5 inch 800x480 hdmi lcd touch screen pricelist

I"ve been looking around for a small HDMI LCD screen to use as a seconday screen with Windows and it took a few months of research on and off before deciding on the Elecrow 5" HDMI monitor. For the most part, it took me a while because a lot of reviews here and on other sites were primarily about use and config with Raspberry Pi.

Thanks to reviewer Alan who gave a good review with plenty of photos that convinced me to go for it. Not sure if it"s just how Amazon stores user review videos but the video review was a bit pixelated so it was hard to appreciate the clarity of the screen but it seemed to be what I was looking for.

Having used it for a few months now I still can"t believe how clear and sharp the screen is! There are sadly no controls for brightness, colour, saturation or contrast but everything displayed looks very nice and accurate.

Usually when you see the resolution 800x480 you think how bad that looks when your PC doesn"t have the right drivers installed and it looks blocky. I know it"s all relative and about DPI but once I had it all connected and tested it was sharp and clear, almost HD. I wish I had bought one sooner as it is exactly what I was looking for having tried a Lilliput monitor.

As I"m using this with Windows, I"ve not needed to look through the included driver utility disc and not tried the resistive touchscreen so I can"t comment on those. Windows just detects it as a second display and lets me extend my desktop. No drivers needed. The box contains the LCD screen, a HDMI bridge connector that neatly connects the HDMI socket on the top of the screen to the HDMI socket on the Raspberry Pi when mounted together. Standoffs for mounting are also supplied plus a plastic stylus.

+ It shows the video feed straightaway without any fancy splash screens or slow initialisation pauses. This was one of the annoyances with Lilliput monitor was a slow bright blue screen on power on before it would think about showing the feed. I know it"s only a few seconds but I specifically wanted instant feed on power on for future uses.

+ Runs off a single micro USB (socket also at the top next to HDMI socket) connected to PC USB so no additional external power adapters or sockets needed. It powers down whenever my PC is scheduled to power down so no lingering standby. Some motherboard USB ports do still continue to supply power for charging devices so your experience may differ.

+ I was hoping for an on/off switch but no it only has a backlight switch which I wasn"t sure about to begin with but I"ve since found it very useful and better. I was thinking about buying a micro USB cable designed for Raspberry Pi with an inline power switch built in but for now the brightness switch is fine. As a blessing in disguise, it prevents Windows/DirectShow from blinking all screens when it realises a monitor has been disconnected, that blink would often cause the video on my TV app to freeze. Turning off backlight doesn"t cause DirectShow to have a fit.

- The only negative I can think of is the availability or lack of screen cases with cutouts to suit the position of the HDMI and USB sockets on this. The Elecrow has its HDMI and USB socket at the top edge of screen and nearly all cases I have looked at are designed for screens with HDMI and USB on the right edge. I"ve had to import one from China that had the cutouts for this screen. Took about 2 weeks to arrive. Wish I"d have ordered two cases at the same time to avoid the wait as I"m impressed with the clarity of Elecrow I hope to buy another one in near future.

! Just one more thing Columbo! I had originally wanted to buy Revision B of this screen with capacitive touch screen because it has OSD menu buttons. I can"t find any manuals but I"m hoping that OSD buttons allows settings for brightness as that was my other preferred criteria. Having said that, I think it would be even more impossible to find suitable case due to the positions of sockets and extra menu buttons on Revision B screen. Maybe Elecrow could provide some insight on available cases?

5 inch 800x480 hdmi lcd touch screen pricelist

This fantastic 5 inch HDMI LCD display with USB touch screen is compatible with almost all the operating systems on the market. Utilizing pre-existing Linux/Windows/Mac drivers, this 800 x 480 touch screen will help you hit the ground running. Resistive touch function gives the user full control over any device. It supports Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Android 4.2,Windows CE7, Ubuntu and Debian. With the built-in EDID device information, your equipment will get identified in no time. Meanwhile, its USB touch can fulfill the functions of the right mouse button and drag and drop.

With the special design power circuit for this display, it requires less than 150mA current to get it running with perfect performance. When you do not need the touch screen function, all you need is to plug a HDMI line to get it work. We have successfully run the tests on PC, laptop, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Udoo, Compute stick, SLR camera.

When you use this display with a Raspberry Pi, please edit config.txt to set the HDMI to the native 800x480 in case it doesn"t detect the resolution properly. The easiest way to edit the config.txt is to put the Pi TF card into an everyday computer and edit config.txt with any text editor. Save it and it is ready to rock.