tft lcd reversing camera in stock

Taking care when parking, whether you are reversing into a space or parallel parking into a tight spot is vital as you don"t want to hit another car. Having a rearview camera can give a whole new meaning to having eyes in the back of your head as you"ll be able to see behind you in both day and night time due to the night vision feature. Not only can a rear camera help you with parking in all kinds of weather, but it can also check your blind spots and help you to see if there are any small children or animals behind your car before you attempt each maneuver.

Dash screen: In order to see what the camera is filming, you will have an LCD screen on your dash relaying the feed. As the screen is large, you only need to glance at it quickly to check if there is anything in your way. Even though you have the screen, you should still use your rearview and side view mirrors like you normally would to ensure that the coast is clear.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above for the backup camera in terms of assisting with parking, and checking to see if there are any objects behind you, there are some other advantages:

Ergonomically friendly: Turning around to check what is behind you or to check your blind spots can strain your neck and back but using the camera and viewing screen can save these problems.

Trailer hook-ups: Hooking up a trailer or caravan to your car can be troublesome if there is no one there to guide you. You can use the camera to help you line up your vehicle in the correct way while you are reversing.

There are many brands selling rear cameras that you can easily install into your car. Some come with TFT LCD screens; TFT is used with LCD to give better image quality. Kits can contain one or more cameras made from durable material. An extra camera can give you different view aspects and is particularly useful on larger vehicles. There are different sizes of monitors with 5 and 7 inches common in kits.

tft lcd reversing camera in stock

One CCD COLOR 700TVL Weather/Water-Proof Wide Angle Vehicle Rear View Camera With Wide View Angle, Video, and Night Vision. Approx. 2.8" width x 3.0" height x 2.6" length (size includes surface-mount attachment).

Weather and Waterproof casing with the rain shield. Please note: The casing is weather and waterproof under normal use only and doesn"t require any further adjustment on your part. However, the cables may not be weather and waterproof. To make proofing enabled, the cable connections will require additional sealing/protection that you must provide. Remember, improper installation and using the product in opposition to the manufacturer"s instructions and the manufacturer"s defined terms and conditions of normal usage may result in damage to the weather/waterproofing properties of the camera.

Reverse image - set to display a reversed camera image on the monitor by default(for vehicle rear viewing to duplicate the normal view seen in a rear-view mirror)

Caution: The camera is designed to operate within a range of constantly changing voltage levels produced by a vehicle"s battery and alternator (post engine ignition) under normal use conditions. Some vehicles have a very high momentary voltage at the vehicle starting time and the excessive voltage generation at that time might cause damage to the camera. If your vehicle tends to emit high voltage levels during ignition you will need to install a fuse/voltage regulator/etc. to protect your camera. Please consult with a professional vehicle audio/video equipment installers if needed.

tft lcd reversing camera in stock

Connect up to four cameras to see more and drive safer Wireless monitor with 140ft range 7” color screen – one of the largest screens available – with split-screen feature.

tft lcd reversing camera in stock

Suitable for reversing images of buses,buses and lorries,trucks,passenger car-borne displays,high-definition radar system integrated machine,supporting multi-national

tft lcd reversing camera in stock

Light Tint - This barely has a tint so you basically get a fully reflective surface and it looks exactly like any other mirror. However, because of that reflection, it’s harder to see the LCD screen.

7-Inch Multimedia Rearview Mirror (flip up panel)-This clip-on mirror features a full touch screen with an SD Card slot and USB input that allows you to watch movies from any source. This monitor still has all the standard features of our regular mirror such as 2 inputs and a special glass that shows you the LCD screen when you’re using the backup camera but looks like a fully reflective mirror when the camera is off. This Mirror also features built-in Bluetooth standard that allows you to make and receive calls with your mobile device.

4.3-inch Full mirror replacement-This is a full mirror replacement that has a 4.3-inch LCD screen built into the mirror face. The rest of the face is a regular mirror. This mirror has a special glass that allows you to see the LCD screen only when it is getting a signal from a backup camera.

4.3-inch Dual Screen mirror-This rear-view mirror clips onto your existing stock mirror and features 2 LCD monitors that allow you to see 2 cameras at the same time. The LCD monitors are built under the mirrored glass and when not in use the face of the mirror looks like a standard mirror that comes with your vehicle.

9 to 10.2-inch Clip on mirror- This series has the largest LCD mirrors available. The LCD screen under the mirror takes up the entire face of the mirror. It is perfect for those who want to use their mirror to view their backup camera continually while driving. When the mirror is off or not getting a signal it’s special glass will look like a regular mirror hiding the large LCD panel behind it until the next time you turn it on. This includes a remote control. This mirror has the optional upgraded to 3 or 4 channels with a split screen.