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wimaxit portable touch screen monitor supplier

- Oct 02, 2022 -

wimaxit portable touch screen monitor supplier

Yes.If your laptop in windows 7 8 10 systems. Connect the USB-A To USB-C (In the box) cord. This cord will drive touch and power. Connecting the HDMI cord to wimaxit and laptop. This will show displays

2.Can I use it on PS3,PS4,Switch,Xbox ? Yes, with cords in the box type c as power source. Connect the hdmi cords(in box) to transmit the video and audio. In this situation, the touch are NOT active on the monitors

3.Type-C to Type-C connection(Touch,Power.Dispaly on one cords) compatible laptops: .Compatible smart phones: Huawei Mate10, Mate10 Pro,P20,P20 Pro. SamSung S8/S8+,S9/S9+,Note8 Note9; HTC10; Lumia 950.

Compatible laptop we know:MacBook 12inch(TOUCH MAY NOT WORK ON MAC OS), MacBook Pro(TOUCH MAY NOT WORK ON MAC OS); Huawei Mate Book X, Mate Book E; Xiao Mi Air 12.5/13.3, Air Pro 15.6; ASUS ZenBook 3,U4100, ROG Series; Lenovo Yoga 900 13Inch, ThiPad_X1 Carbon 2017; HP Spectre 13/Envy 13; Dell XPS13, XPS15; Zazer Blade Stealth

wimaxit portable touch screen monitor supplier

This post shows you the Wimaxit Portable Touch Monitor Review of the defendant WIMAXIT 15.6, one of the most demanded within the 15.6-inch segment for everything it offers.

We are presented with a monitor that stands out for its qualities for any task, from multimedia such as watching series or movies, gaming, or working since, with its 15.6-inch screen size, we have more than enough.

In any case, we are one of the best portable monitors in its price range, we really cannot demand much more, but I want to be completely transparent with you, keep that in mind.

wimaxit portable touch screen monitor supplier

Some days ago, I received another new monitor, and it is better than the previous ones because it has a touch screen, Full HD resolution, and 98% of sRGB color gamut.

The monitor has a diagonal of 14 inches. The dimensions are 320 by 195 by 10 mm. You know, the monitor is quite thick. I think this is because of the touch panel.

By the way, when I first connect a portable monitor to my laptop, the touch screen doesn’t work. You need to choose USB1 or USB2 in this menu, and then you can use the touch screen.

Now, let’s talk about screen specifications and their quality. The main feature of the Wimaxit portable monitor is a touch screen. I think this is a very useful feature. For example, you can connect the smartphone to this monitor and play games on the big touch screen.

The monitor also supports HDR. I think the screen quality is much better with HDR on. The colors are more saturated. However, you cannot change the screen brightness, contrast, and other settings when HDR on.

I also want to show you a comparison between the Wimaxit portable monitor and the screen of my Xiaomi laptop. To be honest, I think that the Wimaxit monitor has even better screen quality than my Xiaomi laptop. What do you think? Write in the comments below.

So, I found the best portable monitor on the market. First, the Wimaxit monitor has a touch screen. This is a very rare and useful feature for a budget monitor.

wimaxit portable touch screen monitor supplier

WIMAXIT M1560CTV2comes with a 15.6-inch 1920x1080 FHD pixel screen, with an excellent 16:9 aspect ratio for your viewing experience. The aluminum alloy case and leather case protect your monitor. Can be used for laptop/mobile phone/Windows/PS4/XBOX One/Switch.

wimaxit portable touch screen monitor supplier

Very few known monitor brands make small, light portable monitors. ASUS is really the only brand I know of that has entered this space. I picked up this small monitor from WIMAXIT with some trepidation inspired by good reviews. Thankfully, it lives up to expectations.

The slab is just 0.9mm thick with squared edges and a flat back. The body of the screen is metal and feels sturdy, which is nice, especially for something that is designed to be portable. The folio case magnetically attaches, protecting the screen in transit and doubling as a slightly adjustable stand when opened. It isn’t the best at holding the position, and I knocked it on more than one occasion. It does the job though.

The screen itself is a 14-inch, touchscreen IPS panel with a 300-nit brightness and 60 Hz refresh rate. The panel represents colour well with nice dark shadows and a good vibrancy from multiple angles as you would expect from an IPS panel. The literature boasts a 98% sRGB colour gamut. 1080p at this size is perfect in terms of size and sharpness. The touchscreen is responsive and seems to work out of the box with all the devices I tried. The screen literature states that the touch function will not work on Mac OS. The screen has the following viewing angles:

The IO for the screen is nicely varied. There are two USB-C ports, a micro-HDMI, and a 3.5mm jack. In addition, the side of the screen has a rocker control and power button. The menu is easily selected with mode options like ‘Game’ and ‘Movie’ which sets the brightness and contrast profiles as you would expect. You also use this system to control things like screen brightness and volume. I found myself setting it to ‘game’ mode and leaving it on that for the most pleasing image quality.

The WIMAXIT 14 Inch Portable Monitor is designed to work with a multitude of devices and in my testing, it paired well with both my laptop and phone. In the case of the phone, it will mirror screen orientation as well as resize appropriately.

The WIMAXIT 14 Inch Portable Monitor is surprisingly good. It’s well-built with a premium metal finish with a multitude of connectivity options. It’s truly portable as it will work with just one cable which, when using the magnetic case as a stand is fantastic. A bonus is that the monitor can be VESA mounted making it the perfect addition to a multiple-monitor setup. The IPS screen is fantastically calibrated, and while I don’t have the equipment to verify the sRGB rating the colours were vibrant and seemed to match with my other screens. All-in-all, for an unknown brand, this is a fantastic choice if you’re in the market for a portable monitor.

wimaxit portable touch screen monitor supplier

Most of the big suppliers of screens have at least one in their portfolio and new versions emerge more frequently than ever. You can use these screens for plenty of purposes like you choose to install a second screen and give presentations and small audiences, display two full-screen programs at once.

Or you can expand your handheld game device or touch up your projects with a stylus, ready to support mobile displays of varying types, models and paradigms.

Many smaller laptop screens can be taken on the road while traveling but those clearly sold as such are the real portable displays. And those sizes range quite a bit from 3.5 inches to 22 inches.

For artists and gamers, portable displays run the gamut from private, business, and general-purpose versions to screens. Any size between 12 to 17 inches considered to be the sweet spot for use with a laptop.

That is why we have not only compiled a list of top 5 best USB-C portable monitors you can get in 2022 with their detailed reviews for your convenience. You can also explore intolaptop.com to find out more details for the best available laptops.

Many people adapt the screen size of their laptops to their portable screens. But there are also a handful of 7 inches for use with the Raspberry Pi 4 and 10 inches mostly for use with game consoles on the market.

Two aspects differentiate the Asus ZenScreen Touch (MB16AMT) from much of the general-purpose handheld display we’ve tested. First, it has a touch screen, a characteristic it shares with certain digital pen displays like the Cintiq 16 from Wacom.

The ZenScreen Touch is enclosed in a stunning, silver-gray shell and it measures 9 x 14.2 x 0.4 inches. At the heart is a Full HD 1920 x 1080 touch-sensitive, 15.6 inches IPS screen.

The display has the same size as the Asus ZenScreen MB16ACE, Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AC, AOC I1601FWUX, and Lepow 15.6 Inches USB-C Portable Display. All of which we reviewed or are in the process of reviewing.

Despite the difference in screen size and a native resolution of the laptop and ZenScreen as for all these panels, the ZenScreen Touch worked with our Dell XPS 13 with no obvious compatibility problems.

One of the fortunate few, the ZenScreen Touch is running at 240 nits, just outside of its 250 nits mark. The contrast ratio of 1,260:1 is way above its ranking of 700:1, due to its ability to render dark shadow regions.

The ZenScreen Touch filled 69.1 percent of the sRGB color space in our Normal mode color checking. So far as the color performance is concerned, the ZenScreen Touch did 72.7 percent of sRGB and the ZenScreen MB16ACE 69.8 percent similar to the Asus ZenScreen Go.

In general, our recommendation is that you look for at least 95% sRGB performance in mobile monitors. The only portable display which achieved 97 percent of sRGB during our testings lately is the Lenovo ThinkVision M14.

You need a portable display with a touch screen to try out the Asus ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT monitor. This model allows both gesture-based multi-contact with your fingertips and motion control with the supplied stylus eraser or pen.

It also has a built-in battery like the ZenScreen Go to allow you to use the Touch via an Android phone or to have enough power to operate the display even if the laptop’s battery runs low.

It makes ZenScreen Touch monitor one of the best options for a portable device in its 15.6 inches or larger size range. For a general-purpose handheld phone, the ASUS ZenScreen Touch is at the expensive edge.

But if you need the touch power and the extra energy the battery offers, it’s well worth the price. But the one organizational downside is the tendency to appear bland in certain shades, such as primarily red and purple.

One of the first things We have found since opening the package is how sleek and small this display is. The unit integrates a stylish textured black shell, covering the 15.6 inches IPS touchscreen panel.

The cover doubles as a stand for this handheld screen, too, articulately. The panel came fitted with cables including HDMI, USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C.

Having said that while using Windows 10 this mo