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viewsonic touch screen monitors brands

- Oct 06, 2022 -

viewsonic touch screen monitors brands

Amp up engagement and efficiency in just about any environment. From classrooms, healthcare and hospitality to manufacturing, image editing, and retail POS – not to mention office – interactive touch displays empower users with easy, direct interaction with their content. Make the most out of the power of touch with smooth, accurate, and sharp images from ViewSonic’s versatile touchscreen monitors.

viewsonic touch screen monitors brands

Optical touchscreens use cameras that continuously scan the touchscreen. When an object comes into contact with the touchscreen, some of the light is blocked and the location of the contact is then calculated by using information from both sensors and mathematical triangulation.

- Optical touchscreens have high transmittance, and because they use optical sensors, can be operated by both conductive and non-conductive materials.

viewsonic touch screen monitors brands

ViewSonic touch monitor and digital signature solutions are perfect for enterprise-wide operations management. A full feature set of touch screen and digital signature tools allows users to seamlessly manage daily business operations, make transactions digital, and ensure an efficient workflow.

viewsonic touch screen monitors brands

ViewSonic TD2760 27 Inch 1080p 10-Point Multi Touch Screen Monitor with Advanced Ergonomics RS232 HDMI and DisplayPortRecommended Resolution: 1920 x 1080

viewsonic touch screen monitors brands

The best touchscreen monitors stand out in an underrepresented monitor market due to their impressive touch display performance. While most displays forgo touch capabilities, even portable ones that would have benefited from the feature, there are excellent touch displays out there that not only beat the odds but do so exceptionally. They"re the ones to consider when you"re in the market for one.

Whether it’s for creative use, productivity tasks, or just to have a screen that’s a bit more interactive, the best touchscreen displays are worth a look. They can help you streamline your workflow as well as make it easier and more intuitive to navigate through your day-to-day task. And, they deliver such a seamless, responsive, and intuitive touchscreen implementation, you"ll feel like you"re writing with an actual pen and a paper. You won’t get that same immediate feedback from even the best mice and the best keyboards.

We’ve put in the work to help you find the right touchscreen monitor for your needs, scouring the market to find the best touchscreen monitors and gather them here for your convenience. Much like how we test monitors, we consider various factors when deciding which ones are worth recommending.

We look at how accurate and responsive the touch capabilities are, what the picture quality is, and what kind of features are included, not to mention how well they’re executed. Some of them we"ve tested or used ourselves, and others we"ve included based on our expertise.

From regular-sized displays ideal for a desktop PC to portable ones for those needing more screen real estate while on the road, these are the best touchscreen monitors in 2022. Since availability varies between the US and UK, we’ve separated the best touchscreen monitors into those two categories.

If you prefer a more traditional monitor, possibly with a higher resolution, check out our best 4K monitors guide. If accurate colours are important to you, whether you’re a photographer or video editor, you might want to invest in one of the best monitor calibrator tools.

With so many options on the market, our choice of the best touchscreen monitors comes down to the details. And detail is something that Dell"s P2418HT monitor does brilliantly. This 1080p monitor on a 23.8-inch panel boasts an LCD screen to deliver excellent resolution, contrast, and colour. Moreover, it boasts an anti-glare surface that works beautifully in distracting light conditions as well as ultra-thin bezels that give it a stylish flair and you more screen real estate.

Looking for a cheap touchscreen monitor from a reputable brand? The 21.5in Dell P2219H IPS monitor is available at a brilliant price, and it still does an impressive job, making it one of the best touchscreen monitors available for those on a tighter budget.

The ViewSonic TD2230 is small, light and portable touchscreen monitor, making it perfect for anyone with limited desk space and/or who needs to travel with their screen. The 22in, Full HD, IPS display offers beautifully sharp image quality and high visual accuracy. The screen is also scratch-poof, and the bookstand design allows it to be tilted and adjusted from 20 to 70 degrees, or rested flat.

While creative professionals usually go for larger screens, there’s definitely a place for portable monitors in content creation. Nomadic users in particular can benefit from a portable monitor that’s designed specifically with video editors, designers, and music producers in mind.

The ProArt Display PA148CTV is something of a rarity in the sea of portable monitors with its robust set of features targeted towards creatives. They include the Asus Dial, a physical dial that you can use to make effortless adjustments to your project whether you’re in Lightroom, Premiere Pro, or Photoshop. There’s also the Virtual Control Panel function, which allows you to use the display itself as your touchscreen control panel, simplifying your workflow.

The Asus ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT is an impressive piece of portable display that boasts a plethora of features in its small, 9mm frame. That includes four-hour battery life, included stylus that works beautifully, built-in speakers, and automatic screen orientation. It isn"t a wonder, therefore, that it"s a bit pricier than other 1080p portable monitors out there.

Want a larger touchscreen monitor? Most touchscreen monitors tend to be on the smaller side, but this 27in offering from Planar offers a relatively large IPS LED-backlit display. While Full HD is a little thin for a 27in display, the screen offers dependable color accuracy and contrast that won"t shift depending on where you"re looking.

It"s a versatile monitor too, with a built-in HD webcam and microphone, making it great for home office working and video conferencing. It boasts 10-point capacitive multi-touch and an ergonomic stand that can take the display from completely flat to a 70-degree tilt.

Number one in our list above isn"t in stock in the UK at the time of writing, but the Philips 242B9T is a good alternative. It might not be the most stylish looking touch monitor but it has an awful lot to offer. For a start, it comes with built-in 2W speakers. Also, you can connect it to a wide range of devices via HDMI, DVI, VGA and DisplayPort.

The 21.5-inch Dell P2219H IPS monitor is something of a bargain and one of the best touchscreen monitors at an affordable price. It offers up to 250 nits of brightness, 178-degree viewing angles, and Full HD resolution. There"s a nicely adjustable stand, ultra-thin bezels provide for a sleek look.

As we mentioned in our list for the US above, the 22-inch ViewSonic TD2230 is a small, light and portable touchscreen monitor, perfect for those with limited desk space or who need a travel-friendly monitor. The scratchproof Full HD, IPS display offers sharp, accurate image quality, and the bookstand design offers versatile adjustment so you can rest it flat or tilt from 20 to 70 degrees.

The Asus VT229H comes with many features you’ll find on most touchscreen monitors, including 10-point multi-touch capacity, 178/178 viewing angles, flicker-free backlighting, and blue light filter to make it easy on the eyes. However, it also boasts a few extras you won’t find on rival displays, and these help make your workflow more seamless.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Viewsonic TD1655 is a small, portable budget 15.6in monitor. It offers 1080p resolution, you can use all ten fingers on the screen, and you can easily flip the screen to vertical, which can be very useful for those working with code, or if you simply need to scroll through reams of text.

Nomadic creatives will appreciate this portable monitor. There aren"t many such devices aimed specifically at video editors, designers, and music producers, but the ProArt Display PA148CTV offers several features specifically aimed at creatives. The Asus Dial is a physical dial that allows quick adjustments to projects whether you’re in Lightroom, Premiere Pro, or Photoshop. The Virtual Control Panel function allows you to use the display as your touchscreen control panel, simplifying your workflow immensely.

You get impeccable colour coverage (100% sRGB and 100% Rec.709), excellent colour accuracy of ΔE < 2 out of the box, and Calman Verification. All this and more is packed into an incredibly compact package, so if you"re looking for an additional screen for travel or use in the field, this is a gem.Is a touchscreen monitor worth it?If you’ve ever used a touchscreen laptop and wished you could do the same at your desk, then the slightly higher price of a touchscreen monitor over its non-touch counterpart is well worth it. After all, there’s no other way to get that kind of nuanced control when navigating various windows and apps. For example, if you want to translate handwriting to text or draw directly on the screen using your finger, one of these panels is the way to do it. And, instead of having to use keyboard shortcuts to carry out a command, you can perform the actual action directly on the screen.

But, you won’t be holding a touchscreen display the way you would a tablet or smartphone. So, consider whether you’re comfortable using your fingers to navigate a screen that’s sitting at eye level for long periods.What are the disadvantages of a touchscreen monitor?There are some drawbacks to using a touchscreen monitor. For example, holding your arm up to interact with a touchscreen throughout a day’s worth of work will get tiring no matter how strong you are. And, you’ll have to clean that screen regularly. Otherwise, that buildup of smudges and fingerprints can get in the way of seeing it properly.