tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

STONE Technologies is a proud manufacturer of superior quality TFT LCD modules and LCD screens. The company also provides intelligent HMI solutions that perfectly fit in with its excellent hardware offerings.

There is also a downloadable design software called STONE Designer. This is a completely free GUI design software you can use to create responsive digital module-ready user interfaces.

STONE TFT LCD modules come with a microcontroller unit that has a 1GHz Cortex-A8 CPU. Such a module can easily be transformed into an HMI screen. Simple hexadecimal instructions can be used to control the module through the UART port. Furthermore, you can seamlessly develop STONE TFT LCD color user interface modules and add touch control, features to them.

You can also use a peripheral MCU to serially connect the STONE HMI display via TTL. This way, your HMI display can supply event notifications and the peripheral MCU can then execute them. Moreover, this TTL-connected HMI display can further be linked to microcontrollers such as:

The famous china LCD display manufacturers. It is the world’s leading semiconductor display technology, products, and services provider. Products are widely used in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, televisions, cars, digital information displays, and other display fields.

Focus on the development and production of china HMI (Intelligent TFT LCD Module) LCD display manufacturers, production, and sales of LCD display modules for 16 years. The company master TFT LCD technology and software system. The main products are industrial electronic series, advanced series, and civil and commercial series. Application scenarios include automation systems, medical beauty equipment, vending machines, smart lockers, energy, and power equipment (refueling machines, charging piles), elevators, smart homes, and offices, measuring instruments, public transportation, etc.

The company serves the consumer display market of the mobile terminal and professional display market. Its products are widely used in many fields such as smartphone, tablet computer, smart wear, car display, medical display, industrial control, aviation display, and smart home, and provide the best product experience for customers through TIANMA and NLT brands.

Mainly committed to the r&d, production, and sales of TFT-LCD/stn-LCD /OLED display modules, it is a modern high-tech enterprise that provides a full range of product LCD module technology and manufacturing support services for TCL group member enterprises and international electronic enterprises.

Set an LCD display module (LCM), capacitive touch screen (CTP), fully integrated touch display module (TDM), LCD thin technology development, production, and service in one national high-tech company.

Domestic size of the top four small and medium-sized flat panel display manufacturers. The products cover medium and small-size TFT-LCD display modules and high-precision miniature cameras, which have been widely used in the fields of smartphones, medical treatment, and industrial display.

The LCD business division is specialized in the r&d, production, and sales of the LCD display (LCD) and LCD module (LCM) series of products. It has ten semi-automatic COG production lines, 1.5KK of monthly COG products, covering COG, TAB, COB, and other LCD module products, TFT, CSTN, and other color LCD display products, and OLED display products. touch screen manufacturers.

Byd IT products and business mainly include the establishment of rechargeable batteries, plastic parts, metal parts, hardware, and electronic products, mobile phone keys, microelectronics, LCD display module, optoelectronic products, flexible circuit board, chargers, connectors, uninterruptible power supply, dc power supply, solar energy products, mobile phone decoration, mobile phones ODM, mobile phone test, assembly operations, laptop, ODM, manufacturing, testing and assembly operations, etc.

Star source products cover backlight, LCD, optical diaphragm, etc., widely used in LCD modules, photo frames, tablets, portable, instruments, and meters.

The company has long invested in the research and development of the TFT-lcm LCD module, focusing on consumer products and industrial control products. Currently, 3.5-11.6 inch modules are available, among which 4.0, 4.3, 5, 6, and 10.1-inch products have reached the leading level in the industry. Products are mainly used in vehicles, mobile TV, PMP, DVD, EPC, security, and industrial control products.

Professional development, design, production, and sales of LCD display module (LCM), products cover COB, TAB, COG, and other LCD module products, TFT, CSTN, and other color LCD display products, as well as OLED display products. Products are widely used in mobile phones, communications, digital products, household appliances, industrial control, instrumentation, vehicle display, color screen display, and other fields.

Mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, and sales of the LCD display and LCD display module. Products are widely used in all kinds of electronic products and equipment HMI interface, such as medical equipment, instruments and meters, audio, household appliances, telephone and clocks, game machines, and other different types and use.

Focusing on the LCD module industry, is a collection of research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. TFT module size from 1.44 to 7 inches, product specifications cover QVGA, WVGA, qHD, HD, etc., the market prospects are broad.

The display manufacturers company mainly researches and develops the LCD display, charger, battery, and other products of mobile communication mobile phone, telephone, MP3, and other high-tech products.

The company integrates research and development, design, production, sales, and service into one, and provides comprehensive touch and display integrated solutions for the complete machine touch screen manufacturer of smartphones, specializing in the development and manufacture of Sensor sensors, capacitive touch screens (GFF/OGS/GG), small and medium-sized LCD (TN/HTN/STN/CSTN/TFT) and corresponding modules and glass cover plate products. The company’s products are widely used in communication terminals (smartphone, tablet computer, etc.), household appliances, car electronics, digital products, and other industries, exported to Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, Singapore, and other countries.

Mainly produces medium and small-size LCD display module (LCM), multi-point capacitive touch screen (CTP), and other high-tech products. At present, more than 1000 models of 1.2-12.1 inch products have been developed. Products are widely used in mobile phones, GPS, mobile TV, tablet computers, digital photo frames, e-books, and other consumer electronics.

It is a professional development and production of small and medium-sized flat panel display upstream materials manufacturers. The company’s main products include LCD display panels, color filter, ITO conductive glass (CF), TFT LCD panel, and capacitive touch screen with multi-touch control functions (sensor and the final module), can provide complete medium and small size flat-panel display device using the solution of raw materials, product specifications varieties complete, widely used in 10.4 inches below the smartphone, tablet, PMP, digital camera, digital camera, GPS and other products of the display panel.

Now it is divided into mobile phone business division: the main products are (2.8-6) inch and the LCD screen and capacitive screen all fit together.MID tablet computer and ultrabook computer division: the main production product size is (7-15) inch capacitive touch screen.

It set TP lamination, assembly lamination r & d, production, sales as one of the production and processing enterprises. Its products are dedicated to mobile phones, tablets, industrial control equipment, and other fields.

Committed to 3.5~4.3 inches, 5 inches, 5.88 inches, 6.2 inches, 7.0 inches, 8.0 inches, 9.7 inches, 10.1 inches, 12.1 inches medium size FOG, backlight process production, products should be widely used in high-end communication phones, tablets, notebook computers, car TV, navigator, and other display products. automotive LCD display touch screen manufacturers.

The company has an injection molding business division, SMT business division, FPC business division, backlight business division, irrigation crystal business division, TFT module business division, SIN module business division, products involving touch screen, LCD display module, backlight, black and white screen, flexible circuit board.

Engaged in the laptop, tablet, smartphone, computer high-performance board card, LCD module, and other electronic products research and development, production, and sales of high-tech private enterprises.

Is a professional engaged in LCD display module, electronic components, production, design, research and development, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in mobile phones, game consoles, PDA, portable DVDs, video phones, intercom doorbells, car video, industrial control medical, and other fields.

STONE provides a full range of 3.5 inches to 15.1 inches of small and medium-size standard quasi TFT LCD module, LCD display, TFT display module, display industry, industrial LCD screen, under the sunlight visually highlight TFT LCD display, industrial custom TFT screen, TFT LCD screen-wide temperature, industrial TFT LCD screen, touch screen industry. The TFT LCD module is very suitable for industrial control equipment, medical instruments, POS system, electronic consumer products, vehicles, and other products.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

LCD manufacturers are mainly located in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan. Almost all the lcd or TFT manufacturers have built or moved their lcd plants to China on the past decades. Top TFT lcd and oled display manufactuers including BOE, COST, Tianma, IVO from China mainland, and Innolux, AUO from Tianwan, but they have established factories in China mainland as well, and other small-middium sizes lcd manufacturers in China.

China flat display revenue has reached to Sixty billion US Dollars from 2020. there are 35 tft lcd lines (higher than 6 generation lines) in China,China is the best place for seeking the lcd manufacturers.

The first half of 2021, BOE revenue has been reached to twenty billion US dollars, increased more than 90% than thesame time of 2020, the main revenue is from TFT LCD, AMoled. BOE flexible amoled screens" output have been reach to 25KK pcs at the first half of 2021.the new display group Micro LED revenue has been increased to 0.25% of the total revenue as well.

Established in 1993 BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd. is the top1 tft lcd manufacturers in China, headquarter in Beijing, China, BOE has 4 lines of G6 AMOLED production lines that can make flexible OLED, BOE is the authorized screen supplier of Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc,the first G10.5 TFT line is made in BOE.BOE main products is in large sizes of tft lcd panel,the maximum lcd sizes what BOE made is up to 110 inch tft panel, 8k resolution. BOE is the bigger supplier for flexible AM OLED in China.

As the market forecast of 2022, iPhone OLED purchasing quantity would reach 223 million pcs, more 40 million than 2021, the main suppliers of iPhone OLED screen are from Samsung display (61%), LG display (25%), BOE (14%). Samsung also plan to purchase 3.5 million pcs AMOLED screen from BOE for their Galaxy"s screen in 2022.

Technology Co., Ltd), established in 2009. CSOT is the company from TCL, CSOT has eight tft LCD panel plants, four tft lcd modules plants in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Huizhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou and in India. CSOTproviding panels and modules for TV and mobile

three decades.Tianma is the leader of small to medium size displays in technologyin China. Tianma have the tft panel factories in Shenzhen, Shanhai, Chendu, Xiamen city, Tianma"s Shenzhen factory could make the monochrome lcd panel and LCD module, TFT LCD module, TFT touch screen module. Tianma is top 1 manufactures in Automotive display screen and LTPS TFT panel.

Tianma and BOE are the top grade lcd manufacturers in China, because they are big lcd manufacturers, their minimum order quantity would be reached 30k pcs MOQ for small sizes lcd panel. price is also top grade, it might be more expensive 50%~80% than the market price.

Panda electronics is established in 1936, located in Nanjing, Jiangshu, China. Panda has a G6 and G8.6 TFT panel lines (bought from Sharp). The TFT panel technologies are mainly from Sharp, but its technology is not compliance to the other tft panels from other tft manufactures, it lead to the capacity efficiency is lower than other tft panel manufacturers. the latest news in 2022, Panda might be bougt to BOE in this year.

Established in 2005, IVO is located in Kunsan,Jiangshu province, China, IVO have more than 3000 employee, 400 R&D employee, IVO have a G-5 tft panel production line, IVO products are including tft panel for notebook, automotive display, smart phone screen. 60% of IVO tft panel is for notebook application (TOP 6 in the worldwide), 23% for smart phone, 11% for automotive.

Besides the lcd manufacturers from China mainland,inGreater China region,there are other lcd manufacturers in Taiwan,even they started from Taiwan, they all have built the lcd plants in China mainland as well,let"s see the lcd manufacturers in Taiwan:

Chimei Innolux Corporation was the successor company, and it initially preserved the Chimei name. In order to differentiate itself from the ChiMei brand, the company was renamed "Innolux Corporation" in December 2012.

Innolux"s 14 plants in Taiwan possess a complete range of 3.5G, 4G, 4.5G, 5G, 6G, 7.5G, and 8.5G-8.6G production line in Taiwan and China mainland, offering a full range of large/medium/small LCD panels and touch-control screens.including 4K2K ultra-high resolution, 3D naked eye, IGZO, LTPS, AMOLED, OLED, and touch-control solutions,full range of TFT LCD panel modules and touch panels, including TV panels, desktop monitors, notebook computer panels, small and medium-sized panels, and medical and automotive panels.

AUO is the tft lcd panel manufacturers in Taiwan,AUO has the lcd factories in Tianma and China mainland,AUOOffer the full range of display products with industry-leading display technology,such as 8K4K resolution TFT lcd panel, wide color gamut, high dynamic range, mini LED backlight, ultra high refresh rate, ultra high brightness and low power consumption. AUO is also actively developing curved, super slim, bezel-less, extreme narrow bezel and free-form technologies that boast aesthetic beauty in terms of design.Micro LED, flexible and foldable AMOLED, and fingerprint sensing technologies were also developed for people to enjoy a new smart living experience.

Hannstar was found in 1998 in Taiwan, Hannstar display hasG5.3 TFT-LCD factory in Tainan and the Nanjing LCM/Touch factories, providing various products and focus on the vertical integration of industrial resources, creating new products for future applications and business models.

driver, backlight etc ,then make it to tft lcd module. so its price is also more expensive than many other lcd module manufacturers in China mainland.

Maclight is a China based display company, located in Shenzhen, China. ISO9001 certified, as a company that more than 10 years working experiences in display, Maclight has the good relationship with top tft panel manufacturers, it guarantee that we could provide a long term stable supply in our products, we commit our products with reliable quality and competitive prices.

Maclight products included monochrome lcd, TFT lcd module and OLED display, touch screen module, Maclight is special in custom lcd display, Sunlight readable tft lcd module, tft lcd with capacitive touch screen. Maclight is the leader of round lcd display. Maclight is also the long term supplier for many lcd companies in USA and Europe.

If you want tobuy lcd moduleorbuy tft screenfrom China with good quality and competitive price, Maclight would be a best choice for your glowing business.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

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tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

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tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

In recent time, China domestic companies like BOE have overtaken LCD manufacturers from Korea and Japan. For the first three quarters of 2020, China LCD companies shipped 97.01 million square meters TFT LCD. And China"s LCD display manufacturers expect to grab 70% global LCD panel shipments very soon.

BOE started LCD manufacturing in 1994, and has grown into the largest LCD manufacturers in the world. Who has the 1st generation 10.5 TFT LCD production line. BOE"s LCD products are widely used in areas like TV, monitor, mobile phone, laptop computer etc.

TianMa Microelectronics is a professional LCD and LCM manufacturer. The company owns generation 4.5 TFT LCD production lines, mainly focuses on making medium to small size LCD product. TianMa works on consult, design and manufacturing of LCD display. Its LCDs are used in medical, instrument, telecommunication and auto industries.

TCL CSOT (TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd), established in November, 2009. TCL has six LCD panel production lines commissioned, providing panels and modules for TV and mobile products. The products range from large, small & medium display panel and touch modules.

Everdisplay Optronics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.(EDO) is a company dedicated to production of small-to-medium AMOLED display and research of next generation technology. The company currently has generation 4.5 OLED line.

Established in 1996, Topway is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacturing of industrial LCD module. Topway"s TFT LCD displays are known worldwide for their flexible use, reliable quality and reliable support. More than 20 years expertise coupled with longevity of LCD modules make Topway a trustworthy partner for decades. CMRC (market research institution belonged to Statistics China before) named Topway one of the top 10 LCD manufactures in China.

Founded in 2006, K&D Technology makes TFT-LCM, touch screen, finger print recognition and backlight. Its products are used in smart phone, tablet computer, laptop computer and so on.

Established in 2013, Eternal Material Technology is committed to the research, development and manufacturing of electronic materials and providing technical services. EMT is leading the industry with its products of OLED and color photoresist materials.

The Company engages in the R&D, manufacturing, and sale of LCD panels. It offers LCD panels for notebook computers, desktop computer monitors, LCD TV sets, vehicle-mounted IPC, consumer electronics products, mobile devices, tablet PCs, desktop PCs, and industrial displays.

Founded in 2008,Yunnan OLiGHTEK Opto-Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. dedicated themselves to developing high definition AMOLED (Active Matrix-Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology and micro-displays.

In Topway, we work side by side to help you overcome any technical and none technical challenges that may arise during product design, manufacture or installation. We can even take care of component sourcing and manufacturing for you.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

Kingtech is one of the leading TFT LCD display OEM/ODM manufacturers in China since 2003. Customization is allowed for projects such as industrial devices, medical, POS, logistics devices, smart home applications and etc.

To provide a one-stop LCD display solution. During the last 17 years, based on LCD manufacturing as our center, we gradually expand to the TFT capacitive touchscreen, driving board, software hardware design, and complete industrial computer solution.

As a professional LCD screen supplier/ LCD display supplier/ LCD panel company/ LCD module manufacturer, Kingtech LCD aims to provide a one-stop service and solve your problems. With a strong LCD Display module R & D team and strict quality management of IS09001, IS01400ATF16949 certificates.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

Shenzhen huayuan display control technology co., LTD. According to the needs of customers to provide various kinds of LCD products: LCD screen, LCD driver board, resistance/capacitance touch screen, LCD special wire and so on, all kinds of production of small and medium size industrial monitor, touch screen.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

XIANHENG TECH established in 2013, began operation by instituting time-honored ideals, continues to reinforce the principles of being a leading display manufacturer to industry. XIANHENG Tech consistently strives to uphold exceptionally high standards concerning technology and product development while remaining deeply attentive to quality, on-time delivery and remaining highly price competitive.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

We hold strengthening and perfecting our items and repair. At the same time, we get the job done actively to do research and progress for Tft Display, Graphic Lcd Display Module, Touch Screen Monitor With Stylus, Car Tft Display,Industrial Touch Displays. In case you pursuit the Hi-quality, Hi-stable, Aggressive price elements, corporation name is your greatest choice! The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Canada, Italy,Bangkok, Algeria.Since always, we adhering to the "open and fair, share to get, the pursuit of excellence, and creation of value"values, adhere to the"integrity and efficient, trade-oriented, best way , best valve" business philosophy. Together with our all over the world have branches and partners to develop new business areas, maximum common values. We sincerely welcome and together we share in global resources, opening up new career together with the chapter.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

TSD as LCD display manufacturer and solution provider always adhering to the vision :Let each piece of LCD display module can be used stably in the client side and make values .

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

China is home to various TFT LCD panel manufacturers, all offering exceptional services and high-end products. China remains one of the top sources for TFT LCD panel manufacturing, as they have been producing some of the best quality panels available on the market. Many Chinese technology companies specialize in providing these superior TFT LCDs, and several of them have even managed to make it into the top ten list of China"s leading TFT LCD panel producers. These companies are known for their efficient service, impressive product lineup, reliability, innovative approach to design, and customer service excellence. If you are looking for an excellent China-based supplier for TFT LCD panels, it would be wise to consider one of these top 10 China TFT LCD manufacturers.

China is a leading producer of TFT LCD panels, with industry leaders such as BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE) at the forefront of innovation. Founded in 1993, BOE has developed a comprehensive business structure featuring port products and services for information exchange as well as healthcare solutions like its revolutionary MLED technology. In 2021, BOE boasted an impressive 70,000 independent patent applications, and more than 90% of its new patent applications are for invention patents. Additionally, over 35% of those inventions" patents can be found overseas in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. China"s TFT LCD panel manufacturers continue developing their technology by innovating on existing models such as LCD screens and LCD panels to provide better solutions for customers worldwide.

China-based Tianma is a highly reputable TFT LCD panel manufacturer with over 30 years of expertise in the display solutions industry. Since 1983, the company has grown to become a trusted China TFT LCD panel provider, and in 1995, it obtained a public listing on China"s Shenzhen Stock Exchange. With tech and production capabilities at the top of their game, Tianma specializes in SLT-LCD, LTPS TFT-LCD, AMOLED, In-cell/On-cell integrated touch technology, Flexible Displays, Force Touch TED Plus, fingerprint recognition under/on-screen and Mini/Micro LED segments. They have set the benchmark for future innovative developments in terms of LCD panels, LCD screens, and more. Offering unbeatable support services around the globe that are coupled with advanced technology makes Tianma a forerunner for China TFT LCD panel manufacturers.

China"s IVO is one of the top 10 China TFT LCD panel manufacturers and has been making a name for itself since 2005. From its Kunsan Jiangsu base, it now employs more than 3000 staff, including 400 dedicated R&D employees. IVO also boasts a G-5 TFT panel production line, and its products are used in a variety of cutting-edge applications: 60% for notebook displays, 23% for smartphones, and 11% for automotive uses. This makes it an important player in the China TFT LCD market as well as gaining great recognition worldwide in the notebook display industry.

With China being one of the leading suppliers in the global TFT LCD market, 4th in the top 10 manufacturers is TCL CSOT. This China TFT LCD panel manufacturer has been expanding its production capacity with continuous developments in technology and gaining a more solid global presence. According to the latest TV shipment stats, China"s CSOT has ranked 3rd in the world for producing TVs and 1st for supplying domestic 6 major brands since 2014. Furthermore, it holds strong places on the world scale when it comes to 55-inch UD product shipments (1st worldwide) and 32-inch UD product shipments (2nd). G6 LTPS-LCD production line is also amongst its highly lauded products, boasting second place in small and medium sizes with the most accelerated growth rate. Focused on independent innovation-driven development, TCLCSOT reinforces its position as China"s leader in TFT LCD screen technology by accumulating 12185 patent applications since 2019.

China"s TFT LCD panel manufacturer, Truly Semiconductor Co., Ltd., was established in 1991 and dedicated to TN-LCD production and became the first China-based CSTN/LCD line producer in 1995. In 2003 they obtained the OLED patents from Kodak, followed by mass production of TFT-LCD modules in 2012 and breakthrough technology in mobile 3D displays. Their 2013 production launch of naked-eye 3D displays for phones and tablet computers solidified their position as China"s top 10 TFT LCD manufacturers. To expand its portfolio further, it invested in Truly (Huizhou) Smart Display Co., Ltd., which specializes in G4.5 AMOLED and TFT displays. Truly sets an example for China"s other TFT LCD panel manufacturers through its sustained 25 years of research and development, innovation, and brand recognition.

Foxconn Technology Group founded China’s TFT LCD panel manufacturing company, Innolux, in 2003. With its headquarters and factory located in Longhua Foxconn Technology Park in Shenzhen and over 14 production bases situated across China like Nanjing, Ningbo and Foshan, Innolux is known for its comprehensive vertical integration that enables cutting-edge display technology research and development. The high quality and reliability of TFT LCD panels manufactured by Innolux have made them available to be used by some of the major global electronics giants like Apple, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard Panda, Nokia, and Motorola. Furthermore, its amalgamation with Chi Mei Electronics and Tong Bao Optoelectronics in March 2010 has led to a significant improvement in the level of the world plane display industry.

Founded in 2001, China"s top 3 TFT LCD panel manufacturer HKC has come a long way since its inception. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a full range of TFT LCDs from 1 inch to 60 inches with an annual sales amount reaching up to half a billion USD. As it looks for global expansion opportunities, HKC has established branch companies in Russia and India and formed strategic relationships with customers worldwide. In 2010, the China-based firm moved into a new industrial park and is now capable of producing 1 million displays per month. Thanks to advanced technologies and excellent quality control standards, HKC has been praised by its customers both at home and abroad and continues to prove itself as a reliable China TFT LCD panel manufacturer.

Panda is one of China"s top 10 TFT LCD manufacturers, utilizing cutting-edge technology from China Electronics (CEC) to offer a wide range of products such as crystal resonators, thermal-sensitive crystals, ordinary oscillators, voltage-controlled oscillators, and temperature-compensated oscillators. These are used in various applications of TFT LCD screens that can be found in products like LCD TVs, monitors, and laptops. Panda studies customers" requirements with utmost care and provides reliable services and quality products. With the help of its diverse pricing strategy, it assists its clients in finding value for their money across global markets.

China has a flourishing automotive technology industry, and Eagle Tech is one of China"s top ten TFT LCD panel manufacturers. They understand the special requirements of their use environment, such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-glare, high brightness, sun leakage resistance, and temperature resistance, in order to ensure the optimal performance of their displays. Having years of experience in providing Resistive touch screens, PCAP touch screens, and IPS panels make Eagle Tech the trusted electronic display manufacturer for automotive technologies to meet consumer expectations.

China is the leading source of TFT LCD panel manufacturers, and Eagle Tech has been making a name for itself as one of China"s top 10 TFT LCD manufacturers. Not only do they offer quality automotive TFT LCDs in sizes ranging from 3.5" to 21.5", but their products boast excellent durability as well; if you are looking for a reliable China TFT LCD provider that can deliver quality products for your applications, look no further than Eagle Tech.

TFT LCD manufacturing is an incredibly important part of the technology industry, and Century Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (CTC) is one of China"s top 10 TFT LCD manufacturers. In addition, CTC invests in global optoelectronics industry personnel who specialize in TFT-LCD research and development, as well as manufacturing display panel products such as laptops, PCs, monitors, and LCD TVs. The production line project was installed during the eleventh five-year plan to position CTC at the forefront of TFT-LCD production lines for the Pearl River Delta region. Looking ahead to late 2008, this ambitious project will be put into action – it is sure to leave a lasting impact on the growth of TFT production globally.

China is the world"s largest producer and exporter of TFT LCD panels, making it a great resource for any company looking to purchase them. China is home to some of the world"s most respected TFT LCD manufacturers, with the top 10 China-based TFT LCD panel manufacturers providing displays that consistently exceed industry requirements. All ten have been commended for their amazing product designs, expertise, and quality standards. Collectively, these companies serve customers all over the world by producing panels that are reliable and high-performance – making China an important resource for businesses seeking out cost-effective TFT LCD panels.

China is quickly becoming the leader in TFT LCD technology. The top 10 China TFT LCD manufacturers are a testament to this, as they provide outstanding quality at competitive prices without sacrificing any of the standards that people have grown to expect from China"s expertise and craftsmanship.

It"s clear that China is fast becoming an unstoppable force when it comes to LCD panel production and innovative screen solutions. With its ability to make efficient panels for various applications, China is respected around the world for its skillful production of TFT LCD panels and screens. Additionally, with these reliable manufacturers trying to ensure maximum customer satisfaction with competitive pricing and high-quality products, China has become a trusted source of LCD screens worldwide.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

4, Box will arrive most of countries in 4-15 days, Delivery time depends on destination of countries. F A Q Q1: How you control the items quality9 A1: each item strictly tested before shipping. Q6:what is your main product 9 A6: all mobile phone repair parts, lcd, touch screen, housing, flex cable,spare parts.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

Winstar is a global leading Manufacturer of TFT LCD display based in Taiwan and China. Winstar offers a wide product range of small to medium sizes TFT display modules in sizes ranging such as 2.4" TFT LCD, 2.8" TFT LCD, 3.2" TFT LCD, 3.5" TFT Display, 4.3 inch TFT LCD, 5 TFT LCD, 5.6 TFT LCD, 5.7 inch Display, 7 " TFT LCD, 8" TFT, 9" TFT, 10.1" TFT LCD, 10.2" TFT LCD, 12.1" TFT LCD , 12.3" TFT LCD (diagonal size of the active area) and so on . There are more than 250 TFT standard models listed on this website; furthermore, almost each item is acceptable to derivate from the standard items to meet the customers" requirement.

Winstar TFT displays are qualified under industrial standard including standard TFT-LCD modules, IPS TFT, High brightness TFT LCD (sunlight readable display), TFT panels with controller boards, Bar Type TFT, Wide Temperature TFT LCD, Winstar Clever System TFT and Touch screen display. These displays include landscape or portrait modes. Winstar has Mono TFT displays and full color TFTs in line, these displays are available in various resolutions as well as touch screen optional in resistive and projected capacitive (PCAP touch screen) technology. Many of our TFT display modules have more than one interface available including MCU, RGB, TTL, LVDS and MIPI DSI. Winstar TFT modules are perfect for a number of applications including industrial control, coffee machine, medical equipment, POS system, automation, GPS navigator, white goods, energy control, telecoms, medical equipment and etc.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) has selected Xiamen in Southern China as the site of its second Chinese manufacturing plant. The move, says the company, is in-line with its “on-going belief in treating its customers as partners in business.” An initial capital investment of $50 million has been earmarked for a new module plant (the final manufacturing stage for TFT-LCD panels) and sales facility.

The company indicated that investment in its Taichung Taiwan manufacturing site in recent years is demanding more LCD module capacity support. A major factor prompting the company to establish the second China location is that production can be delivered more quickly to customers. In recent years, Southern China has become a hub for information technology and consumer electronics manufacturers. Establishing the final stage TFT LCD production process in the same location helps ensure on-time delivery of products and services.

AUO has two additional facilities in Taiwan. Its other China location is in Suzhou. AUO is reportedly the third largest manufacturer of large-size thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays in the world.

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tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

We have thousands of standard products that are in stock and available from our Seattle, WA and Hong Kong warehouses to support fast product development and preproduction without MOQ. The stock covers TN, STN LCD display panels, COB, COG character LCD display, graphic LCD display, PMOLED, AMOLED display, TFT display, IPS display, high brightness and transflective, blanview sunlight readable display, super high contrast ratio display, lightning fast response displays, efficient low power consumption display, extreme temperature range display, HMI display, HDMI display, Raspberry Pi Display, Arduino display, embedded display, capacitive touch screen, LED backlight etc.  Customers can easily purchase samples directly from our website to avoid time delays with setting up accounts and credit terms and shipping within 24 hours.

Many of our customers require customized OEM display solutions.  With over two decades of experience, we apply our understanding of available display solutions to meet our customer’s requirements and assist from project concept to mass production. Using your ideas and requirements as a foundation, we work side by side with you to develop ideas/concepts into drawings, build prototypes and to final production seamlessly. In order to meet the fast changing world, we can provide the fastest turnaround in the industry, it takes only 3-4 weeks to produce LCD panels samples and 4-6 weeks for LCD display module, TFT LCD, IPS LCD display, and touch screen samples. The production time is only 4-5 weeks for LCD panels and 5-8 weeks for LCD display module, TFT LCD, IPS LCD display, and touch screen.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

Driven by growing demand, TFT-LCD’s manufacturing capacity in China has been experiencing a continued growth rate ranging between 20 to 30% per year. This trend is expected to continue during the coming years as result of coming upgrade cycles in display devices. Beijing Oriental Electronics Technology Group (BOE) and Tianma Microelectronics Co. Ltd rank among the world top TFT-LCD manufacturers.

Air Liquide and BOE recently signed a long-term supply agreement for BOE’s new 4.5-generation TFT-LCD fab in Chengdu high-tech industrial park, in the capital city of Sichuan Province. Under the terms of the agreement, Air Liquide will supply its global offer covering carrier gases (nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and argon), specialty gases, Total Gas Management and all equipment and installations related to gas supply. The decision made by BOE to choose Air Liquide’s global solution is the result of a long term partnership between both companies.

Tianma Microelectronics awarded Air Liquide the supply of all the carrier gases to its new 4.5-generation TFT-LCD project in Chengdu. This is the first time Air Liquide and Tianma enter into a partnership.

Following the signature of these two new contracts, Air Liquide will invest €25 million in an Air Separation Unit (ASU) to supply BOE, Tianma and the dynamic market of the Chengdu region.

Francisco Martins, Vice-President World Business Line Electronics of the Air Liquide Group, declared: “We are proud to serve the leading players of TFT-LCD in China and therefore reinforcing our position as market leader. This investment will allow our first foothold in Chengdu, one of the most important markets in the South West of China and, at the same time, illustrates Air Liquide’s commitment to contribute to the economic reconstruction of the Sichuan earthquake area. In the current economic context, High Tech and Emerging economies such as China are long-term growth drivers for the Group.”

Established in 1993, has been listed in Shenzhen Stock exchange since 1997. Since then, it has shifted its business from the traditional consumer electronics market to the communications, computer and digital product fields. Currently, BOE is the largest domestic and the world’s No. 9 largest TFT-LCD manufacturer, with a total revenue exceeding 10 billion Yuan in 2007. In 2007, BOE started to build a 4.5-generation TFT-LCD fab in Chengdu with a total investment of 3 billion Yuan.

Founded in 1983 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China, is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of liquide crystal displays (LCD) and liquid crystal modules (LCM). The company has established subsidiaries in Shanghai as well as in the United States, South Korea and Europe respectively. In July 2008, Tianma announced its new investment in Chengdu. It’s another 4.5-generation TFT-LCD fab with a total investment of 3 billion Yuan.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

Our vision is becoming the one of the world"s top supplier of industrial intelligent field. And providing the top-quality product and professional technology service to the customers all over the world.

STONE has 200 employees in head office, who take charge of R&D, Sales, Technic service, Manufature and product Testing. As a leading of intelligent TFT LCD Module manufacturer, we have 3 product lines in the area of 6,000 square meters facility, with the monthly production capacity of 100,000 pieces. The product line is all ISO Quality certificated. And since we put great effort on the quality control and product testing, STONE is well known for its reliable and high quality product and professional services.

The technic support team and International market sales department of STONE are located in the CBD of Beijing, China. We have the team over 50 employees to take care of the business fair like International marketing, shipping, custom declare, customer service. We will do our best to make sure that no matter where you located in the world, you will get our product and service smoothly.

tft lcd module manufacturers in china factory

VISLCD was founded in 2014 and it is a company that provides professional TFT-LCD screen and related solutions. Our LCD module products are all Rohs / Reach certified, widely used in industrial instruments, projectors, POS cash register, professional tablet computers and various onboard display products.