fahrenheit 7 inch screen tft lcd for sale



fahrenheit 7 inch screen tft lcd for sale

The CFAF480640B-035T-TS has a transflective polarizer, and therefore is sunlight readable. The TFT display resolution is 480x640 (portrait) 640x480 (landscape) (VGA, 480xRGBx640, 640x480xRGB), can display 262,000 colors, uses active matrix addressing, and measures 3.5" diagonally. This display also features a 4-wire resistive touch screen, which allows the use of the touch screen while wearing gloves and other insulating materials. It has 10 bright white, series LEDs and the transflective polarizer looks great both in the sun and in the dark. It uses a polarizer specifically designed to provide a wide viewing cone from all sides of the display. This TFT display is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Did we mention that the transflective polarizer makes it fully readable in direct sunlight? That same direct sunlight makes the viewing of ordinary TFT displays extremely difficult, but the CFAF480640B-035T-TS is unaffected.

Do you like the display but don"t need the touch screen? The CFAF480640A-035T is the same TFT without a touch screen. It is slightly thinner and the price is lower.

With an active area of 53.57x71.42mm and a resolution of 640 x 480 (landscape) or 480 x 640 (portrait), this display has a very high pixel density. The Himax HX8363-A or compatible controller in this sunlight readable TFT display is the HX8363A which exposes a generic RGB interface so you won"t run into any trouble getting the display up and running. The logic voltage range of 2.5v to 3.3v allows direct connection to 3.3v processors.

This display is available as a standalone part but it can also be purchased with a Breakout Board + Display below. This breakout board brings LCD connections out to 0.1" center pins, and includes the current controlled backlight driver. Perfect for prototyping into your project.

fahrenheit 7 inch screen tft lcd for sale

Now we have this 5-inch TFT display with a touch screen that can provide a high-resolution picture and a large viewing screen for your Raspberry Pi. The display supports any revision of Raspberry Pi and works perfectly for Raspberry Pi B+/ 2B/ 3B. It is the low power consumption for the backlight of the screen. The high 800 x 480 resolution can give you a full-color experience, the touch screen allows users to play easily.