transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

LCD Transparent Displays, transparent screens, transparent monitors, see through screens, transparent touch screen technology, and kits from CDS as we have our own range of transparent screens / displays and transparent video screens manufactured for us, and as we control the manufacturing, we can not only offer more sizes than anyone else in the world, but also guarantee stable supply, long term availability LCDs with amazing quality.  We have replaced the Samsung Transparent Displays / see through Displays and LG Transparent OLEDs that are no longer available!

CDS has increased the use of these see through screens / see through displays / see through computer screens / clear monitors across the world including touchscreen computer screens combined with the transparent LCD touch screens and Transparent OLED displays.

transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

CDS as you can see offers an entry level up to high performance rugged range of panel Computer solutions. This stylish range offer integrators an alternative designs and performances whether that be rugged industrial or sleek sealed operator interfaces.  The CDS Clearvue Transparent showcases, Hypeboxes and clear OLED display range offers affordable and reliable quality Panel PCs.  These are used in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), home automation, Building control, factory automation, touchscreen table, process control, SCADA and CAN BUS.

Our new generation of Panel PCs are very impressive utilising powerful technology as well as attractive designs. Users of the CDS products can reliably utilise operating and monitoring processes in your systems to give the impression of an invisible display.

transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

LCD Spec: 19” transparent TN LCD side panel display with 1280 x 1024 resolution enabling the complete customization of the side panel. Users can configure the digital display to feature video wallpaper, images, or system temperatures in real-time

transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

When choosing a transparent side panel, it is important to consider the design of the transparent side panels., though glass panels are often cheaper, they are not as durable as plastic and have less durability compared to other plastic side panels.

There are a variety of polycarbonate options available, though it is not always easy to find a suitable choice for them transparent side panel PC. Although a polypropylene option is available, there are a variety of polypropylene options available, both polypropylene options are also available. In addition, the polypropylene option is also available. Similarly, there is a polypropylene option available, although it is not the same as other plastic side panel PC.

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transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

Around 3 years ago, I started planning a build to replace my aging i5-3570K PC. I wanted something unique - something that couldn"t be simply purchased off the shelf. RGB was just getting big, so I went against the RGB trend and started looking into other ways to make my build stand out. Eventually, I was led to research transparent LCD side panel mods.

2 years ago I put together the initial PC. I picked up a Ryzen 7 1700x for $150 as a placeholder for Ryzen 3000 for this build. That release came, and to my surprise AMD was still lagging behind Intel in gaming performance. But with Ryzen 5000, that"s a different story! The Ryzen 5 5600X is a beast, with huge uplifts in single core performance compared to my old 1700X. Heck, it even beats it in multi core.

You can find a full build log here, which includes more pictures and even videos of it in action:

transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

Transparent plastic and tempered glass have been the standard for PC cases for over a decade now. So if you’re going to be constantly looking at your PC’s guts, why not just end the pretense and stick a whole-ass monitor in there? That’s the idea behind the Side Panel Kit, a full 13.3-inch, 1080p monitor that sits behind the transparent panel of your PC case and connects directly to your motherboard. The screen acts as a standard monitor in Windows, displaying whatever you want.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen massive screens mounted directly onto a desktop PC. In addition to novelties like smaller LCDs attached to CPU AIO pumps, RAM, graphics cards, and probably the backside of the motherboard by now, you might recall iBuyPower’s Project Snowblind. It also turned the entire side of a PC case into a display, albeit a transparent one designed more to show supplementary data. In comparison, Asrock’s screen is relatively basic. It’s just a nice little IPS LCD that sticks to the inside of your PC case with the included mounting brackets.

While the screen should be installable into any case that can physically house it (you’ll need a clear area on the side panel 300mm by 193mm, horizontal or vertical), there’s one little foible to the design that might be a dealbreaker. The screen connects directly to the motherboard via an Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) cable for both data and power, as noted by Tom’s Hardware. eDP is a standard connection often seen in laptop screen panels, but it’s rarely seen in consumer-facing electronics…and Asrock is the only company making motherboards with an eDP connection built-in. There’s no easy way to make an adapter, either, since unlike regular DisplayPort it includes electrical power as well.

At the time of writing only a handful of Asrock motherboards support the screen, mostly in the Z790 series (Intel 1700, with one B650 option for Ryzen fans). You can expect more high-end boards from Asrock to include the connection in the near future. Maybe by then the company will actually have an option to buy the Side Panel Kit, because it doesn’t appear to have a shipping date or price at the moment.

transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

If you want a secondary screen but can’t quite fit one onto your desk, you might want to check out ASRock’s latest invention — a PC side panel display.

PC owners have all that space on their chassis, and nothing to do with it. As long as you’re willing to give up being able to easily peer inside the case (and admire the RGB light show, if that’s your thing), you might like ASRock’s 13.3-inch Side Panel Kit. This is essentially a monitor, similar to that in a laptop, that is attached to the inside of your case.

As the panel is installed within the chassis, your case needs to have a side panel made of transparent tempered glass. It has to be sturdy enough to hold the screen, but it also needs to be see-through so that you can see it in the first place.

You could use it to simply monitor your PC’s temperatures and speeds, or you could turn it into a proper secondary screen for productivity or entertainment. Granted, needing to view it through the case will probably diminish the experience a bit, but it’s still a fun gadget if you’ve got limited desk space and want an extra screen. If you do get one and plan to use it for productivity, you might need to re-think the placement of your PC case to avoid constantly having to turn and look to the side.

As of right now, only ASRock boards support this side panel. Tom’s Hardware reports that only some of the best motherboards for Intel and AMD will qualify, including the Z790 PG Lightning, Z790 Pro RS, Z790 Pro RS/D4,  Z790 LiveMixer, Z790M-ITX WiFi, Z790 PG Lightning/D4, Z790 Steel Legend WiFi, B650E PG-ITX WiFi, and lastly, H610M-ITX/eDP.

This availability is likely to affect the popularity of ASRock’s new gadget. However, if you have one of the required motherboards or you’re planning an upgrade soon, it seems like a fun addition to a PC build.

transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

ASRock"s 13.3-inch Side Panel Kit, spotted by Tom"s Hardware on Tuesday, includes a 13.3-inch IPS display meant to attach to the inside of a desktop PC"s side panel. This is a convenient design for people who are low on space but still keep their tower on a desk. The kit provides a 1920×1080 display with a 60 Hz refresh rate, 300 nits of brightness, and an 800:1 contrast ratio, making its specs comparable to dedicated portable monitors in the $200 range, such as Lenovo"s ThinkVision M14 (although, when we tested the M14, we recorded a notably higher contrast ratio, 1,064:1, than ASRock"s panel claims).

The Taiwan-based company, which is known for selling DIY PC parts, also says the 13.3-inch Side Panel Kit will work on "most" ATX, Mini-ITX, and Micro-ATX PC cases. As any PC builder will assure you, compatibility with "most" PC cases does not mean compatibility with them all.

The kit also provides flexibility. Theoretically, you could use it on multiple monitors, assuming everything"s still compatible. That"s different from iBuyPower"s Snowblind S PC case, which has a 19-inch, 1280x1024 transparent LCD display on the side. However, the transparent panel doesn"t appear to have the strongest image quality and is also meant to showcase PC components, which are encouraged to be white or silver, to help images on the display pop.

Today, the options for desktop side-panel monitors are limited, and available products carry caveats galore. ASRock"s 13.3-inch Panel Kit isn"t suitable for most. But it"s nice to see companies exploring creative ways to bring more pixels to cramped spaces.

transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

ASRock has launched a 13.3-inch PC case side panel display kit. It is an IPS monitor that fits within the common transparent left-side window of a tower PC case. The PCs and components maker amusingly touts this rather small in-PC screen as being a choice that could "double your productivity."

If the above in-PC display sounds like a good idea to you, the design comes with a couple of provisos; it is only claimed to work with ASRock motherboard-based systems featuring an onboard eDP port, and you will want a clear / colorless glass side panel to make the most of the new display. These conditions probably narrow down the potential addressable market quite drastically. ASRock only has ~10 motherboards with an eDP port on board.

ASRock employees had a brainstorming session to conjure up some attractive practical uses for the new descriptively named 13.3” Side Panel Kit. The list of possibilities that they were able to think up to reflect the potential of the new product amounted to the following three gaming scenarios; for dedicated gaming chat, to watch YouTube gaming guides in-game, or for streaming monitoring / controls while gaming. They could have mentioned the neatness of having an in-window zero-footprint display for PC monitoring and so on, but we"ll offer that up for free.

In the box with the display panel, buyers get the necessary eDP cable (remember you need an eDP port on your graphics card or motherboard), a pair of long adhesive mounting brackets and a pair of shorter ones, some spare adhesive strips to match the brackets, and a pack of five cable clips. Yes, the provision of adhesive means this monitor is simply glued to the PC side panel. Installation instructions are provided on the online product page, and we assume are also in a booklet in the packaging.

At the time of writing, we don"t have pricing or availability information for the 13.3” Side Panel Kit from ASRock. The components are relatively common, so it should hopefully clock in under $100. However, please note that ASRock has stated this "may not be sold worldwide," and you are encouraged to get in touch with your local supplier if interested. ASRock took its first steps into the (normal) PC gaming monitors business a few weeks ago.

transparent lcd panel pc case manufacturer

At a show like Computex, every company is trying to get your attention. From dancing girls, to crazy looking booths, to insane case mods, Computex a dizzying technology circus show. iBuypower"s Project Snowblind(opens in new tab) was tucked away in a lonely corner of the convention center, away from all the hoopla, but it was one of the most interesting products we saw at the show.

Using a transparent LCD, the side panel currently connects to a spare HDMI port on either your motherboard or graphics card, and can be set to display essentially anything you want. System utilities showing overclocks and temperatures would be on the tame side; videos, websites, or a slideshow of images are all possible. The panel supports a full range of color and black to clear gradients.

An iBuypower rep told me that a USB version that connects to a motherboard header is in the works but didn"t give a time frame on when that might happen. There was a hint that the company might bring the project to other case panels as well, but didn"t say for sure. Right now, the Project Snowblind panel is compatible with NZXT"s Noctis 450 and H440 cases.

If you ever wanted a case that could be either completely opaque or windowed, now you can have it. Or rather, you"ll be able to have it at some point in the future. iBuypower didn"t provide any information on pricing, availability, or panel resolution, unfortunately.