2 4 tft lcd datasheet brands

As a 2.4inch TFT display module with a resolution of 240 * 320, it uses the SPI interface for communication. LCD has an internal controller with basic functions, which can be used to draw points, lines, circles, and rectangles, and can display English, Chinese as well as pictures.

The 2.4inch LCD uses the PH2.0 8PIN interface, which can be connected to the Raspberry Pi according to the above table: (Please connect according to the pin definition table. The color of the wiring in the picture is for reference only, and the actual color shall prevail.)

The example we provide is based on STM32F103RBT6, and the connection method provided is also the corresponding pin of STM32F103RBT6. If you need to transplant the program, please connect according to the actual pin.

The LCD supports 12-bit, 16-bit, and 18-bit input color formats per pixel, namely RGB444, RGB565, and RGB666 three color formats, this demo uses RGB565 color format, which is also a commonly used RGB format.

For most LCD controllers, the communication mode of the controller can be configured, usually with an 8080 parallel interface, three-wire SPI, four-wire SPI, and other communication methods. This LCD uses a four-wire SPI communication interface, which can greatly save the GPIO port, and the communication speed will be faster.

There is an open source project on github: fbcp-ili9341. Compared with other fbcp projects, this project uses partial refresh and DMA to achieve a speed of up to 60fps

2.We use Dev libraries by default. If you need to change to BCM2835 or WiringPi libraries ,please open RaspberryPi\c\Makefile and modify lines 13-15 as follows:

Write Chinese string: in the image buffer, use (Xstart Ystart) as the left vertex, write a string of Chinese characters, you can choose character font, font foreground color, font background color of the GB2312 encoding

2. The module_init() function is automatically called in the INIT () initializer on the LCD, but the module_exit() function needs to be called by itself

Python has an image library PIL official library link, it do not need to write code from the logical layer like C, can directly call to the image library for image processing. The following will take 1.54inch LCD as an example, we provide a brief description for the demo.

The first argument is a tuple of four elements. (20,10) is the coordinate value in the upper left corner of the rectangle, and (70,60) is the coordinate value in the lower right corner of the rectangle. Fill =" WHITE" means BLACK inside, and outline="BLACK" means the color of the outline is black.

Draw an inscribed circle in the square, the first parameter is a tuple of 4 elements, with (150, 15) as the upper left corner vertex of the square, (190, 55) as the lower right corner vertex of the square, specifying the level median line of the rectangular frame is the angle of 0 degrees, the second parameter indicates the starting angle, the third parameter indicates the ending angle, and fill = 0 indicates that the the color of the line is white.

The first parameter is a tuple of 2 elements, with (40, 50) as the left vertex, the font is Font2, and the fill is the font color. You can directly make fill = "WHITE", because the regular color value is already defined Well, of course, you can also use fill = (128,255,128), the parentheses correspond to the values of the three RGB colors so that you can precisely control the color you want. The second sentence shows Micro Snow Electronics, using Font3, the font color is white.

2 4 tft lcd datasheet brands

The shield connects ILI9341"s data pins 0-7 to Arduino digital pins 2-8 (allowing parallel communication, not SPI). ILI"s RESET goes to pin to Arduino analog pin A4.CS (chip select) to A3. RS (CD command/data) to A2. WR and RD to A1 and A0.

ILI9341 is integrated inside the display. It drives the display and has nothing to do with touchscreen (Although the shield connects some pins of ILI9341 together with pins of the touchscreen).

To read a byte from ILI after sending a read command (e.g. 09h - Read Display Status) set RD from HIGH to LOW, so ILI9341 outputs data until RD returns HIGH. (see code)

To draw a rectangle (or just one pixel) on the screen you have to tell to ILI the area (start_column, end_column, start_row, end_row, commands 0x2Ah and 0x2Bh) you want to draw. Then command 0x2Ch. Then send in sequence for every single pixel in the area a value of the color to display. The color has 2 byte format.

The touch screen is attached on the surface of the display. It connects through 4 wires, which share arduino pins 8, 9, A2, A3 with ILI. So you can"t write to LCD display and read the touch screen in the same time.

Then we need to read a position of a touch. So we set one of the X wires to HIGH (which one depends on on which side of touch screen we want to read min/max value; see variant A/B in the code) and we read analog value on Y. The value should be in the range 0-1023, but touchscreen I tested returns 110-910 (So it need to be calibrated - run ILI9341_7.ino). Then we apply LOW-HIGH on Y layer and read analog value on X.

2 4 tft lcd datasheet brands

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