fhd tft lcd display module in stock

A wide variety of 1920x1080 lcd module options are available to you, You can also choose from original manufacturer, odm and agency 1920x1080 lcd module,As well as from tft, ips, and standard.

fhd tft lcd display module in stock


fhd tft lcd display module in stock

TFTdisplays moduleare liquid-crystal display panel with thin-film transistor technology, bonding with IC driver, backlight unit, and flex cable, sometimes assemble control board with difference interface. TFT display is active display with high contrast than monochrome lcd, TheTFTdisplay technology could offers full RGB display in wide range display colors and tunes, high display resolution. We could get rich colors, detailed images, clear and bright graphics display from a tft lcd module.

Maclight provide wide range tft lcd display module from small sizes to medium sizes. Our small tft lcd sizes( diagonal size of tft active area) have 0.9” tft lcd, 1.8” tft lcd, 2.2” tft lcd, 2.4”tft lcd, 2.8” tft lcd display module, 3.2” tft lcd, 3.5” tft lcd module, 4.3” tft display module, 5” tft lcd, 5.6” tft display, 5.7 inch tft, 7” tft lcd, medium sizes tft module such as 8” tft lcd, 9” tft, 10.1” tft lcd display module, 12.1” tft lcd, and so on. Our wide range standard tft lcd module could meet the most of application for industrial, medical, automotive application. Such as industrial control system, coffee machine, medical equipment, POS system, GPS navigator, white goods, kitchen display, cooking machine, energy control display, IOT, and etc.

Maclighttft lcd module including standard tft-lcd modules, wide viewing angle IPS tft lcd, sunlight readable tft lcd display with high brightness tft and transflective tft lcd, reflective tft, Wide temperature tft lcd, bar type tft lcd, and smart tft lcd module with serial interface for industrial display application. Resistive touch panel and projected capacitive touch screen (PCAP) with tft lcd, in landscape or portrait type. Beside color tft display, we have monochrome tft lcd with high transmissive ratio and power saving for special application such as 3D printer mask screen.

Our tft lcd module have variety interface including MCU, RGB,TTL, LVDS, MIPI DSI, serial SPI, I2C interface. The tft lcd display resolution from such as 80x160 pixels, QVGA 240X320, HVGA 320X480, VGA 640X480 tft lcd display module, and high resolution such 1024X600, 1024X768, 1280X800, FHD 1920X1080 resolution.

fhd tft lcd display module in stock

The displays are ideal for industrial applications where they will be in constant use. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels the TFT displays deliver clear, sharp graphics, designed with anti-glare surfaces making content viewable even in bright ambient light.

fhd tft lcd display module in stock

These wide viewing angle Small Format TFT LCDs with optional touch are industrial grade and cost competitive. Therefore these products are a popular display choice to integrate in many projects.

Using only high-tech factories that we partner with, we provide clients with the service of designing liquid crystal display panel (LCD) and liquid crystal display module(LCM), and is committed to the customized service, R&D, sales, after-sales service of display products. Our factories have hundreds of engineers focusing on creating the highest quality displays including monochrome LCD (TN, STN), colour LCD (CSTN and TFT), Custom LCD’s, LCD module (both COG* and COB*) which are widely used in mobile phones and many other applications.

Our state of the art factory produces High Resolution TFT glass panel cells, has TN, HTN, STN and TFT technologies for LCD panels. The Factory has class 1000 clean rooms, high accuracy bonding, pre bonding and heat seal machinery, many production lines specifically for TFT production, OCA and OCF bonding machines,  In-House LCD glass cleansing process, output thousands of pieces per month.

Touchscreen overlay cover glass only available (so you do not have to purchase the display)These displays can come with: touchscreen components, touchscreen overlays, industrial touch screen,Wide LCDs, LED TFTs, and TFT Colour displays.

Other options are: LCD drivers, LVDS Touchscreen displays, automotive LCD Display, TFT high resolution screens, TFT LCD capacitive touchscreens, TFT capacitive touchscreens, high brightness LCDs, Letterbox Displays, small VGA Displays, LCD panel without backlights,Variations of our Small Format TFT LCDs include: TFT Display touchscreens, TFT IPS Display, monochrome displays, TFT or LCD, embedded components, LCD components, TFT Drivers, industrial range of Displays,

CDS also offers industrial TFT LCDs,Our displays are used in: touch screen vending machines, automotive touch screen displays, vending machine display panel, Touch screen vending, TFT Automotive, LCD Dislay panel kits, Touch screen TFT monitors, LCD Display components, LCD Screen components,  and POS LCD Displays.As you can see from the tables above we have sizes including:  8.8 inches, 4.3 inch LCD Display, 10.1″ TFT LCD,  3.5 inch LCD Display, 4.3 inch display, 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display, 4.3″ screen, 7 inch LCD panel, 3 inch LCD Displays, and 4.3″ TFT LCDs as well as other small LCD Display screens.We have options on and equivalents to the following displays and TFT panel manufacturers:  Raystar, Kingtech LCD, Digital View, OLED modules, OLED products, Powertip LCD Displays, Data Vision LCD, LG TFT Display, Tianma NLT, Powertip Displays, Mitsubishi LCD Displays, DMC components, Kyocera LCDs, NLT Technologies Ltd, Sharp LCD TFT modules, LCD manufacturers in the USA, PMOLED Displays, innolux display corp, Industrial touchscreens, A Grade TFT LCD Displays, Panoramic TFT Displays, Samsung TFT Displays, Touchscreen components, Transparent TFT Displays, Touchscreen components,  TFT LCD controllers, as well as other TFT LCD manufacturers and Liquid crystal Display manufacturers.

CDS offers the widest range of displays and touchscreens including Abon touchscreens, Ampire LCD distributor, alternative Prisma interface baord supplier including Prisma iiia, Solomon Goldentek, Panasonic TFT, Winmate display, USB IO, and Apollo monitors

Our range includes AMOLED, circular displays, circular monitors, circular screens, circular TFT screens, round displays, Round TFT LCD displays, TFT AMOLEDs, TFT and IPS, TFT display interface microcontroller, TFT LCD or AMOLED, TFT LCD super AMOLED, WXGA TFT Displays, and WXGA TFT screens

As well as large format displays CDS also offers DSI TFT Display, large monochrome LCD displays, mono displays, mono OLEDC displays, mono TFT LCDs, monochrome displays, PCT Touchscreens, projected capacitive touch PCT technology, sq monitors and squid IDS.

CDS added a number of additional controller boards nd accessories which include TFT adaptor boards, TFT boards, TFT display controller boards, USB c LCD controller, USB touch kit, resistive touch screen, TFT accessories com, LCD controller board, LCD controller board USB c, LCD controller board, HDMI to MiPi DSI board, HDMI to MiPi DSI bridge, HDMI to MiPi LCD controller board, EDP adaptor bard, elite C microcontroller, Displaylink DL 3000 .

Whether it be bar type LCDs or any of CDS display solutions or many TFT displays we can help with comparing mipi dsi vs lvds interfces or mipi to edp wch can include use on pos shelf displays and rgb epaper for example.