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vinpok touch screen monitor supplier

- Oct 06, 2022 -

vinpok touch screen monitor supplier

I’ve been very impressed with accessory manufacturer Vinpok, which keeps coming out with surprisingly good and inexpensive goods like the recent Taptek Mechanical Keyboard. The company uses crowdfunding to get products launched into manufacturing, and currently has 24 days left on a very successful Indiegogo campaign. This time, the company is touting the Vinpok Split, a very portable touchscreen monitor that can be attached to many devices through a USB Type-C mini HDMI connection.

The screen is perfect for turning your MacBook into a multi-screen workstation. Two Splits can be attached to a MacBook Pro for a wide three-screen workstation. The screens have 1080p resolution with a diagonal size of 15.6 inches (396.24mm), and weigh only 1.4 lbs. (0.64kg). For those who have USB-C based Android phones, it’s even possible to connect a Split monitor to turn it into a large touchscreen workstation.

vinpok touch screen monitor supplier

Like an increasing number of people, I do all my work on a laptop. When I"m at home, it"s generally docked at my desk, attached to a large, stationary monitor. When I take the show on the road, I find I miss the convenience of having two screens at my disposal. Less real estate to work with means more switching between tabs and windows, making for a workflow that"s less productive overall.

So conceptually, I find the Vinpok Split enticing. It"s a portable, 15.6-inch, 1080p touchscreen monitor that connects to your laptop over either HDMI or USB-C. I"m not the only one intrigued: the product"s Indiegogo campaign, which initially set out to raise $5,000, has collected nearly $2 million since October. And while I can"t deny the utility and sheer cool factor of the thing, its bafflingly steep price tag makes it difficult to recommend to most people.

I"ve always felt that display hardware should be so innocuous as to be nearly invisible, and the Vinpok Split is certainly innocuous. The front side is dominated by the 15.6-inch touchscreen display, with very narrow matte black bezels on the top and sides, and one about an inch thick on the bottom. Around back you"ll find semi-gloss plastic with a sort of carbon fiber pattern. Towards the bottom of the left edge are the controls, comprised of a single button that pulls double duty as back in menus and power on/off and a multi-purpose dial for adjusting volume and other settings. There"s also one of the Split"s two USB-C ports. The opposite edge houses the other USB-C input, a Mini-HDMI port, and a headphone jack.

My review unit included a magnetic kickstand cover that sticks to the back of the display, propping it up when it"s in use and flipping over to protect the screen when it isn"t. Protection is important because like the bezels around it, the display is matte plastic. That"s good for staving off fingerprints but bad for durability; plastic scratches much easier than glass. This crucial accessory isn"t included in the base price of $399, either — it"ll be an extra $39 once the Split"s crowdfunding campaign is over (although you can secure one for $19 if you get your order in now).

Questionable material choices notwithstanding, the screen is entirely serviceable. It won"t blow anybody away, and 1080p is, in my opinion, the low end of acceptable for a screen this size, but viewing angles are fine, and after some fiddling, color accuracy is spot on (my unit skewed a touch warm out of the box, but it was easy enough to correct). You can tweak all the settings you"d expect to have access to on a monitor: contrast, color balance, sharpness, et cetera. There"s even a blue light filter slider. The screen is a bit dim, though, maxing out at an uninspiring 280 nits.

As a touch panel, the Split works just fine on Chrome OS. It responds to touches with no noticeable delay, and even multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom work just the way they should. On a pre-USB-C MacBook Pro, though, touch input requires both HDMI and USB connections, and it"s janky to the point of being useless. Powered styluses like the Pixelbook Pen and Apple Pencil aren"t compatible, either — unsurprising, but still a shame.

In addition to a second screen for your mobile workstation, you can use the Split as a display for gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Switch (without the dock, even, although third-party video hardware has been known to damage the system). This is another use case I can imagine benefiting from — but it still doesn"t sell me on the device at its full asking price. It also works as an external monitor for some smartphones, but just a handful from Samsung and Huawei. I don"t have any of those to test, and plugging it into other phones will only prompt a NO SIGNALmessage.

vinpok touch screen monitor supplier

Over the years I have been a super fan of ultra wide monitors as they have been super handy for editing having space to spread my tools out. I use the 15-inch MacBook Pro the amazing specked out MacBook Pro with the Vega 20 card. I use this particular computer so I have the power to edit on the go. The problem with editing on the go is I don’t have my amazing 34-inch ultra-wide monitor with me. Thanks to Vinpok, I can have a lightweight portable 15-inch monitor that I can easily slide in my laptop case and have with me everywhere. The Split from Vinpok happens to be a touch screen and seems very responsive. In fact, when using the MacBook Pro with it you can sort of get a feel for what macOS would be like if Apple laptops ever became touch screens.

The Vinpol Split Touch Screen Monitor works with all laptops through Type-C/Mini HDMI connections. It will also work with PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and some smartphones and tablets. It measures 15.6 inches and has a resolution of 1080P HD. It has a flexible viewing angle and is rotatable. The monitor comes pre-installed in a sleeve/cover to protect it and make it convenient for travel. Vinpok has listed on their website that having an extra monitor proves to make people more productive. In fact, a second screen can boost productivity by up to 50%. The Split monitor is the easiest option to turn MacBooks into a 2 or even 3-screen system.

I will typically try to comment on the entire package of a product but in this case, the product is being offered as a preorder and through crowdfunding on Indiegogo so the packaging my screen arrived it does not appear to be the final product. The monitor did ship with a Quick User Guide that is illustrated and has good descriptions included. The Vinpok Split also ships with a high-speed Type-C cable and a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable. I was pleasantly surprised to find that more than one cable was included with the screen. It was very convenient and I loved that I didn’t have to hunt for a cable when I wanted to use the Vinpok Split.

The first thing I connected to was my MacBook Pro. As I mentioned above, I have a 15-inch MBP and I was eager to have a simple second screen in the comfort of my living room. The instructions tell you to connect your laptop to the monitor using the provided USB-C cable to connect using the ‘full-featured’ USB 3.1 Type-C interface. It will work as either an extended display or mirrored display. With this type of connection, you don’t have to plug the monitor into an external power source. I actually attempted this and the monitor would simply shut off. The monitor ends up pulling power from the connected computer. When I started using the laptop/monitor combination, my laptop’s battery was at 70%. After about an hour, it had dropped 20% because the monitor was connected and I was actively using the computer.

The other connection I was really excited to try out was the Nintendo Switch/Split Monitor. The instructions will tell you to connect the Switch using the USB-C connection and then connect the monitor to an external power source. I tried to use the instruction/illustration as shown in the user guide, but as it turns out, there is another way to get the Switch working with the monitor. Vinpok actually provides video examples of how to connect various devices and the one that describes how to connect the Nintendo Switch gives you a different set of instructions. First, you want to make sure your Switch is powered on. You will want to disconnect the Joy Cons from the Switch main unit. Then, you want to connect to the full-featured port using the USB-C cable. The Split should automatically detect the Nintendo Switch and take over as the main screen. After the monitor detected the gaming system, I plugged the monitor into external power. When I used the sequence provided in the manual, the monitor simply flickered and wouldn’t connect. When I followed the sequence I described above, it worked perfectly.

As I really enjoy the extra real-estate and how lightweight this monitor is I don’t really care for it being a touchscreen. Even though you do have the option to use the monitor as a touchscreen that is connected to your macOS computer, it doesn’t work flawlessly and I wanted it to end up feeling like the iPad does. In addition to the touchscreen being extraneous, I noticed the screen flicker on more than one occasion. After some time being connected to my MacBook Pro, the computer’s screen would start to flicker. This could have been a power issue, but it simply ended up being annoying.

Even though I had a few issues with the monitor’s operation, I love the concept of it and see this being the ultimate solution for second screens on compact desk set-ups. The resolution is awesome and the color gamut is amazing. I was highly impressed with the quality of this monitor and think that it’s a great alternative to larger monitors.

vinpok touch screen monitor supplier

Vinpok Split is a perfect on-the-go external touchscreen that is perfect with your PC or your Android phone. Twofold down on your efficiency with Vinpok Split!

vinpok touch screen monitor supplier

Weighing only 1.4lbs, this 15.6’’ monitor is your ultimate tool for boosting your efficiency when working remotely. 1080P high