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Asia has long dominated the display module TFT LCD manufacturers’ scene. After all, most major display module manufacturers can be found in countries like China, South Korea, Japan, and India.

However, the United States doesn’t fall short of its display module manufacturers. Most American module companies may not be as well-known as their Asian counterparts, but they still produce high-quality display products for both consumers and industrial clients.

In this post, we’ll list down 7 best display module TFT LCD manufacturers in the USA. We’ll see why these companies deserve recognition as top players in the American display module industry.

STONE Technologies is a leading display module TFT LCD manufacturer in the world. The company is based in Beijing, China, and has been in operations since 2010. STONE quickly grew to become one of the most trusted display module manufacturers in 14 years.

Now, let’s move on to the list of the best display module manufacturers in the USA. These companies are your best picks if you need to find a display module TFT LCD manufacturer based in the United States:

Planar Systems is a digital display company headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. It specializes in providing digital display solutions such as LCD video walls and large format LCD displays.

Microtips Technology is a global electronics manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida. The company was established in 1990 and has grown into a strong fixture in the LCD industry.

What makes Microtips a great display module TFT LCD manufacturer in the USA lies in its close ties with all its customers. It does so by establishing a good rapport with its clients starting from the initial product discussions. Microtips manages to keep this exceptional rapport throughout the entire client relationship by:

Displaytech is an American display module TFT LCD manufacturer headquartered in Carlsbad, California. It was founded in 1989 and is part of several companies under the Seacomp group. The company specializes in manufacturing small to medium-sized LCD modules for various devices across all possible industries.

The company also manufactures embedded TFT devices, interface boards, and LCD development boards. Also, Displaytech offers design services for embedded products, display-based PCB assemblies, and turnkey products.

Displaytech makes it easy for clients to create their own customized LCD modules. There is a feature called Design Your Custom LCD Panel found on their site. Clients simply need to input their specifications such as their desired dimensions, LCD configuration, attributes, connector type, operating and storage temperature, and other pertinent information. Clients can then submit this form to Displaytech to get feedback, suggestions, and quotes.

A vast product range, good customization options, and responsive customer service – all these factors make Displaytech among the leading LCD manufacturers in the USA.

Products that Phoenix Display offers include standard, semi-custom, and fully-customized LCD modules. Specifically, these products comprise Phoenix Display’s offerings:

Clients flock to Phoenix Display because of their decades-long experience in the display manufacturing field. The company also combines its technical expertise with its competitive manufacturing capabilities to produce the best possible LCD products for its clients.

True Vision Displays is an American display module TFT LCD manufacturing company located at Cerritos, California. It specializes in LCD display solutions for special applications in modern industries. Most of their clients come from highly-demanding fields such as aerospace, defense, medical, and financial industries.

The company produces several types of TFT LCD products. Most of them are industrial-grade and comes in various resolution types such as VGA, QVGA, XGA, and SXGA. Clients may also select product enclosures for these modules.

All products feature high-bright LCD systems that come from the company’s proprietary low-power LED backlight technology. The modules and screens also come in ruggedized forms perfect for highly-demanding outdoor industrial use.

LXD Incorporated is among the earliest LCD manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in 1968 by James Fergason under the name International Liquid Xtal Company (ILIXCO). Its first headquarters was in Kent, Ohio. At present, LXD is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

All of their display modules can be customized to fit any kind of specifications their clients may require. Display modules also pass through a series of reliability tests before leaving the manufacturing line. As such, LXD’s products can withstand extreme outdoor environments and operates on a wide range of temperature conditions.

We’ve listed the top 7 display module TFT LCD manufacturers in the USA. All these companies may not be as well-known as other Asian manufacturers are, but they are equally competent and can deliver high-quality display products according to the client’s specifications. Contact any of them if you need a US-based manufacturer to service your display solutions needs.

We also briefly touched on STONE Technologies, another excellent LCD module manufacturer based in China. Consider partnering with STONE if you want top-of-the-line smart LCD products and you’re not necessarily looking for a US-based manufacturer. STONE will surely provide the right display solution for your needs anywhere you are on the globe.

lcd module quotes manufacturer

Please complete the quote response form with as much information as you have readily available. If your LCD display is based on an existing design you can skip this step and attach any documentation that you may have, or simply list the manufacturers part number of the display that you are currently using. Either way, our engineering design team will quickly evaluate your information, help to fill any holes, and quickly get you an accurate quote for your specific display needs.

lcd module quotes manufacturer

Distributor of component LCDs for equipment which provide high-contrast ratio, color saturation, luminance and performance enhancements such as advanced wide viewing (AWV) for true color fidelity, super-high brightness (SHB) and wide temperature range. Focus on industrial, instrumentation, hand-helds, medical and other low-to-medium volume markets. High-bright LED backlights for outdoor use. LVDS interfaces decrease EMI. Factory installed touch screen solutions. 3.5" to 12.1" QVGA, HVGA, VGA, WVGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA. Also distributes other related products including LED drivers, lamps, indicators, LED assemblies, segment displays, LED mounts, LEDs, and light pipes. Distributor of electronic components, hardware and fasteners and provides design/value engineering support, fulfillment strategies, procurement services and transactional models to meet specific needs and priorities.

lcd module quotes manufacturer

For over 20 years we"ve been helping clients worldwide by designing, developing, & manufacturing custom LCD displays, screens, and panels across all industries.

Newhaven Display has extensive experience manufacturing a wide array of digital display products, including TFT, IPS, character displays, graphic displays, LCD modules, COG displays, and LCD panels. Along with these products, we specialize in creating high-quality and affordable custom LCD solutions. While our focus is on high-quality LCD products, we also have a variety of graphic and character OLED displays we manufacture.

As a longtime leader in LCD manufacturing, producing top-quality LCD modules and panels is our highest priority. At Newhaven Display, we’re also incredibly proud to uphold our reputation as a trusted and friendly custom LCD manufacturing company.

As a custom LCD manufacturing company, we ensure complete control of our custom displays" reliability by providing the industry"s highest quality standards. Our design, development, production, and quality engineers work closely to help our clients bring their products to life with a fully custom display solution.

Customer support requests sent by phone, email, or on our support forum will typically receive a response within 24 hours. For custom LCD project inquiries, our response time can take a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity of your display customization requirements. With different production facilities and a robust supply chain, we are able to deliver thefastest turnaround times for display customizations.

Our excellent in-house support and custom display modifications set Newhaven Display apart from other LCD display manufacturers. From TFTs, IPS, sunlight readable displays, HDMI modules, EVE2 modules, to COG, character, and graphic LCDs, our modifications in the customization process are completed at our Illinois facility, allowing us to provide quality and fast turnaround times.

As a display manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler, we are able to deliver the best quality displays at the best prices. Design, manufacturing, and product assembly are completed at our headquarters in Elgin, Illinois. Newhaven Display International ensures the best quality LCD products in the industry in this newly expanded facility with a renovated production and manufacturing space.

lcd module quotes manufacturer

Crystalfontz America is the leading supplier of LCD, TFT, OLED and ePaper display modules and accessories. We specialize in providing our customers the very best in display products, cables and connectors.

In addition to our large catalog of displays, we offer LCD development kits, breakout boards, cables, ZIF connectors and all of the LCD software and drivers you need to develop your product or project. We are located in the U.S. so we can get product to you fast!

lcd module quotes manufacturer

Displaytech, a SEACOMP division, is a reliable LCD display manufacturer providing displays for many of today"s products. Founded in 1989, Displaytech offers over 25 years of supplying displays. Since then, our LCD product offerings have expanded dramatically as well as our manufacturing capabilities. Our team is highly-experienced in designing, engineering, and manufacturing electronic products that feature an embedded LCD display. The Displaytech brand was acquired by SEACOMP in 2012.

Displaytech is also an Authorized Microchip Design Partner and Graphics Design Partner Specialist. We offer exceptional hardware and software engineering expertise focused on Microchip PIC24 and PIC32 microcontrollers. All of our development tools are built with Microchip compatibility in mind. Displaytech is capable of providing anything from simple technical support to complex product design for LCD based embedded devices.

Purchase Displaytech products by contacting us directly for large volume orders through this website. We also have online distribution channels through Arrow, Digi-Key, Mouser, and RS Components. In addition, we have global distributors and reps that sell our LCD products.

lcd module quotes manufacturer

Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat panel display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals. Liquid crystals do not produce light directly, instead using a backlight or reflector to produce images in colour or monochrome.

lcd module quotes manufacturer

Microtips Technology is a leading custom lcd module manufacturer and we offer a full array of products and services. We have the most advances display technologies available to use in your design and if there is anything you want to change about one of our displays, we can make it happen. All of our displays are fully customizable to your specification and can include extra features like a capacitive touchscreen, an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating, or custom cover glass. Our sales and engineering staff will be with you through the entire process and will ensure our custom lcd display and your end product look their very best.

lcd module quotes manufacturer

An LCD FPC is a flexible circuit that connects an LCD to a customer’s product. A flat cable is a better choice than a round or a wire because it provides greater suppression of RFI and EMI. A flexible printed circuit is custom-built with additional circuitry and lengths to carry data signals from an LCD to the customer’s product. This type of circuit is also called a ZIF connector.

The ZIF connector for LCD FPC is a common failure point for Apple iPad 3and 4. The problem with this component is that it easily breaks during connection or disconnection. The best way to prevent this is to avoid any contact that might damage the connector.

When we talk about the LCD FPC, we talk about the connector that holds LCD screens together. This connector is flexible and can be helpful in many applications, such as mobile phones and navigation equipment. Its main characteristics include high transmission speed, small spacing, and high density. These features can help to ensure the reliability of the transmission of the signal. In addition, it can also convert electrical signals into optical signals. Hence, it is essential to know the specifications of the connector before it is helpful in an application.

Identifying the exact problem with your LCD FPC can be difficult. It may require the use of specialized tools. Therefore, it is critical to know how to perform a diagnosis before starting any repair work. In most cases, the fault is not a hardware one but rather a software issue. Sometimes, a simple FPC repair is sufficient to fix the problem. In other cases, purchasing a replacement LCD FPC may be necessary.

If you’re looking for an LCD unit, there are some key features that you should look for. Some of these factors include energy efficiency, easy connections, and easy cleaning. Other considerations include GPIO pins and GPIO bus compatibility. Then, you can begin shopping for the best LCD unit to meet your needs. Continue reading to learn more.

LCDs are an increasingly popular choice for computer systems. This is because they are energy-efficient and feature many other benefits. For example, FPC displays’ energy efficiency helps decrease energy usage. Additionally, the FPC-based units offer better connectivity than their LCD counterparts. However, they are not the only energy-efficient displays.

You can use microfibre cloths and a spray bottle with water to clean LCD displays. You can use these clothes to remove stubborn stains and fingerprints. However, you must be careful not to get any liquid or residue on display, as this may damage the coatings. You should also avoid using liquid soaps and detergents near your display, as they can harm the LCD screen.

The efficiency of FPC/FFC cables has risen rapidly and is now used to connect LCD panels to other printed circuit boards. These cables are helpful in various applications from industrial equipment to home appliances, LCD television sets, printers, and mobile devices. The increasing usage of these cables has resulted in a growing demand for these units.

Using the GPIO pins of efficient FPC LCD FPPC units allows you to connect peripherals such as sensors to the display. The display itself has few connectors to connect peripherals, but these FFC units will enable you to hook up peripherals directly. You can also connect the display to an expandable header to connect additional boards.

Common FPC LCD modules share several common features. These include a Hitachi HD44780 compatible controller, common pins and connectors, and a standard set of communication interfaces. In addition, these common LCD modules support all eight data lines, including register-select, enable, and data. They also share a LiquidCrystal library.

FPC is the most common type of connection between LCDs. Its major function is to transmit data safely. This connection consists of a conductive strip that is malleable. The strips fit between the controller and display connection ports. To make sure the strips are securely connected, bezels are necessary. This ensures proper connection and prevents surface-to-surface reflections. In addition, this helps to produce better viewing angles and contrast.

If you have a new display, you should carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning it. It can damage the LCD by allowing it to come in contact with moisture or other liquids. Instead, you should use a soft cloth dampened in a mild detergent solution to remove stubborn dirt and other grime. You should avoid using abrasive pads, solvents, or scouring powders on the LCD.

Avoid using paper towels to clean the display. They leave small fibers that can compromise the accuracy of the LCD. Instead, use a lint-free microfiber cloth. This will remove most of the dirt and dust without damaging the display. The final step is to dry the display with a soft cloth.

lcd module quotes manufacturer

“Lcdeer helped us to choose the most suitable display at a lower cost and gave us great technical support. Yealink will continue to work with Lcdeer in the future to develop new products.”

lcd module quotes manufacturer

A typical LED ticker board starts at 48” in length with standard module lengths at 15.2” wide and can be built as long as required. For custom applications, we can use a half module allowing us increments of 7.6”. Get more detailed specs on ourticker product page.