stands, podiums and lecterns have an impact on operations and the bottom line. Our wide selection of brochure holders, sign frames, and furnishings come in a full range of sizes and styles. Many items include custom branding options, such as digital, UV, and silkscreen printing for high visibility logos, messaging, or graphics. In fact, many of our customized displays, including our entire Workshop Series line of fixtures and accessories, are manufactured and printed in-house in order to reduce lead times.

More than 50 years of expertise make our company uniquely qualified in sourcing, distributing, and even manufacturing fixtures, accessories, and furniture designed to help businesses succeed! No matter if you are a store owner or manager, facility manager, operations supervisor, administrator or corporate purchasing agent, or simply ordering for personal or residential purposes... Displays2go makes it easy to find and order the products needed to help promote or showcase your business or service, as well as free resourceson using and marketing merchandise and items. Our ever-increasing collection of articles is designed to help customers make informed buying decisions that best market their services and products both online and offline. Our industry-specific guides provide real-world solutions impacting single location businesses, pop-up kiosks, franchise operations, multi-site corporations, and everyone in between.

outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

And in this no-nonsense guide, I will show you exactly some important things before the investment decisionsuch as basic definitions, trends, and pricing of indoor LED displays!

Not like other digital displays such as LCD displays, LED displays do not need backlight, which increases its brightness level, electricity-saving ability, viewing angle, and contrast ratio.

Generally speaking, the brightness level of indoor screens is around 800nits, but for outdoor screens, it should be at least 5,500nits to enable clarity of displayed contents.

The protection ability of indoor LED display screen only needs IP43, but outdoor displays needs at least up to IP65 as outdoor environment can be changeable, therefore the screen should be waterproof and dustproof enough to resist extreme weather conditions like rain, high heat, consistent sun, and dust.

There are different types of ICs used in LED displays, and Drive IC accounts for about 90%, so here we mainly discuss the impact of Drive IC on prices.

(2) Installation environment:this determines the technical parameters of screen. For example, if you need to install your display outdoor, then IP65 is necessary.

The lifespan of an LED display screen can be 50,000 hours (15 years of use at 10 hours per day), whereas the lifespan of an LCD can be 30,000 hours (8 years of use at 10 hours per day).

Different LED cabinets can be combined to construct large LED video wall of different sizes and shapes. For instance, creative LED displays like floor LED display, round LED screen, cube LED screen, etc.

Lots of indoor locations allowed include window displays and store fronts, shopping centers, retail outlets, hotel lobbies, offices, shopping centers, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

Stage LED display, also known as stage rental LED display or background LED screen, can create different vibe for stages, and can achieve seamless splicing and gigantic size that can not be brought by LCD display.

It depends on your wished viewing distance. The lower the pixel pitch, the closer together the LEDs are on your display, and the closer your acceptable viewing distance can be. Pixel pitch typically ranges from around 4mm up to 20mm for indoor LED displays

We have high delivery capacity leads to on-time and in-full delivery. The mature production line improve every details of the displays to lower faliure rate as much as possible.

outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

LG takes pride as the leading provider of innovative, flexible and feature-packed Commercial Display Products in the market. Boasting the cutting-edge features and modern design, LG Commercial Displays redefines a whole new way of delivering an ultimate viewing experience to enhance engagement with the audience. From Ultra UD OLED monitors for a digital signage network to hospitality TVs for in-room entertainment solutions, LG Commercial Displays offer a variety of display products to meet the demands of every business environment including:

Digital Signage: Raise your sales with LG Digital Signage and discover our collection of LED Backlit Displays, DS Media Players, Stretch and Touch Screen Displays. Our digital signage displays are available in different sizes and specifications to match the requirements of your business.

Outdoor Displays: Engage with your audience with Open Frame, Window-Facing or LG MRI Displays featuring the latest technology in digital outdoor displays. Experience a revolutionary way to interact with your consumers in any outdoor environment.

outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

This type of content works well as ‘filler’ content in between video, ads and social media displays to stop your viewers from getting digital-overload.

This is one of the most important content displays you’ll create if you work in a restaurant, fast food chain or bar. It also works in an office cafeteria, an event setup or even as a fun noticeboard where you can swap menu items out for things you’re working on or fun descriptions of your team members. If you’re a franchise, this works especially well as you can change the price of an item across all screens and locations from one ScreenCloud login.

outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

Leyard"s commitment to high quality, leading-edge display technology is unparalleled. With innovations in video walls, large format displays, and touch interactivity, Leyard offers the best visualization solutions for a variety of demanding vertical markets around the globe.

outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

For full-sun outdoor spaces and active areas (poolside, outdoor seating areas). Commercial-grade, anti-glare, heat-resistant screens with protective tempered glass shields. Up to 4X brighter than many indoor TVs

outdoor lcd displays factories free sample

Automate your manufacturing facility communications using factory floor digital signage! With reliable and instant communication from your computer to your shop floor displays, you will improve efficiency, track productivity, and reach your employees faster!

Digital signage warehouse and manufacturing displays open up a world of possibilities for your staff and overall productivity rates, whether you"re trying to improve communication within the firm or speed up decision-making on the factory floor.