coby 15 inch tft lcd tv price

FCC Statement: ThisdevicecomplieswithPart15oftheFCCRules.Operationissubjecttothefollowingtwoconditions: • Thisdevicemaynotcauseharmfulinterference,and • This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Note: ThisequipmenthasbeentestedandfoundtocomplywiththelimitsforClassBdigitaldevices,pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules.These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference ina residential installation.Thisequipment generates,uses andcanradiateradiofrequency energyand,ifnotinstalledandusedinaccordancewiththeinstructions,maycauseharmfulinterference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.Ifthisequipmentdoescauseharmfulinterferencetoradioortelevisionreception,whichcanbe...

Audio Menu ITEM DESCRIPTION SoundMode Setthesoundmode.(Standard,Music,Movie,Sports,Personal). Bass Adjustthebass. Treble Adjustthetreble. Balance Adjustthesoundbalance. Surround Settheaudiosurroundeffecton/off. AVC SetAVCon/off. Audio Settheaudiolanguage. Time Menu ITEM DESCRIPTION SleepTimer TheunitwillshutdownautomaticallyontheSleepTime. Theavailableoptionis5/10/15/30/45/60/90/120/180/240min, Off.Thecountdownwouldstartimmediatelyaftersetting. YoucanaccessthisfunctionbyrepeatedlypressingtheSLEEP buttonontheremotealso.Tocheckthetimerleft,pressthe SLEEPbuttonontheremoteonce.Tocancelthesleeptimer, setthetimertoOff. TimeZone SettheDTVtimezone. (Pacific,Alaska,Hawaii,Eastern,Central,Mountain) Daylight SavingTime SettheDTVdaylightsavingfunctionon/off. Clock DisplaytheDTVclockinformation. TV Function...

Setup Menu ITEM DESCRIPTION MenuLanguage Setthemenulanguage. Transparency Setthetransparencyon/off. ZoomMode Setthescreeneffect.(4:3,Cinema,Normal,16:9) NoiseReduction Adjustthescreennoiseappearance.(Weak,Middle,Strong,Off) Closed PresstherightdirectionbuttontoaccesstheClosedCaptionmenu. There are four options lised under the Closed Caption menu. Caption CCMode-SettheCCmode.(Off,On,CCOnMute) BasicSelection-SetthebasicCCtype.(CC1~4,Text1~4) AdvancedSelection-SettheadvancedCCtypeforDTV.(Service1~6) Option-PresstherightdirectionbuttontoenterOption. Undertheoptionmenu,setModeasCustomtoedittheDTV CCtypetoyourownliking. DLC SetDLCon/off RestoreDefault Settheplayertothefactorydefault. Lock Menu ITEM DESCRIPTION Enter Youarerequiredtoenterthe4-digitpasswordtoaccessthe Lockmenu.Theinitialpasswordis0000.

coby 15 inch tft lcd tv price

The Coby TF-TV1525 15 inch Widescreen 720p LCD HDTV/Monitor offers a premium viewing experience featuring brilliant picture, liquid-crystal display, and dual ATSC/NTSC tuners for great reception of digital signal (DTV-ready). With an HDMI digital connection and a 15-pin VGA interface, this TV is perfect for use as a television or computer monitor. Integrated full-range stereo speakers, AV inputs and digital noise reduction are also included.

I bought this TV to use as a small TV that I could carry around and also to use as a computer monitor sometimes. I was not surprised to see it looked very similar to my Samsung TVs because I read from a few websites that it was built with Samsung OEM parts. Even the menu and the setup were very much the same as those on the Samsungs. OTA HDTV quality was decent for a 720p TV of this size. SDTV channels looked better than I could get from the VSonic LCD TVs I also own. Sound quality was excellent considering the small size of the TV and the speakers. The audio was clear and loud even on the default settings. Besides the VGA input, the HDMI input and coaxial digital audio output were the nice bonuses that I didn"t believe I could get with a 15""/15.6" TV but this TV has them all. With a cheap antenna, I could get more than 50 DTV channels in the city. The TV looks very slick in glossy piano black. When used as a monitor, I was very pleased with the 1366x768 screen I got from my laptop via the VGA connector. I also tried the HDMI connection with my desktop and it looked excellent, too. Overall, I would highly recommend this TV to those who are shopping for a 15" TV. Another plus is it has a 16:9 aspect ratio (which I prefer) and not the 16:10 that most other 13 to 19" TVs have.

This is a solid product (keeping the price in mind). I bought this tv to use with my PS3. At first I was disappointed with the way it look (was using the original rca cables), but once I plugged in the HDMI cable everything was pretty clear. I would recommend this tv to anyone who is looking for a cheap product that with still perform

The unit worked for approximately a month and a half. Shut it of one night come back the next day and the remote doesn"t work ... at all. After trying a new remote it"s been diagnosed as a bad remote reciever in the TV.... not acceptable on a unit that is only a few weeks old. All in all it"s a stretch to give it 2 stars.

coby 15 inch tft lcd tv price

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